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MINNOW HANDMADE ELEGAN || test minnow untuk ultralight fishing

MINNOW HANDMADE ELEGAN || test minnow untuk ultralight fishing

Fishing again? Where are you going fishing today? You will try handmade Minnow Small four inches of the body This handmade Minnow made Om Sam Deka His facebook account is in the description bro The plan, this bait will mimic Ima Sukari 37S Deep Well … This is the real Ima Sukari This will be emulated Well … the shape is a bit different But there are similarities bro Somewhat similar huh Well … somewhat similar rather different You will try this one The most similar shape With the hope that the action is similar Now fishing Still on the coast of Cipta Try it in a shallow place or not bro? Plastic strike … lah … Try again Throw on a stone, does it get stuck or not? It doesn’t get stuck easily bro That means the action is good The action is good, bro Only the difference with the original Because indeed the target Imitate Ima Sukari 37S deep This is less swooping, the effect is less deep So maybe the revision is handmade But if the action on the ground is good Because less swooping means yes less deep That’s the only drawback Well … the ballast position seems to be Never mind … it’s okay, try fishing Got fish? Number one is important to eat bro Bro fish Grouper … grouper Steady The first successful bait … really … The bait is great bro Try again, who knows something a little bigger More fish … bro Owh … no There are still fish … oh … “scowling” … soul solid Cool bro It turns out that this bait is jos The KW is a success bro More grouper Great soul bro Strike again It seems small It’s small bro but responsibility For additional, three fish Strike again, bro But it’s small Detachable Well … this is actually fishing after your break Smoke Strike, sir Great soul Rather big Oh, mocel sir Grouper bro This is the responsibility between being removed or carried But for additional, brought Pull over first, cold, cold sir You feel cold too Of course, yes Cook the salted egg pack Soaking constantly anyway How come the container for the shirt is how is the story? The story I am on the camera huh What camera? What do you look like on the shirt? His form is gravestone No … on the shirt, you know … the container bump like that … not seen If I stand on the camera Oh really Successfully testing this minnow bro Yeah … not bad Strike quite a lot One side dish Shady there yes sir How much extra do you get, sir? Two Not bad That was quite the first one The second one is small This one is pretty good thank you One side dish, sir The only one who likes is me, my family doesn’t want to My wife doesn’t want to (including) nine fish If (fish) the sea means it doesn’t want to No, if mujahir and banding are very happy Kedokan also do not want Even though it looks delicious Fishy sir Fishy if the seasoning is lacking There must be ginger Kedokan deliciously immediately cut Washed, immediately baked That fresh Seger, Seger was happy ecstatic sir Seger, Seger was happy ecstatic sir Seger, Seger was happy ecstatic sir

30 comments on “MINNOW HANDMADE ELEGAN || test minnow untuk ultralight fishing

  1. dapatkan minnow handmade tersebut di warung-warung terdekat di kota anda..
    apik umpane pak.. salam templung!

  2. Tp kudu joran lebay ya pak nggunake minnow ne.. πŸ˜† kayane treble e kurang cilik yo pak? Segerrrr… senengane gereeehhhh.. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 koplaaaxx…

  3. Joss gandos pokoknya kang…..ora Madang sec to, biasane Madang terus manciiing πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ€­πŸ‘πŸŽ£πŸŽ£πŸŽ£ sukses dn sehat selalu ya kang

  4. Mantap kang lure tiruan gak pp seng penting strike 🎣 🎣 🎣 semangat ✊ masbroo πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

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