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MONSTER FISH BONUS, Large Aquarium Fish From THE JUNGLE Story

MONSTER FISH BONUS, Large Aquarium Fish From THE JUNGLE Story

hello what’s up fish tank people
how about a little monster bonus tonight you guys doing all right cool
I don’t know this is streaming yet but I figured it out earlier today and I’m
going to try it again right now so here we go I can see my screen which is a
good thing and I’m gonna talk about monster fish and get this party started
because I won’t learn how to do this I want to do it right so this is what I’m
doing what’s going on oh yeah what’s going on everybody
yeah I’m fun so here’s the deal I’m trying to bring you guys a little
monster bonus I had a fun time making that monster video everybody seemed to
enjoy the edits I appreciate the positive feedback and because we got
some positive feedback we’re gonna keep the positive vibes going we’re gonna
keep it at a low level though gotta keep a little leveling out with not one but
two kids upstairs sleeping so we’re gonna keep it calm we’re gonna keep it
quiet but I hope everybody is having a good
night tonight and I’m super jacked about it so we’re gonna get rolling with the
monster fish and I’m just being quiet just being quiet because I got to make
sure that my young children remain asleep so I want to talk about monster
fish tonight and just a little bonus monster action for you all so let me get
this going here what’s going on I’ve got to get control
of my power point and bring that sucker right here there
we go everybody see the PowerPoint okay cool
I’ve always got the PowerPoint all right all right I Christi you’re on here my
friends around here everyone can see the PowerPoint okay and the audio is okay
before I begin I am doing this as a secondary test because I did it good
earlier today I wanna make sure I’ve got it down so I’m just like practicing one
says yes yes no well if you got a no I don’t know
looks great Nietzsche says looks great just the audio okay there’s no echo it
sounds great and easy I’m wrong with you system all right so let’s do this cool
bonus live stream here is the fun part let me start by saying this you should
be able to see the PowerPoint it’s on my screen
so cool audios looking good video is good Christy can you see the PowerPoint
everybody see the PowerPoint here cool that’s what’s on your screen so it’s
fine cool good sound off line alright well
what’s wrong so check it out the I want to do a monster bonus here because can
anybody see the PowerPoint PowerPoint slides oh come on now process yep
buffering well I don’t know can’t see it can’t see oh my god there’s always
technical issues while we work them out work it out yes yes you guys can see it
PowerPoint Christy can see it alright but you guys need to fix something then
because I got it going on so check it out it’s in the background folks I’ll
make me smaller there it’s right there is that it that’s it
okay so let’s roll since you all have my attention so what we’re going to do is
this a roll here and I got the PowerPoint here so this
starts improve everybody see the Peru it’s good cool what’s going on all right
so this is the me in the jungle up through this is the actually on the nigh
river not the napo river where the monster fish take place this was taken
in 2012 and this is me and this is actually where apistogramma by teeny how
to come from so this is a really ridiculous small segment of the Nanaia
River now what’s cool about the Nanai River is that it has a lower pH which is
not good for me and keep in fish but it’s really good for a piss toes
quarries and angels there’s a lot more of those fish that are a part of this
but this has actually taken the they dry up what happens is that the rivers you
have to time your time right in the jungle so you have to time it like
there’s only a couple weeks a year where you can really get low water levels
because if the water levels are too high what’s going to happen is you’re not
gonna be able to get the fish because it’s gonna be too much water everywhere
so you get a lower water levels you get low water levels and then you’re able to
pull it fish out and that’s what I’m doing here so that’s what’s going on so
that’s me in Peru okay this is what it looks like every morning when you wake
up I mean straight up like this is what it
looks like in Peru so I mean it the sky is bluer the grass is greener the water
is dark and that’s fine but just every morning totally beautiful and just just
totally loving it I wake up to this this is the boat I had a night where actually
slept and there was a hole in my mosquito net so I couldn’t get I
couldn’t get the mosquito in that I don’t know myself here there was a hole
in the mosquito net and so I couldn’t get myself put like I couldn’t get the
mosquitos away from me so I can actually came up here and I sat on this little
