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Monster Fish Shopping: KGTropicals 400 GALLON AQUARIUM FISH REVEAL

Monster Fish Shopping: KGTropicals 400 GALLON AQUARIUM FISH REVEAL

Mr.Rack Cross who you know from the
River Life. He’s just the sweetest guy on planet Earth. He is going to be sitting
with us right here. It’s true I was invited to be a guest on the Tank Talk
live stream in Virginia so I left Lookout and River Wife at home and made
the long trip out to King George. What a trip but we made it guys we’re here at
the home of kg tropicals it’s gonna be an awesome weekend and I can’t wait I’m
glad you’re with me let’s get in here and see what’s going on come on in the
house and just like that there I was sitting at the table with John and Lisa
on the Cajun tropicals tank talk live live stream I hope you get a chance to
go over and check that out I’ll put a link in the description below this was
Thursday and the next day was Friday where John and Lisa appeared on the
river life live stream I’ll also put a link to that in the description but this
trip was all about what was going to go down on Saturday now Saturday is going
to be the culmination of monster weekend kg tropicals river life and King and
Queen cichlids met up for lunch after lunch we all went fish store hopping we
ended up going to three different fish stores and we bought some fish oh yeah
that’s right we’ve got a surprise coming up later in the video I hope you’ll stay
around for that but these fish stores were like none I’ve ever seen before
they were not only huge but the fish were kind of quality I got as many shots
as possible I hope you enjoy these oh man we’re here at the famous house of
tropicals it’s crazy I’ve never seen anything like
this I’m in here with John and Lisa from kg tropical Scott and Liz from King and
Queen cichlids it is the greatest fish store I’ve ever been in in my we just rolled in at Disqus Hans and
Lisa is about to get about 10 awesome discus for her birthday
look are you ready to get your mind blowing let’s go blow my mind we’re all
filming ourselves so that Lisa can take a picture of us look at ourselves look
at these jokers there’s Liz there Scott everyone’s mind
is blown this oh my gosh look at the discus Scott have you ever seen anything
like this never seen anything like this the lighting is just Rigo lighting so
what you see it’s bad any special effects these fish really are this
bright this beautiful Lisa and I can’t keep up with John and
that lucky aquarium because this is where he’s going to pick up his arrow on
it to get in you can’t upload that video until after
I put mine up because it’s gonna be secretly secret video I’m here with my
friends King and Queen cichlids not and legs we’ve been hanging on anything you
guys very much it’s been so much fun I’m telling you these guys bought our lunch
today and man was it great then we’ve been fished or hopping all day were here
and left the aquarium John Hudson bought some secret fish I’m gonna reveal him on
the river life channel hang around you got a monster fish on a mussel weekend
tell me about it it’s an antelope astride Magnus it is a beautiful species
people that keep flowerhorns this is like the originator their original drew
bred cichlid not the flower or titus spectacular its come to the keystone
class really soon I’m just going to be on your channel sing – absolutely worth
of you check it out over there thank you guys
our fantastic community builders thank you encourage everybody you have live
streams just dedicated to helping people out absolutely appreciate that very much
I’ve certainly been encouraged but you guys I’ve got something for you what’s
that this is the river live in making videos to make the other people more
better this is an honor obviously this is an honor and I tell you the reason
why that we help other channels is because of a channel such as Katie
tropicals and yourself have helped us so we want to help other people come up and
other people see their channels it’s really important to us that’s the spirit
of community that I’m talking about yeah you guys received that award
it’s only the third one that I’ve ever given that’s lost 3kg tropicals owns one
of those awards and clip aquatic one of those gosh now can you clean cichlids
and I got to tell you you’re the last people that will have that um I’m
retiring the award I can’t think of anyone more deserving than you guys what a great weekend this was so much
fun thank you John it leads and rack for setting this
all up we had a blast I think we should do it again and invite more friends yes that’s John and Lisa on the camera thank
you guys very much here we go it’s the end of the weekend if I look exhausted
I earned it kg tropicals John and Lisa awesome host all weekend long you’ve
you’ve watched where we went you’ve seen what we’ve done I wish you could be
there with us this is the best I could do you’re all invited to come back as
often as you like we’ve got some beautiful discus in this tank behind me
those belong to Lisa but the question everyone wants to know the answer to is
what did John end up getting for his monster tank we’re gonna talk to John
right now John you had such a struggle deciding exactly what the final stop was
going to be in your tank I witnessed you struggle with the
decision how were you finally able to make that decision well it all came down
to numbers really we talked about that they had that gorgeous big one arowana
that was probably 18 inches long which would have been spectacular in this tank
it would have been unbelievable but it would have been the only one that I
would be able to do because it was big enough to where anything that went in
there with it was gonna have to be large and it was not gonna be able to be
another arowana because it would end up they would end
up fighting and the smaller one would end up being the one that paid the price
so I really wanted to and I didn’t think that that big one could mix with one of
the smaller ones so I made the decision to go with the two smaller arowana so we
talked about this yesterday I said on my video I was afraid that they would
disappear in this tank because this tank is 8 feet long and 3 feet deep and the
size that they are I was afraid they were just going to you won’t even be
able to see him but I was very pleased when we brought him back we put him in
they went in fine and they look really good in the tank yeah they got a lot of
growing to do but they look awesome in here they’re still adjusting but they
they’re happy and I think they’re gonna do really well and then going with the
smaller ones I was able to incorporate the other 5 fish that I put in here I
the gold severums threw a curveball into all of this because the idea has always
been Oscar’s with era Juana’s and possibly stingrays almost definitely
stingrays but those severals changed everything
and I obsessed over those when I was there I really wanted them so getting
the smaller air Juana’s allowed me to also get those severums and then of
course we also had to add the two oscars that’s kind of the surprise curveball we
went with the albino tiger and the tiger Oscar in there with the gold severums
when I thought about the total package the seven fish that are the two silver
Arowana which are obviously going to be the showpieces in there and then the two
Oscars of different colors and those three magnificent gold severums when I
thought about that whole package together that’s what made me smile and
made me feel good and so I said yep that’s what it has to be so that’s how I
made the decision it might not have as bold a visit of an impact right here
right now but six months from now this is gonna be unbelievable this has been a
fantastic weekend John thanks very much for allowing me to reveal the stock in
your monster tank I know you struggled with that decision
at one point you came to me in the store and you said this is supposed to be fun
so I know that you put a lot of thought into it and you had mapped this thing
out for months and then here we are in the store you’ve
got to get some fish and bring them back I think you made the right call
I think everyone’s gonna love this tank I can’t wait to watch these fish grow
out I’m gonna be following I’m tuning in thank you guys for tuning into this
video and I hope that you’ll come back for the next one till then see it love
it and live it

