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Monster Permit Tripletail on DOA Fishing Lures in Islamorada Florida

Monster Permit Tripletail on DOA Fishing Lures in Islamorada Florida

>>Welcome to this episode of Addictive Fishing. We’re sitting here in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. We’re hitting the crab pots right now, gonna try some stuff a little bit later With Captain Tony Melton and we’re going to hopefully show you a tripletail right now. Perfect time of day. Oh they want it. They
want it bad. I’m trying to get him underneath that seaweed. There he goes! There he is! Hello Mr Tripletail. Well that one had shrinkage to him. [Laughs] Cause they looked a lot bigger than that. He’s trying to get back to that buoy. Tony what’s the size limit on the tripletail?
Is it the same as we got in Canaveral?>>It’s fifteen inches and two per person.
>>Yup, exactly the same. Hello Mr Tripletail. I don’t think he’s quite fifteen. There’s
you a tripletail from Flamingo. We need to do a little operation on him to get that shrimp out.>>He swallered it.>>I’ll come help ya.>>Those spikes will get ya!>>Open up buddy, open up. [Chuckles] I’ll
tell you what He really likes that DOA two inch.>>Brand new one. Open up that mouth.>>There we go, bingo!>>One tripletail from Flamingo We’re going
to let him swim up to Canaveral and become a Mogan. See ya buddy. And that is the new two inch DOA Shrimp that is working like a charm. Looks like something bit a chunk out of it.>>There he is I see him from here. Oh yeah there he is.>>There he’s coming for it. Tipped on it.>>He’s got it! There he is baby! [Laughing] You got to love the tripletail man, Gotta
love the tripletail. I grabbed my little six nine too to make it that much more fun Good
fight for this little six nine crappie pole. [Laughing]
>>Well, you know people always say these things look like a crappie so . . .
>>I always say they look like a freshwater oscar.
>>Yeah oscar, yup.>>That ain’t a bad little tripletail there
is it?>>No that’s a good one, that one will go for
the box there. He’ll make a good dinner. Right there, DOA in the corner of the mouth.
>>How good is the leader yes and the Seaguar works [laughing]. That’s how you land them
when you don’t have a net. Hey why do they call them tripletail.
>>Ah, I mean can you figure it out?>>Lay him down, I’m going to show you one
thing about a tripletail If y’all ever come up and catch these guys – Lay him down here
on the deck. Y’all know what a snook’s raker plates look like, but those right there are
worse than a snook’s raker plates. They got jagged edges on them, and I mean they will
flat cut you.>>Don’t forget about these things right here
too. These spines are razor sharp pointed on the end. Gotta watch out for those guys
too. You can’t just swing one of these things in the boat.
>>Nope, not unless you don’t like your buddy you’re fishing with.
>>Exactly>>[Rod swipe sound effect
>>Is he getting thumpled on?>>He’s nervous anyway.
>>Trying to get him.>>Yeah he swiped at it didn’t he? Oh we’re
on! Fish on baby!>>Whoa, spinner shark. Game on- ho ho ho! [Laughing] Pow!
>>Those sharks are so cool.>>Oh well that’s cool.
>>Well welcome back folks, we’re still out here in Florida Bay and it’s March believe
it or not and there’s not white caps out here and it’s almost coming up to eighty five degrees today absolutely beautiful. If you recognize this guy’s face he got to tangle with a giant
bull shark last year with a new prototype rod, it’s Captain Tony Melton and we’re in his back yard right now catching whatever we can
catch in the middle of March on an absolute beautiful day. I think you’re going to have
to catch one of those sharks, you are the shark man now.
>>I’ve been known as the shark man ever since that show.
>>Well I’m going to finish rigging this wire up here.
>>Alright I’m going to throw this jack to some of those sharks swimming
>>Gah that’s a lot of catfish. Lots of kitty, kitties!>>Looks like he wants it.>>Look at him, here he comes. Nope he didn’t get it that time. Try that again. He’s like no I’m going to get behind you.
>>Jeez he wont even bum rush it.>>Oh cobias! Four cobias!
>>I got one!>>Oh yeah, oh yeah! Four cobias came up.
>>How about that huh? Playing with a shark.>>Playing with a shark and cobias come up.
Just like me to be messing around and let you get all the good ones.
>>One of the camera guys here said they wanted some fresh fish.
>>Oh well lets provide.>>Let’s see if the old seven nine inshore
Wright and Mcgill flats blue will do her.>>I’m gonna get another bait ready because
you know as well as I do that there might be one following him.
>>Or two or the other three.>>Yeah. [Laughing]
♪♪>>Come on cobia- This will be good I haven’t
done a cobia in a while. Come this April though- Let me get over here.
>>Yup, I’ll switch sides with you.>>We’re going to be where the largest cobia
swim. Which would be Destin. [Drag screaming] Oh baby you got to love that sound. You sure
that wasn’t a shark?>>It was not a shark for sure. There were
four cobias right next to each other. I can’t say what happened after those four fish came
up. But definitely saw four cobes come up. Oh, now he’s fighting like a cobia.
♪♪>>You see it underneath there?