spot right here and I looked up at the stars and I saw the Southern Cross and
it was just totally amazing so really an epic epic time I recommend anybody that
can go do this I mean yeah you’re roughing it for a little bit but it’s
amazing so I want to give some scale to the Amazon
I think people miss do the Amazon the Amazon River I’ve done two things here
one this is a photograph of one can I move me here alright now this is a this
is two parts here this is no buffering on that cool
this is a map of the United States so what I did is I took a map of North
America and South America and I cut out the United States because I want people
to understand don’t put things on the camera got it thanks James I wanted
people to understand that the size of the Amazon River Basin so this this
basin right here is actually very very large and would cover the entire United
States so you think about it the Ohio River misses Mississippi River or pick
your big river right like this the Amazon basin like the Delta of it if you
will is as big as the entire United States like that’s to scale like I cut
that and put that on there so I really hope people dig that comparison now what
I’ve seen of the Amazon is this tiny tiny tiny little dot right there tiniest
of tiniest little buds so hardly anything but I want you guys to see that
because it’s really an amazing amazing thing and it’s just a tiny little spot
so when you have this variation in species you understand that all these
species come from all these different tributaries and just all this like
really tiny stuff can you guys see my mouse
like every single one of these could have its own variety of tetra right so
like when you see different stuff like it’s like they come from down here and
then these ones come from up here and they’re entirely different because
they’re so segmented so if you have particularly one thing from this check
this out this is the Amazon basin and it is hardcore and I mean that’s where the
variety or species have come from so move on from that but I really want
people to see that alright so then we go from that this is where I was now I was
in the Loretto province of Peru and I actually took a boat and we went all the
way around here so we went all the way around
this little spot right here Zoop I took a boat all the way around is
pretty crazy this took to get there we were going
against the current and this took this path right here took like three days and
we ended up Amazon and then we actually went above it okay so we ended up up
here and we’re catching core cats up here like crazy but it’s time to talk
about some monster fish I’m trying to do some trips again people
are asking one of the things that I remember as a
kid you guys remember Street Fighter this is Street Fighter this is Blancas
stage a Street Fighter tool and and and he his stage had an army
pilot in the back and this is an art pilot gigas right here this is what they
call it pay each a I talked about it here this is one of these fish that I
really really really really really wanted to see and this is why I mean as
long as a kid this is these are hunters I didn’t actually see these people these
are photos I took but alright used but you can see the size of these things now
if you’re paid by how you bring the biggest fish you want to get the you
want to bring in the biggest fish possible to your like to your home right
look if you’re gonna fish and I would catch the biggest possible fish so these
people went out on would catch on a pilot because Ari Palma are the biggest
fish they can get they can get the most meat so it’s the most work but it’s
ultimately the most reward just like I don’t know sub there’s back in the day
killing Buffalo so I wanted to see these fish I’ve always had a thing for him and
so what I did was I actually started asking around and I talked to a dude now
shooting the breeze this dude and as name was cero
this dude actually drew me a map of where the
arie palma could be had he was like if you have a boat go here this is how you
could do it and it was totally crazy to me so I took this map or whatever I
didn’t do it I didn’t go I didn’t have a boat a wrapper but he was cool enough to
like just straight up here’s a map dude check this out like go check out these
so I didn’t go with that because I have Devin Graham all right let me bring it
to you like this folks this dude right here is Devin Graham Devin Graham if you
try to email him he’s not gonna email you back quickly you try to call him
he’s not gonna answer okay Devin Graham is part tropical fish okay because this
guy right here when the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago did an event or excuse me
opened up an Amazon exhibit they called Devin Graham does that make sense okay
so Devin Graham is the Grandmaster ninja of the Amazon and he was actually so
good and so knowledgeable he’s actually not even into he’s into fish but he’s
