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Miso-glazed Salmon with Ginger rice – 7 years old

Miso-glazed Salmon with Ginger rice – 7 years old

Hi, my name is Tomahawk, and today, I’m gonna be making miso-glazed salmon. The first step of all cooking is to wash your hands. I’ve already done it! First, let’s make the marinade. You will need two tablespoons of miso paste One tablespoon sake and one tablespoon mirin One tablespoon soy sauce and one fourth of a tablespoon sesame oil Now you mix it all together [laugh] Now you put in your salmon Then you use your spoon to spoon the marinade onto the salmon After that, you put your salmon in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to an hour While it’s marinading, let’s get started on
your rice Grate the ginger with what’s called a microplane, which is basically a mini-grater Now you measure your rice Rinse your rice until the water runs clear Now put it in the rice cooker Add half a tablespoon of soy sauce half a tablespoon sake half a tablespoon mirin and a pinch of salt Add water upto the amount that your rice packet called for Now put all your liquids into the rice cooker with the rice and put the ginger into your rice cooker Now put on the lid and turn on your rice cooker While the rice is cooking, let’s do our slicing Chop the green onion for garnish and now, chop your zucchini and squash Turn the oven on to broil Now, put a piece of parchment paper on a baking sheet Now, get your salmon and put it onto the parchment paper Now, use a brush to brush any lumps of miso off of the salmon Broil it for ten minutes Now, let’s saute our zucchini and squash First, heat a little oil in the pan Now, you put your squash in the pan [beep , beep] Our salmon is done. Let’s press the “off” button. My heat might be too high, so I’m gonna turn it down My mom thinks this recipe is better than any other kind of salmon she orders in restaurants Move the ones that are already cooked to the edges, and the ones that are still raw to the middle because there’s more heat there When they’re almost ready, you can add a little soy sauce, and then move it around, so they’re all coated in soy sauce Now, let’s serve it up. Now garnish with white and black sesame seeds and green onion Thank you for watching, goodbye!

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  1. Heโ€™s such an amazing cook and YouTube talent already!!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ Wow, Iโ€™m very impressed and enjoyed watching him cook! My kids are inspired by watching him cook too! Thank you for trying my recipes. I feel so honored. โค๏ธ๐Ÿ™ All the food turned out amazing! And thanks to his mom for her kind shoutout on the salmon recipe! โค๏ธ

  2. You are a great cook! This recipe looks delicious and how well we chop vegetables, great job! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’–๐ŸŒŽ

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