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MONSTER Aquarium Fish, my TOP 5 LARGE FISH, I’m not going to keep in a Large Aquarium :)

MONSTER Aquarium Fish, my TOP 5 LARGE FISH, I’m not going to keep in a Large Aquarium :)

– What’s up, fish tank people., Dustin’s
Fish Tank springin’ to you on a Sunday, baby. How’s everybody doin’? I hope you’re doin’ well. (upbeat instrumental music) Tanks all the time. Hey, Dustin, why don’t you
set up a discus tank? No. Hey, Dustin, why don’t you
set up a reef tank? No. Hey, Dustin, why don’t you
get a big Cichlid tank? Hmmm, maybe some day. That doesn’t mean I don’t
have love for discus. That doesn’t mean I don’t
have love for Cichlids. That doesn’t mean I don’t
have love for reefs. I love a good fish tank. They’re just not my style. So, today’s video, before we
get into the small tank series, I wanna go big. I wanna go massive with you. I wanna talk about my one,
two, three, four, five, top five monster fish
that I’m never gonna keep. That’s right, folks. These fish that I’ve had
brief encounters with, I think of these fish like
the girl that got away. Yeah, baby, you know who
you are, and I miss you. Just kiddin’, I’m happily
married, and I love my wife. But here are my one,
two, three, four, five, top five monster fish
that I’m never gonna keep, but I’ve had a relationship
with in the past. ♪ We got a relationship ♪ ♪ Me and my girl ♪ ♪ We got a relationship, mmm hmm ♪ ♪ My girl ♪ – Number five monster
fish I’m never gonna keep, we’re talkin’ about the clown knife. That’s right, folks, baby. You gotta love a long, sleek, silver, slender, sexy mama like a clown knife. My love affair with the clown
knife started back in college. Yes, it was this wonderful little shop near Athens, Ohio on your way to Pomeroy. This is sacred grounds for me by the way. I need to go back there
and like spurt some blood on the road or somethin’,
but we used to go to this pet store frequently. My boy Wayne owned the shop. I don’t think it’s even there again. The guy that sold me my
first Crinum thaianum plant. But it was at this great shop where I first laid eyes on her,
a monster clown knife. These beautiful bastards are grown small, but they get large in no time. This fish wasn’t even in a tank in fact. She was actually in a lumber made pond, and, yes, this beautiful baby
was about three feet long. And she actually let me
pet her for a little bit. But my love affair with
this clown knife runs deeper as my boy Jackson, the original
owner of my 125 by the way, finally got a chance to
take one of them home, not the big mama, but rather her little cute brunette sister. Yes, she ate like a champ
with her fast snatchin’ mouth and left the faces of many
blazed college students in awe of her rosy red eating ways. But all good fish romances eventually do have to come to an end, and when Jackson barely graduated from college, he asked me if I wanted the 125. Of course, I said, “Yes.” But when he asked me if I wanted a fish, I had to let him pass. (exhaling) Clown knife, my
number five monster fish I’m not tryin’ to keep. (upbeat hip hop music) My number four monster fish romance rolls back to 1997 as I bomb atomically with my buddy Jolly. We’re talkin’ about the redtailed catfish in his old 75, folks. Yes, I’ve had dreams about
the redtailed catfish before. Black, white, red, aw, yeah, baby. This love affair with the
redtailed catfish action started in my buddy’s parents’ office when I first kept her in a 75. My buddy Jolly had a 75 gallon aquarium in his parents’ office, which at the time was the coolest aquarium or thing that either one of us
had ever laid eyes on. Yes, this tank was initially
set up as a Cichlid tank. That’s until one day the
beloved Pet Supplies Plus on Tiffin Avenue, back
when it was near Walmart. Flag City, baby, what’s up? Got in a 10 inch redtailed catfish. This was procured
instantly by my boy Jolly with my encouragement to grab it. This beautiful baby came home with us. She went to sleep after a long day. When the next morning, it was too late. Our love affair had devoured half of his entire Cichlid tank, that’s including a breeding
pair of Managuense Cichlids. However, before she was returned immediately to the pet store,
adding insult to injury, she puked up all the fish
that she could not keep down. Watching half-digested fish
floating around your aquarium is always a riot. But as if we didn’t learn our lesson with the redtailed catfish there, I had another meeting