also in the birds the guy Albert who had this boat before him put him in charge
on like lineage this to him if you will or I don’t know how you say that like
passed it down to him so Devin Graham is the baddest dude so I’m sitting there
the first day and I’m chilling out hanging out with
and we go to this bar wherever and Devin likes to drink I don’t but
whatever and and I’m like Devin man like what I really want to see it by each a
man I mean he’s like oh we can do that he’s like what guy went up to field
station I didn’t get that great of footage from the field station because
it was like way out until this lake whatever but mega mega cool and he and
if you ever want to go it’s margarita tours is the name of it now it’s nothing
does not drinking torso to get your get your heads out of the mountain get your
minds of the guy river but it was totally awesome
so this right here is Mike barber this is equally a badass here this is Michael
barber this man is a former CIA agent spoken many times with presidents and
now runs go wild Peru speaks multiple language
dude I’m keeping it a secret everybody I’m whispering as my kids are asleep you
freaks so he is a he I mean like so you got Devon who’s
like born in the jungle like never wore shoes the entire time just the man and
then you got Mike barber who all right look at look closely his shirt guys his
his shirt has in white collar he went and bought a brand new white collared
shirt to wear to collect fish in the jungle and he put it on and I wish I had
the picture of him because I put it on and I took my picture with them and I
was just like what’s up dude because he had like it look like he was getting
ready to go out but we were like going out to go be a fish the trip was that I
didn’t know he he actually had noon this and they dry he goes like that dry quick
and they reflect the Sun and they cover you all over and I was like you’re the
man he’s so smart so like every time he goes fishing he goes and buys like he
used or not used but like clearance like the white collared shirts and where’s
that shit on to the jungle like he’s getting ready to go out so I thought
that was funny so these two guys are here by the way this dude is in his in
his just to give this guy some work more credit here I’ve seen his I’ve seen his
fish room it’s amazing because he goes and collects fish we were in the jungle
we were nine miles deep in the jungle okay nine miles deep he goes and Nets
seven hatchet fish in one netting okay and one net anyway I just netted up
seven hatchet fish all at once it was insane folks it was insane and there’s
the hatchet fish I’ve got an entire video about hatchet fish but mega mega
cool like the dude is a man so I went on the trip with these two
guys I mean Mike and I immediately started talking high-level filtration
and fish rooms and the whole thing I’ll link up the videos some at some point of
just type in Mike barber Fischer mobile legend and his house will show up and
it’s worth looking at that but we went there so I’ve got like two Grand
Master’s and I’m with them and I want to show what we did here okay
so this is a this is this is a tyrannous now I did the I did the video on today I
did clown knife thank you for all the love on that video by the way the clown
knife I did the arowana dinosaur claw knife arowana peacock bass or atomic
gigas and red tail cab this fish did not make the list and so I’m actually doing
this video tonight because of it because I wanted to give it some credit I’m
lumping two together here the tiger Ennis there’s a tick greenness and
there’s a tiger shoal nose they’re related I’m not exactly sure which is
what but a super awesome fish so we go out and we pull up to a spot and Devon
literally like literally polish this huge boat up right like where everyone
knows we’re coming with T takes this huge boat and he throws this this big
like thrown that out in the water first throw folks first throw he pulls up this
fish it was so sick I was like what like just pulled this up
so yeah it was awesome so but yeah so we’re rolling here
and I had that fish now I want to point this out I have I am I have six foot I’m
like I’m I do not have little hands right so like this is perspective that
is the hand of a fish that I saw in the baleen market okay so this is actually a
head of this Thank You Ted this is actually a head of it to Greenwich right
here so this fish is head was this big I saw this in a bale in market okay this
is a bale in market down here in Peru now this is where you can see almost
everything so if you ever want to like thank you everybody who’s liking and
sharing this by the way if you ever want to see any animal that’s ever been
almost any animal Tigers referrals are coming be patient that’s ever been there
they bail in market right here it’s actually a market that floods every year
it has horrible I mean there’s no sewage there’s no drainage or nothing to just
