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Missouri Record Fish Stories – Bluegill

Missouri Record Fish Stories – Bluegill

NARRATOR: Let’s talk about bluegill, everybody’s
favorite first fish. They are easy to catch, fight hard, and there
are a bunch of them in every farm pond in the state. And oh yeah, they are plenty good eatin’
too. What’s not to love about bluegill? Well, way back in June of 1963, eleven year
old Mike Giovanini was thinking about bluegill, like he did just about every day on the way
to the local farm pond. Armed with his Zebco and a can of worms, he
was thinking about slaying some fish. John Lorenzen: You are using lighter equipment
when you are fishing for bluegill, they still put up a fight and bluegill are far more abundant
than many of the larger fish. So in terms of action you are probably catching
more fish. Bluegill typical can get to about nine and
a half inches, in terms of weight, typical around 12 ounces, so it doesn’t even reach
a pound. NARRATOR: Well back in 1963 nobody had told
Mike how big a bluegill should be. All he knew was that he had just hooked into
something SERIOUS! Mike Giovanini: I didn’t even know it was
a record, I just knew I had a big fish, probably bigger than anything I had ever caught before. NARRATOR: That’s right! 53 years later, Mike Giovanini is still enjoying
his trophy; a 3 pound zero ounce bluegill, the Missouri state record. John Lorenzen: A three pound bluegill is exceptional. I think the record standing for 53 years really
highlights that. Most likely it is the result of a perfect
storm of prey abundance for bluegill, and the right amount of predation on bluegill
by largemouth bass to lessen the competition. It would not surprise me that the record for
bluegill would stand for another 53 years. Mike Giovanini: It was a lot of luck. I mean to catch a record fish; it is a lot
of luck. My Dad, he had enough foresight to know that
it probably was a record fish. He took it over there, they verified it, the
game warden at that time and he verified that it was a record fish. And we got it mounted and its all history
from there. I’ve always enjoyed the out of doors and
tried to instill that into my son, my grandson, bringing it on down, right down the generations. NARRATOR: To prove that point, the young man
reenacting Mike’s 1963 record catch was his 11 year old grandson Dominique, an avid
angler in his own right, hoping that next record breaking fish might end up on his line. (laughter)

29 comments on “Missouri Record Fish Stories – Bluegill

  1. I love bluegiiilll yayyy I live in LOUISIANA I love bream and catching them on a small pole with worms !!!

  2. You gotta love those zebco 33s. I can't imagine a 3 lb blue gill. WOW! That is a hell of a record. Great video.

  3. I'm trying to catch the record green sunfish by far my favorite fish I'm pretty much just a pan Fisher. You'll see me guys

  4. Love farmer accent. 😍. Everbody else is proper, 😂. After learning what records were I realized I've ate records for dinner.

  5. That record is still standing because no one calls in about record size bluegills. That record shouldn’t even count being that it’s from a private pond

  6. One time about 10yrs ago I caught a 4.7lb rainbow trout out of Pipe lake up here in western, WA. It was still attached to some little kids Barbie fishing rod. Poor fish was dragging that thing around for awhile, the rod & reel was covered in algae or some kind of green slimy stuff. I set that guy free,he must've been in that lake forever to get that big considering a big trout in that lake is about 12in a huge one is 14in. Everyone thought I was nuts for letting that one go.

  7. I just caught a bluegill that is 4lbs. Go to my Facebook Page I just caught it yesterday on a shallow diving minnow lure in a backwater pond that rarely gets fished by anyone.

  8. I once caught a Bluegill the size of a large dinner plate. I caught it on a rubber worm and lipped it just like a bass. It's mouth was the size of my middle finger and thumb forming a circle. I've caught some big bass in double digits but the only catch I ever considered mounting was that Bluegill. (I let it go) A ten plus bass is far easier to come by than a four maybe even five pound Gillrilla.
    But hanging dead things on the wall as decor is tacky anyways.

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