with this baby in college. Yes, it was at a shop in Belpre, Ohio, where I purchased a redtailed catfish that at the time was only
about three inches long. She went into the monster 125 tank of my boy Jackson, I
talked about a second ago, and I used to feed her
slices of turkey by hand, which is the equivalent of HGH as far as I’m concerned with fish. Her rapid growth was so apparent that she was actually
asked to leave the 125 and was moved to a 29 gallon of her own. Now, the death and
disappearance of this fish is still unknown as simply one
day she wasn’t in the tank. To this day, no one has ‘fessed up or any clues of her whereabouts. Yes, I’ve got love for redtailed catfish. I even had dreams about
them coming equipped with a blue instead of a red tail. Redtailed catfish, my number four monster fish that I’m not tryin’ to keep. (upbeat hip hop music) It’s time to go down to the Amazon, folks, to talk about my number three monster fish I’m never gonna keep. That’s right, folks, you wanna roll down to the Nanay River off
of the Amazon tributary. Yes, you did, I thought so. Let’s talk about the peacock bass, folks. Yes, you want a great predator fish, peacock bass has got you covered. I’ve heard stories. A guy who once threw a
lighter at his fish tank, and the peacock bass smashed its face against the glass tryin’ to get it. I know many a bass sport fishermen who loves these fish and have called them freshwater bullies due
to their ferocious nature when hunting and their
tendency to sometimes destroy and damage fishing lures
while striking at the bait. Note, while researching this fish, I ran across a new crush,
a hottie named Darcy with a YouTube channel. You can see her and her
friend holding these two fish. This chick’s winning on multiple levels. You can click the links around here and check out her channel,
where she’s actually catchin’ peacock bass as an invasive
species in South Florida. And while both she and
these fish are sexy, who needs her when I’ve seen these fish in their natural habitat, not
invasively in South Florida, where they are considered a
native, or an invasive species. Back to Peru, folks. Now, I remember it like it was yesterday. It was the typical 5,000
degree afternoon in Peru. I was feelin’ like crap after day drinking with Señor Devon that morning, and I decided to take a nap. When I woke up, we were against the shore of the Nanay River with the seine out. The seine’s like the 40-foot net we used to catch all
kinds of fish at once. These are commonly used to
catch a crap load of fish. While your standard tropical
fish gets easily caught into the monster seine,
not the peacock bass. I didn’t get it on camera, but I remember these fish sayin’, “Not
me, not today, homie.” And they jumped two feet up above the net and escaped to freedom
back into the river. We actually had to hold the net up, two feet up into the air, to catch these as they were jumpin’ up out of the water. Oh, yeah, and this lovely lady holding this peacock
bass here, name is Jen. Has to be a joke in there somewhere. No, folks, Jen is happily married, and she actually still
has this peacock bass in her monster 265 collection. Peacock bass, another monster
fish I’m not tryin’ to keep. (upbeat hip hop music) My number two monster
fish I’m never gonna keep, you wanna stay with me in
the Amazon for a minute, talkin’ about arowanas. Now, not many fish rhyme with a controlled substance
that has entrepreneurs fleeing into Colorado and California like flies on a rib roast. What’s not to love about arowanas? They have the giant mouth that extends and lets them devour big fish. They can jump up out of the water and snatch their meals out of trees. Come on, get over yourself. Ah, you can buy ’em small, and you can raise ’em up in the U.S. If you are a truly baller status, you want to roll with
the platinum arowana. We gotcha. I also know a hunk up in Canada who’s got a 2,000 gallon aquarium with a pretty sexy one in it. But I’m not tryin’ to keep an arowana. However, hypothetically speaking, if I were to ever keep an arowana, here’s how I would do it. You gotta have a massive tank. I think we all know that. I’d have a four, 500 gallon tank, and what I would do would be to have some sort of a monster
ficus or some sort of a tree that can have its roots down in the water. And I would have this tree
