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Monkey Bum goes fishing with Dad and Mom | Bum panicked when he saw the fish was very big

Monkey Bum goes fishing with Dad and Mom | Bum panicked when he saw the fish was very big

hello all of you, Bum is in the basket and we prepare to go fishing come on guys There is an ethnic minority Ede child baby is 5 months old Come on, Bum Bum is in the basket and my husband will open it for Bum Come on, guys, go fishing We go down here very deeply Bum likes that, Bum runs around There is a ladder here We have to climb down I am very afraid of danger I do not scare There is a small boat here and it sank Here you are the host We will take the boat up and go to the other side My husband will help him with one hand I think 3 people can’t sit on a small boat I announced that I can’t swim we will take the water out and go on the second boat we are on the boat, very dangerous, i can’t swim ahhaha Here, friends, we are rowing across the river I have already arrived, guys This is fish food, guys Do you need fishing? Dad and Bum went out to play A lot of these are eating food you guys Bum is very scared Bum is very scared and he needs a mother Here is the river, you guys, they raise fish in the river, very fast and big Bum come out to mom? Bum was out of fear when his mother carried him we will fish This is a leaf that is moved from the house to the river The leaves are made for fish food I caught a fish and you guys Monkey Bum is very afraid of you guys goodbye everyone, thank you everyone for watching the video, happy new day

60 comments on “Monkey Bum goes fishing with Dad and Mom | Bum panicked when he saw the fish was very big

  1. Hanh, if I go down a ladder like that I go down backwards, that way you can grip the treads with your hands!!
    Loved Bum’s sweater – so cute ❤️❤️

  2. Here in the, US it's highly recommended not to eat farmed fish, like the place you are at. They don't offer the nutritional value that Fresh Water Fish gives you. Or saltwater fish.

  3. Careful Hahn, please don't fall.!! 🙈 It was so funny in the boat, you were so scared you were going to sink. 😁. Poor bum was so frightened but dad took good care of him, his little face and sucking his thumb and wanting his mum. He is so adorable, love him. 🐒. Thank you Hahn for taking us with you today. We'll done dad, fish for dinner tonight 👍. Sending love and best wishes to you all. 💖🙏🐒Xx


  5. Aaww Bumbum it's OK momma has you now! What a interesting tour. Thank you again for another great tour! Happy fishing.🤗😊😘💕😍😁

  6. Where's,Baby Red I'm sure he would of liked to go out and be with the family to.Once,again Red gets left out of a family outing.

  7. Many blessings for continued health and love in your beautiful family. I get so relaxed watching your channel! 🙏✝️🌏😘✌️

  8. 😂😂😂 Me divertí mucho. Pensé que se Íba a hundir la lanchita 😂😂 hermosísimo lugar❤️❤️ Gracias por compartirnos éstos lugares hermosísimos 🙏😍😘

  9. This is a great video ! I love going places with you and your family! I really like to see Bums reaction to all that is new to him ! 🐵
    I couldn’t help but laugh when your husband was laughing at you in the boat . It seems husbands do those things ALL OVER THE WORLD !!! 😀
    Enjoy that big beautiful fish !
    I would love to see how you cook it !!!
    Peace and Blessings to all

  10. Very interesting trip. I have wondered what the fish farms were like. I would have been nervous getting into that little boat also.

  11. Very interesting. I like how the host takes good care of the fish and gives them food and leaves. Bum was so cute. He was happy when mom held him 🙉❤

  12. Hahaha you can hear the fear in your voice from the ladder to the boat 🚣 who was holding who for safety, Bum to you OR you to Bum since Bum can swim maybe he saves you haha 😂 Thank you so much for letting us see your day, I learn so much from you. God Bless my friend.

  13. WOW! That ladder is scarey. 😱😱😱 The boat is worse! You need to take swimming lessons! Please be careful or stay close to the shore!!! Nice size fish!

  14. Hanh, next time go down the ladder facing the bank. Look down at your feet, not at the ground. It might help; I don't like ladders either! It is common in your country, to take swimming lessons? Those boats look very tippy! Bum needs his mommy! I really enjoyed today's adventure!

  15. Bum looks very cute with his new shirt on. And I LOVE your hat!! I want one!! Those boats look scary! You are very brave Mama Hahn!! I thought for sure Bum might want to swim! Macaque monkeys are very good swimmers!

    Excuse me for not understanding…what does it mean when you said it was an “ethnic minority child”? What is the ethnic majority VS minority? I apologize for my ignorance on the subject.

    Bum trông rất dễ thương với chiếc áo mới của mình. Và tôi yêu chiếc mũ của bạn !! Tôi muốn một!! Những chiếc thuyền trông thật đáng sợ! Bạn rất dũng cảm Mama Hahn !! Tôi nghĩ chắc chắn Bum có thể muốn bơi! Khỉ Macaque là những người bơi rất giỏi!
    Xin lỗi vì tôi không hiểu … điều đó có nghĩa là gì khi bạn nói đó là một đứa trẻ dân tộc thiểu số người Hồi giáo? Dân tộc thiểu số VS là gì? Tôi xin lỗi vì sự thiếu hiểu biết của tôi về chủ đề này.

  16. I loved it when your husband "dangled"(hung) Bum by his belly momentarily when he took him out of his carrier! 😀😀 Bum probably thinks those are huge bathtubs and you're there to give him a bath! I'm glad you enjoyed your fishing trip! I especially like how you give many new experiences to your family and fur babies, but best of all, you show us life there! Thanks!

  17. Thank you for this great adventure. I really enjoy fishing. That is a huge fish. Hanh, I do not know how to swim either. Bum is so cute! It is nice to see him out. Hugs for the family! 🤗🤗

  18. Mom and dad you are so cute and brave. Like your video and all the background. Love seeing your country. I really loved this video

  19. 3:26 the best POV, lol😂😂 you did great getting down that ladder Hahn!!😎. So Brave!!!😲😎❤❤❤do you really not know how to swim Hahn?,.🤔

  20. Thank you for sharing that. We fish very different in my country, It is fun to see other ways. What kind of fish is that? Bum may be wild but he is still a baby and needs his mommy. That is for sure.

  21. Be careful!!!!is this your place or the man's that helped with the boat? I heard oh no no no no! Lol I would be scared too. Always love your videos. Do you have to pay to fish

  22. Brave lady, Hahn! Enjoyed watching. Please no one think me rude, but most all I have ever heard of your land was long ago during the war. It is nice to see things in a different view. I truly hope that upsets no one.

  23. First time I have seen farm raised fish! That’s really cool! Bum was very good too, he just needed his mommy!! You never cease to amaze me!! Truly a wonderful mom and wife with such a terrific family!!

  24. You guys have so much fun together! Thanks for letting us see how awesome simple things can be with a wonderful family doing them together!

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