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Mini Patron Margaritas with Mini Tacos – Tipsy Bartender

Mini Patron Margaritas with Mini Tacos – Tipsy Bartender

(techno music) – [Voiceover] Lovely ladies,
what are we making tonight? – [Voiceover] Mini margaritas! (women cheering and laughing) – Anyway guys, listen here. These mini margaritas are awesome! They’re beautiful,
they’re fun, they’re cute. I don’t care how buff a guy
is who walk into a party and see one of the
colorful mini margaritas, he has to try it because
it is just that awesome. (yelling)
Now let’s make these drinks! Grab our bottles of Patrón, pop the tops. Well, they know what they look like, okay? – How do you pop them? – I don’t know. How about
if you just do like that? – Do you just like rip them off? – Yes, and dump it in here, okay? – Okay. – Because we need it empty to do what it is that we gonna do. Grab a lime. – Okay. – I need you to rim these bottles, okay? Get the lime all around it. – This is a little cooking class? – Yes, it is a cooking class. Now get some salt all over that. Okay, all right, all right. – Just like that? – Perfect. Now we can start off with
a little bit of tequila. Grab the tequila, pour, okay? – Into here? – Not all of it. – Okay. – Okay, that’s it, that’s it, that’s it. I just told you not all of it, okay? – The more the better. – It’s a Russian thing. Okay, triple sec! Pour! When you hit this with a
little bit of simple syrup you don’t typically do this
but I like my margaritas sweet and sour, okay? Like my chicken. – Like a chicken? – Now, we can hit that with
some sweet and sour, pour! Stop. Orange juice, okay? – Uh-huh. – Martha Stewart doesn’t
have to deal with this. Just a little bit. Okay, stop. Let’s squeeze a little
bit of lime in that. Go ahead. – Am I the one doing it again? – Yeah, you’re doing it. Want me to do if for you? – A strong man and you
make a lady do this. – Perfect. (margarita shaker clatters) You ready? – Yes. – Okay, Tabria or Tequila,
whatever your name is. (woman groans and laughs) – Okay, okay, okay? What kind of name is Tabria anyway? – It’s a great name! What do you mean? – Do you know anyone else named that? – Not quite, but…
– Exactly. – … still it makes me, me!
– Now let’s make this drink! Okay, pour tequila! You have an awesome name, I love it. – I do. – Okay, that’s it. Didn’t I tell you not all-
– I didn’t! Do you see that there’s some left? There’s some left! Are you kidding? – What are we trying
to do? Feed the 5,000? – Yes! – Okay, Tabria put in all the tequila. Okay, that’s fine. Triple sec, pour! (woman humming) Okay, stop, stop, stop. I gotta watch you carefully, okay. Let’s squeeze a lime in here. All right?
– It’s my favorite part. This is my favorite kitchen utensil. (laughs)
– Why? – I just love squeezing!
(lightly grunting with effort) I feel like I’m accomplishing
something great. Squeeze!
(laughs) – No, no, nothing wrong with that. – See? Look at that! – No, it’s awesome. – Flat, baby! Strong, breaking them gains
squeezing limes all day. – Guys! I’m sure you’re excited! Awesome! Now, let’s hit that with
that pink lemonade, okay? Take it easy now. I’ll tell you when to stop. Keep going, keep going, keep going. – Okay.
(woman humming) – Okay, that’s enough. Now, you know this pink
lemonade ain’t that pink. So, we want to bring
out the pink even more to make this drink even cuter. So, how we gonna do that, Tabria? – We’re gonna add this grenadine. – Okay, you have to read
the label, but go ahead. (woman stuttering and giggling) Take it easy now, because
we don’t want it super red. – Good? – More. – More? – Okay, good, perfect! (woman laughing)
– Man this girl. Why you smashing so rough, man? All you guys like, “Oh
my god, I love Tabria!” Good luck with that, okay? That’ll be short. First thing, okay? We’re going to tequila. Do not pour all of that in there. – I know I’m not Inna. (both laughing) – Okay, that’s right. That’s enough. Now, let’s hit this with some triple sec! – Okay. – Beautiful. Okay, lime juice! Squeeze. You need to work out, man. It’s 2016, what’s wrong with you? So, we end this with some simple syrup. I can do this part, okay? – Oh, okay. Suddenly, I’m not needed. – Sweet and sour, pour. Keep going. Don’t get all of it and stop spillin’ it. Ladies and gentlemen, time
for the ultimate shake off! Come in here, girls! (margarita shaker clattering) Okay, hold on don’t get started yet! Angela, you’re very graceful, I love it. Tabria, you too, okay? Very light on your feet. Okay, ya’ll ready? (girls mumble agreements) – [Inna] Let’s hear it. – Shake it! (margarita shakers clattering) – [Inna] It’s spilling! My pants are coming off. – Inna, go ahead, pour! – Nicely done. – Perfect. – Pour, let’s go ahead. – Okay. – Let’s drop in some limes. Just little cubed pieces of limes because that yellow and
green gives us a nice color. Let’s go, pour. – (Inna mumbles) – [Angela] Steady hands. – So, just drop some small
pieces of strawberry down there. It gave it a nice blue and red mix. – [Angela] You gonna help me out? – [Man] Huh? – You gonna help me out? Team work. – Oh my god, are you shakin’? – I don’t have a steady hand. I’m nervous!
– Okay, are you shakin’? – Hold on! – Are you shaking? – You’re making me nervous. – Slide over a little bit
(crosstalk drowns out speakers) – Please stop. – Go ahead. I don’t wanna
make you nervous, okay? – Okay. – Okay, so just be calm. (yelling)
And don’t mess up this rim! Pour! (Tabria whimpering nervously) All right, nevermind. – No, I wanna do it! Let me do it! Let me do it! – Okay, okay, okay. – Oh my gosh. (all talking and laughing nervously) – No! I didn’t even spill anything. – Yes, you washed off half of the … Now we can garnish this
one with some lemon. Some little lemon slices. (yelling)
There you have it! Mini margaritas! To accompany this, lovely ladies, we have some mini tacos, okay? (women cheering) Guys, here’s how I did this. I grabbed a tortilla, took half a lime, and cut out nice little
circles around my lime. Then I took my mini tortillas, put those in the frying
pan without any oil, and heated them up just
to get them nice and firm. Then, I grabbed my
homemade rice, my beans, all the stuffings and stuff, put them in, put a nice little toothpick
through it to hold it together. Then, I put on my homemade
salsa and guacamole, all the creams, and
cheeses, and everything. I’m lying about this part, okay? Went to Chipotle, bought
a bowl and some sauces, and just pasted it on. Do that and your Taco
Tuesdays will be insane. Taste your margarita! (women cheering) Angela tastes! Tabria tastes! Inna tastes! Angela what do you think? – Ooh, a little piece of the
strawberry came up the straw. – Okay, beautiful, how does it taste? – It’s really good, really good. – Good, I hope you choke
on that strawberry. Tabria, how’s it taste? – It’s quite strong. – Ooh! She is already drunk! (everyone laughing and talking) – Inna drank half! I’m not even gonna ask
how hers tastes, okay? Guys, this is the channel
for all your party needs. We post Wednesdays and Fridays,
sometimes on Mondays, okay? So, come here, we’ll hook it up. Later!
(women cheering) – Cheers, cheers, cheers, cheers! (techno music)

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