flows into the river I mean it’s that it’s nasty but this is where the magic
is like you could buy a monkey if you wanted
you know you could buy it you could buy a monkey
you could buy baby baby monkeys Capuchin I mean you name it you could pretty much
buy it here the exception of pink dolphins and we’re not gonna talk about
pink dolphins tonight because that’s near to my soul and they deserve an
entire PowerPoint of their own but this is what you can buy look at this check
this out this is n2 Grenaa shovelnose right there look at the pattern on that
fish folks how sick is that look at the pattern on that sucker insane and then
here is an Arowana and i forget what those are some sort of
a silver dollar but there’s era Juana’s right there just
for sale like here you go eat them check them out so totally totally totally
awesome stuff uh-huh no doesn’t know I want to I want to take a hot
hey I step back here I do not condone the capturing of monkeys I do not
condone the killing of innocent fish these fish are not poached these are
lazer these provide money and food for people so these are time totally fine
with these fish here being caught someone’s selling them in a market and
someone else eating them like that is the coolest thing going right as far as
I’m concerned and I just happen to like the fish and put them in a fish tank but
but like there it is illegal to catch some certain monkeys look it’s a
third-world country like they don’t have there’s not regulated like if you wanted
to buy a monkey you could buy a monkey no you couldn’t get it back into the US
but if you wanted to buy a monkey in Peru you could certainly do it
there are people that could do it so I just I want to point that out there well
that’s pretty gross or whatever to some people like it is what it is it’s the
jungle and it’s how these people survive they are people of the jungle okay they
don’t like live by the job they’re thrown on the Jumbo okay I want to show
this here to FX for popping off here I know I should have taken some biology
classes so this is crazy so these are some sort of a pic this cat right here
or whatever I’m not exactly sure what they are they have soft they don’t have
spikes they have real soft spikes or whatever and then this check this out
this is like those right here these are plecos that are in this bucket now check
this out the plateaus you want to keep the egg sacs out that’s a delicacy so
like when you’re selling so if you’ve got like plecos I’m not sure I can fish
they are spindly now feel free so if you’ve got plecos or whatever and you
have like the egg sac you cut me show that like that’s like that’s that’s part
of the delicacy do you want to eat that it’s not that that was cool and I got
just a couple more slides here on these monster fish I saw
here’s some Oscars right here check that out how crazy those so Oscars are just
like a nothing like whatever Oscars so I thought that was pretty cool
Oscars are really amazing Dustin you talked too loud no I’m sorry
so I’ve actually eaten Oscar fish before my kids are asleep my kid so that’s
Oscar and that’s I think the some sort of a PACU right there and then there’s
two gratis right there so I just thought that was awesome and I’m just gonna go
ahead and show you guys a little bit more action here I don’t have much more
but I will I will do more of these I’m looking to get your feedback on these
but I went to a a Oscar is good actually Oscars are really good and I’m gonna
talk about this for a second so the peruvians are really well known
for their their fish cooking they’re very good at cooking fish like you go to
a Peruvian restaurant you order ceviche so when you go there like that’s like
that you eat fish like that’s what they do it like the locals there they went
and they went and actually like like when we were on the boat heading back to
Peru there was a guy driving by he would just caught a bunch of fish and they
were going to get fish from him because his fish were gonna be cheaper than when
they got to the city so I thought that was always pretty cool so
when every year you think Peruvian like don’t get steak get that’s Brazil get to
fish like eat the fish okay like ceviche I ate it twice like in one day I hate it
twice so yeah there type of this is similar to a hatchet but so yeah so
always eat the fish in in Peru get ceviche
so the it was really really really really good by the way
Oscar was they actually I have a video of me eating it
they’re not eating it but like the fish I ended up eating a fish that I have on
video so and then I do want to show this here I’ve got I spent some time in a
wholesaler here and this is actually a wholesaler called stingray and it’s in
Peru and this is a giant I don’t know a style Joey what this one is right here
but that’s a giant stingray of some kind it’s the only name of the shop and then