73 comments on “Monster Fish Shopping: KGTropicals 400 GALLON AQUARIUM FISH REVEAL

  1. We did the same thing recently with a lemon Oscar, a longfin tiger Oscar, a gold severum and accidental Midas lol great video man

  2. MONSTER FISH shopping with KGTropicals and King and Queen cichlids all over Baltimore! Here is a link to the River Life live stream with very special guests John and Lisa from KGTropicals

  3. This was one of the best weekends ever. Thank you for everything Rack. We're gonna miss you! It's like you're part of the family now πŸ™‚ Angela you need to come next time 😊

  4. John years ago I had gold Severums and they grew to be very large and gorgeous. The red in their cheeks was awesome!!!

  5. I hope you had a good time and weekend rack!!! Can't wait to start seeing content on the fish room build, buddy!!!

  6. OMG great video!!!! So i am the last one in the bunch to get it done….. I better get on my video. Rack i cant tell you how much i enjoyed your company. It was truly an honor. I hope to see you soon!! KG Tropicals John and Lisa- again ty for all you do! Much appreciated

  7. I know you had a great time, Rack. I was sure John was going for the big arowana. I'm surprised and happy. It's going to be awesome seeing all those big bad fish grow up together. As always, Rack, sprinkling love all over you, yours, and your videos.

