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Minnesota Ice Fishing with Vichai Thao

Minnesota Ice Fishing with Vichai Thao

Reel your line There fish is coming. Your is on top. Stay tight Lightly shake your rod Look carefully at your tip See if your line moves Looks like the line is not tight enough We need a sinker to make it tighter Me: I didn’t bring a sinker I got some We need a tight line to determine the bite You got to stay before the fish One is the sinker and the other one is the lure. On top is the sinker You are on the fish, stay before them So when they come, we’ll know It’s coming, watch your lure, watch your tip Set it, set it On, on, on! You see? It’s on You see? You see? Your first fish Take pictures It’s big I told you Be careful, your rod That dude is watching us That’s it! Dude was starring at us I will show you You see? Your rod bent So, I thought it was be a fish I was kind of confuse You see, KBL is good Look, it’s coming, coming straight to my lure. Me might have to go home if it’s this crazy You got to stay before them ou… So many of them You see this, Vang?! You see? so big! You see what this is? You see what this is? We are going to stay here Shoot! They left Hurry, Hurry, put it down My set mine too hard, bro Just put the fish here Don’t need water? No need Just put it here Mine doesn’t bite like yours Mine, you got to be good, so you’ll know That red lure? No, I’m saying when it bites Oh yea, cuz your rod is hard to set No Why? This fish didn’t bite like yours. Your fish ate good. Right Mine…. let me show you My lure is ruined after one fish We did them too good Bro, turn that thing around Just look at my rod, you’ll see when it bites look, it falls It falls Here it comes Look at my tip when my tip doesn’t lift, then set it You see??! We gonna go home Your GoPro is on? It’s on bro Good good Hurry hurry, you next You see? your falls Go close then jig Look at the tip Look close to the tip It’s coming, look closely to the tip Not too rough, he’ll be scared Slowly jigging Look closely to your tip That’s right!! You see??! Release it?? That’s okay, but let’s take bigger ones Put in a different hole Does your uncle’s scanner has any fish on it? Is there a hole nearby? This one here, right? There’s one here! Bring the scanner to there Here bro, fish are coming It’s going to bite it now How come that dude didn’t get any fish He uses live bait You see? Plastic is better Right, right, I’m hyped This one is big!! Pretty big I will go live, So many fish here Go live, bro Watch your tip, watch your tip lift it like this When you can’t really lift it, then set the hook Lift your lure higher when fish come close, so they’ll chase and attack They are big, so worth it, huh? Right, right I will go live and show to my clan It got really cold and windy Fish are all gonee These fish just got me hyped and left What? These fish got me hyped and left Because they are in a school This hole looks shallow You scan a lot of fish? Did you jig it or he just bite it? I jigged it He’s small? What? Crappie eats wax worm? My GoPro died, and I couldn’t open the tab for the battery because my hands are numb Vichai came on time for my conclusion of the video

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