this is this the way they keep it right there they got the water running I’m
taking notes in case I get my own setup so there we go but yeah that’s it so that’s science
that’s just a final final shot at me in Peru totally loved it I had so much fun
there and yeah totally totally a great time and I wish I could go back sooner
than later so thank you for everybody for checking
this out I’m gonna do Q&A for just a minute I got family upstairs to hang out
with though so it’s Sunday a special day so yeah folks so I’ll do Q&A for a
couple minutes and but I before before I get into Q&A though what do you all what
do you all want to have me do not like fishtank videos on I’ve already got the
small tank series coming I’m gonna do more on Peru is there any particular
particular stuff about Peru you want to know I did bring back festivals when I
was in Peru one time it was awesome thank you thank you folks thanks for
spending time you got it appreciate it folks
yeah can I get a like thank you a little hang a little digital verification a
little a little more out boost with a little bit of a like so you know the Rio
Negro good question Blackwater okay really really hard to duplicate that in
my humble opinion so yeah I don’t know what that means Bob
what do you want me to do I’ll pack us now by the way today is the last day of
buy one get one free on my growth juice I’m keeping my clothes on you guys saw
it earlier I got buy one get one free on Lancelot
newbies Lancelot newbies gigantea and red tiger Lotus bunch of stuff so put a
note in the comments so you saw it on here
and I’ll hook you up with the free stuff goes out tomorrow buy one get one free
on Anubis Lancelot gigantea and red Tiger loose got to feed the kids right
cool we like to slideshow cool so the slideshow the reason that did this was I
wanted to get the slideshow because I’ve got a lot of content to share that’s
just kind of like it’s fishtank related but it’s not so I wanted to try this out
and I had a good time doing it so I won’t live in a Peru I want to hit on
the somebody had a question about about black water and the black water is
really really really low pH and that’s typically hard to do
thank you nice oh you’re awesome go get your own Commission it’s typically
really really hard to do because you have to have a real low pH so I never
recommend anybody go after a really low pH or high pH if you have low pH water
like stick with stuff that’s gonna work with your water
right so I have its both bulbs or red tiger Lotus plants what everyone do I
got them coming out my ears buy one get one free so I never want to
see people like fight their water right so like I don’t keep discus and I don’t
keep rummy nose because it’s harder for me to get that lower pH so I really want
people to consider that why they’re going to do a swing when they’re like I
want to keep all time angels well they come out of like a 5/5 I think so you
really want to watch that versus like if you live in like Colorado Rockies they
have really really hard water and they keep sick that’s really good something
to consider there so well oh who else has questions here folks let’s do it anybody else what you got let’s go
quietest I’ve ever seen you I got kids let me tell you gave me a free one at
choice you got a free soy sword sister thanks for your bids on time by the way cherry shrimp can cherish a new work
like a model shrimp no no not at all what’s going on everybody cool we got a
couple minutes left I’m going to split how do I keep my lights off to kill
algae just turn them on black out the tank for six days
well the Browns winning game this season listen guys I gotta tell you
the Browns actually I just found this out I think it’s awesome
the Browns actually signed OJ Simpson to a two-year fourteen million dollar deal
Sachi Brown said that he was worth taking a stab at so I’m excited we’re
gonna have OJ Simpson in the back field he’s not really a first or second down
runner but he’s good on that third chance so but a bump what am I going to Peru next
super soon I don’t know I like to go in January you see how to clean up after white spot out
there quarries we wouldn’t know you like that alright folks well I got a split
it’s been fun hanging out with you all I’m gonna try to do a little more Sunday
water there’s underwater Sunday stuff can’t
that report until October first haha that’s funny Bob alright so yeah I
will do these let me know what topics you want me to do you read this real
quick here no fish predatory near happier with top water fish bug them I
believe James if that’s fact that bottom billing fish aren’t happy or a top water
fish above them to always do softball catch-up cool good night everybody
alright folks I’m out tank on everybody want to give you a little love make sure
you hit the notification button to get more of these I’m out no nipples this
time later everybody and

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