  8. What an awesome weekend! Great video Rack. I hope you continue to bring the community together. You're a natural at it!!

  9. Congrats on the great purchases. I love buying smaller fish and having then grow out in my space. My current tanks have bumblebee's that started as 1" fry and now are 8" males and large females. Also have a discus tank with 3 adult and 5 medium size that are filling out. My south american tank have silver dollars that are 12+ years old, starting at quarter size. Love the videos and your enthusiasm.

  10. John, you done good! (lol!) Those fish are awesome. I was hoping that would be what you chose to do, and you scored! AWESOME!

  11. I came over from KG Tropicals (also a supporter of Kings & Queen Cichlids)…. great to meet you and I look forward to seeing more….cheers from Australia!

  12. Well the viewing audience knows about the aquarium being 360 gallon tank but the reason is to watch this video to find out what John from K G Tropicals got for his aquarium watch and find out.

  13. Great choice getting the two Arowanas. They will hopefully grow well together. I kept Oscars years ago, like 40 years, and loved them. I have always adored Severums and have a varied collection of huge fish. My Golds are all 8 inches up, and spawn often. Hope the Oscars don't mess with them and their gentle nature. Loved the way the three vids work together. Thanks.

  14. Really cool of John to let the reveal happen on your channel. Fish keeping community at its finest. Enjoyed seeing all the videos!

  15. While it would have been cool to have that huge arowana, I think it will be more fun to watch them grow up. How long would it take them to grow out, and how big will they get?

    I'm in love with the gold severums. Great choice. Beautiful fish. Hope we get to see more of Lisa's tank soon.

  16. Rack, you made a 3-4 day event out of this- just like a fish convention. That's a great idea make this an annual fish tube convention where all the fish tubers that can meet up for the weekend.

  17. A year from now that aquarium will become just a good fit for those gorgeous monsters, seeing them grow up are the most rewarding things so very good decision choosing the smaller fishes

  18. Nicely done Rack. John made a hard but good decision but as he said in the next six months these beauties will grow into the tank. πŸ‘

  19. Great choice never seen gold severums that yellow and the thing is you get to see the arowana grow which is the best part of our hobby imo.

  20. Amazingly awesome, OMG! I want fish stores like that in my area, wow! Thanks for sharing, what a wonderful weekend! Can’t wait to see them grow.

  21. This was such a fun weekend and I'm so glad you were able to be here and share it with us!! Great video! Nice editing!!!

  22. Ok Rack! My fishwife is a big fan of parrot fish and watched your video with me and saw the one with white spots on it from the stores you visited and now it looks like we will be traveling to there to get them! Looks like it was a great time for all of you. Take care and keep it up with the videos and can’t wait to see videos and live-streams of your new custom tank when you get it.

  23. You all are awesome people and it's so great to see fellow FishTubers get together and do colabs like this! Keep inspiring us all!

  24. YAY! This was so fun to watch. I would have loved to have been there. I did expect to see the lemon Oscar but he made a great choice. They're all so beautiful. Thank you Rack.πŸ’–πŸ‘πŸ’–

  25. Excellent choice John, good things come to those who are patient and once these fish grow up to full size this is going to be so amazing glad u made the choice and Rak, I'm so excited to be a part of your channel now. I checked out your videos love the content and I'm really glad that John had u on his channel because it led me to yours and its really good to have a variety of channels to get content from and this all inspires me to maybe start up a fish keeping channel who knows. Anyway glad you all had fun and I look forward to more awesome videos!

  26. Agreed it’s going to be fun watching those fish grow on KGTROPICALS live streams. Thanks for taking us along on a fishy trip Rack!

  27. I so agree with you on this, John. Numbers are sometimes more important than size. Also the fact that you can watch them grow. Ugh! Priceless!

  28. Great Choice and the one that I had hoped you were going to make 😁😁. Looks great. Can’t wait to see some stingrays in there as well.

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