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Miss Fisher’s Costume Exhibition – Visitor Feedback

Miss Fisher’s Costume Exhibition – Visitor Feedback

[SPEAKER 1] The highlights that you can’t
miss in this particular display probably is the jewellery. The jewellery is authentic from the era. A lot of the pieces have been loaned by people
who actually owned those pieces from the 1920s. And the detail in the description of those
costumes that takes you through… you can read about where they came from and where
they appeared in the series. [SPEAKER 2] One of the things I loved was
actually seeing some of the costumes that I recognised from some of the series. It was just wonderful. As soon as I walked in and saw them and then
I remembered the joy of the program. [SPEAKER 3] I love Miss Fisher because I adore
the era. I particularly love the genre. [SPEAKER 4] Mainly the fashion and the era. Anything 1940s and before is just the best. [SPEAKER 5] The highlight of the exhibition
for me was seeing all the beading and embroidery on the clothing, the detail that you don’t
really get to see during the show. [SPEAKER 6] For a seamstress like myself as
well it was awesome to see all the fabrics and to be able to touch the fabrics. [SPEAKER 7] The dress up room…I really love
the 1920s and 30s fashion so getting to pose and look pretty was my favourite thing (laughs). [SPEAKER 8] My favourite episode out of all
three series was the tennis episode. So seeing those costumes in person was a bit
exciting (laughs). [SPEAKER 9] I think I’d also says how much
we utilise and borrow fashion and so many of the styles look so very contemporary. [SPEAKER 1] The venue where this has been
held today is at Old Government House. It’s a particularly beautiful building and
one of our oldest buildings that we have here in Brisbane. [SPEAKER 10] I’m just really impressed that
Brisbane is doing more things like this. You know, we have the gorgeous venue. I think it was very well executed. [SPEAKER 8] I’m bringing my 10-year old
daughter back next weekend and then I plan to come back a third time before September
(laughs). [SPEAKER 6] Oh yes, absolutely, it’s wonderful. [SPEAKER 8] Of course I recommend for everyone
else to come, for sure. [SPEAKER 6] And the location… [SPEAKER 8] Oh it’s beautiful. [SPEAKER 6] Where it’s held adds to the
exhibition as well. It’s just a beautiful building. [SPEAKER 5] I definitely recommend this exhibition
to people I know. Anyone that enjoys period costumes or just
the show in general would really enjoy coming along.

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  1. I was there!!!! It was great. Ive started a group on facebook were we can all dress up in 1920s clothes for high tea… at various places even promoting events with our presence… Its called High Tea Love. Please join and lets get together once again ^_^

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