growing up out the top so there’d also a glass panel in front. So, the arowana could swim there. And then I could put those little anoles, or whatever they are, those little lizards all over that tree, and then the arowana could actually be fed and like trained to jump up out of the water and eat those little lizards off of there. You know, we can all dream, can’t we? That’s how I would roll with an arowana. You gotta love an arowana. I mean, what do you want? You want red, you want
white, you want blue, you want black, you want
platinum, we gotcha. Arowana, fantastic monster
fish that I’m never gonna keep. Let me know what you think about arowanas. I love ’em. (gentle instrumental music) Yes, folks, it’s time to
talk about my number one monster fish that I’m not tryin’ to keep. Folks, there’s just one life, one love, and there can only be one king. ♪ There’s one life, one love ♪ ♪ So there can only be one king ♪ – The monster fish the locals
in Peru call it paiche. In Brazil they call it pirarucu. I’m talkin’ about Arapaima gigas, folks. These suckers reach 450 centimeters. If you’re not down with the metric system, over 14 feet long. They’re related to arowanas,
but they make them seem small. These fish have scales with an
amazing reddish glow to them, makes ’em look like some sort
of a prehistoric hologram. They come to the surface to breathe and are one of the sickest fish around and one of the largest fish in the world. I know they aren’t the largest, but they’re up there
with the largest fish. I’ve told my man Mike D.
down in Imperial Tropicals straight up he just needs to throw one of these in one of
those big ponds he’s got down there just because. They’re ferocious
predators, and I’ve actually seen them captive in a pond in Peru with my man Devon Graham. He’s got some in a pond. We were actually feedin’ ’em bananas. You can see the clip here, and check out the video I did entirely about these fish around here somewhere. I actually got to play
and hold an Arapaima gigas at a wholesaler down in Iquitos,
Peru when I was down there. Note, these fish are protected, and I presume illegal to
ship into the United States without some sort of an importer. And that’s actually how
the Newport Aquarium got many of their Arapaimas is
from them being confiscated. However, that said, I did happen to see a couple of ’em for sale when I went out to a shop that will remain
nameless out in California. Arapaima gigas, oh, my God. Can you imagine if I was like, “Hey, guys, come on fish tank people. “Let’s go out to my pond and check out “my 14-foot long fish that I’m about “to feed a buncha Oscars to.” I’m just sayin’ it’d be pretty bothered. Do me a favor, folks. I’d love to hear your comments and your feedback on these monster fish. Maybe you’ve got a friend who’s keepin’ some of these monster fish. Maybe you’re keepin’ some
of these monster fish or you know of someone who is, or maybe you’re just like, “Ah, man, “I’d love to keep this fish,
and here’s how I would do it.” Drop me a note in the comments down there. If you like what I’m doin’, subscribe. Make sure you hit the notification button. I’ve been goin’ live quite a bit. Click the links around here for more information on individual fish. Everybody have a fabulous freakin’ week. Subscribe and tank on, you
monster fish lovers, later. ♪ Me and my girl ♪ ♪ We’ve got a relationship ♪ ♪ Me and my girl ♪

94 comments on “MONSTER Aquarium Fish, my TOP 5 LARGE FISH, I’m not going to keep in a Large Aquarium :)

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    But I will suggest new comers to refrain from monster fishes

  5. Peacock bass aren't invasive.

    To be considered invasive they have to damage the ecosystem in some way.which peacock bass don't do.

    They are actually what's known as a non native which is a species that doesn't harm the ecosystem or is even beneficial to the ecosystem but does originate from the aera.

  6. Oh man, whenever I see Oscars & Silver Arowanas in my LFS it makes me reaaaally want to get one but then I remember the bigest tank I've right now is a 40gallon. Btw silver arowanas cost like 3$ (around 5 inches) and oscars 1$ (around 3 inches), perks of living close to the amazon 😛 also arapaimas cost like 5$ (around 5inches), those are the prices in my local fish shop.

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  10. I'm glad this is the not interested in keeping list. Too many people try to keep fish that just aren't meant for tanks. My LFS has a royal clown knife and they had an arowana that I loved to watch but ultimately the needed way bigger tanks than what they are/were in. No one should have an aripima it's just not ethical in the long run.

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