♪♪♪>>Just easing on him. Y’all stay tuned we’re
going to be right back we’re going to land whatever this is ♪♪♪
>>Got the old gaff ready.Not my specialty gaffing fish, but hey I got to do something.
>>There he is up top. It’s a permit>>Oh it’s a permit! Well we wont be gaffing
a permit. Nice big permit. Was it a crab?>>No I think it was a shrimp.
>>Big permit on a shrimp!>>It’s been a long time since I got a big
permit.>>Well we don’t need the gaff. That’s funny,
the permit came up with the cobia.>>They weren’t all permit were they?
>>No they weren’t all permit, I saw a big long brown fish.
>>This one turned to be a big round silver fish. [laughing]
>>Little yellow spot, nice rubber lips.>>Well welcome back folks we got him a little bit closer to the boat now and don’t you love it when a cobia turns into a big old permit
[laugh] Well you said we might have a chance to catch a tarpon, but…
>>This time of year is a transition period so you get the chance at the wrecks to catch all kinds of stuff.>>What’s the new rule with permit though?
>>We don’t keep permit in Islamorada, in Monroe County you cant keep a permit. So we just catch them, take some nice pictures and let them go.
>>This one is a beauty, he’s a biggan.>>Yeah he’s a big one.
>>I’ll be a little more careful with him now. [laughing] ♪♪ I’ve eaten permit like when
you go out to wrecks and there’s two thousand of them around the wreck I’ve always kept
one or two out of there, they’re delicious, but they’re few and far between on the flats.
>>Yeah exactly and there are studies being done right now by people like bonefish, tarpon,
trust to decide and determine – Also with the help of the FWC the research institute
to decide and determine if those fish are the same fish on the flats as that are out
here on the wrecks. So we’re doing a lot of tagging. I have eaten them off the flats before
and they do taste the same.>>I’m sure they do, I’m sure they do.
>>I don’t kill permit anymore. Come on, turn that body this way. Just like that. Beautiful
fish though.>>Permit are by far the most difficult fish
to catch in the keys when you catch one you’ve done something you know a lot of people come
down and spend thousands of dollars and days on end just to try to catch one.
>>We did one on fly with the help of Willie Benson out of Key West one time and that was
unbelievable. Took us four days, actually three and a half days to catch one permit.
Almost hooked one in about the first thirty minutes we were out I was like oh this is
easy man. What’s so hard about this permit fishing with a fly rod. ♪♪ Might not get
to take him home, but I do want to touch him.>>Oh, yeah . . . lets see if I can get down
here in position to get this guy, I always want to wet my hands. I’ll grab him like that
I think. Oh yeah look at that bad boy.>>He’s a grown one.
>>Whoa he ate the airhead>>He ate the air head no it wasn’t the airhead it was the uh
->>It’s the airhead it’s hanging on there right
there.>>Was it the airhead?
>>He ate the airhead. DOA catch them on anything baby.
>>Now that’s something I can say I’ve never done before. I thought it was a crab on there.
The new permit bait, DOA airheads. Well you cant call them air heads anymore either they’re
five inch swim baits.>>The new DOA five inch swim bait See there’s
our… There is our bait.>>That’s not an air head, that’s that new
four inch swimbait. Snatch that tail>>Come here guy.
♪♪>>Caught fish yet?
>>Caught fish. Aw he don’t like that.>>Got him.
>>There we go, you got it? Wooooo!>>That’s what you come to the keys for right
there baby. One of the most beautiful fish and the hardest fish probably that swims on
the flats to catch is right there. And that is a grown one for the flat. You want to go
ahead and get that jig head out?>>We call them rubber lips, look at that.
>>He wasn’t going nowhere was he?>>You got to watch your fingers because he’s
got those big crab crushers.>>Them DOA hooks are good man, I’m telling
ya. ♪♪ There we go.>>What a fish. One of my favorite fish in
the world. Unbelievable. ♪♪ One beautiful fish. ♪ Come on big guy. ♪♪ Smile for
the camera one more time. Get out of here. ♪♪♪
>>Rig it Right by Wright and McGill>>On today’s rig it right I’m going to show
you what Captain Tony and I were out there using. When you fish in Islamorada The wind
conditions, you never know what mother nature is going to deal you so you go with the flow
and you go with what you got We started off doing what I love to do and that’s sight fishing
for triple tail. Take the Skeeter, basically we were weaving in and out of those crab pots
that they got down there this time of year and get a good pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses
so you can see these fish because they pop out like 3D look underneath there and they’re
just sitting there sideways There he is I see him from here. Standing up on the Engel
even makes it better because it gives you a little better vantage point when you’re
seeing these fish. Very forgiving fish. We were throwing the new 2.75 inch DOA shrimp
and right now you can find these guys at Dick’s and they are selling like hot cakes cause
these things work great. The six-nine was definitely getting the job done today. The
fish down there like I was saying are a lot smaller and I was using the smallest rod in
the arsenal to target these fish with. And after seven-teen years of doing Addictive
Fishing, there are still firsts that are going on. We had this four and a half inch new shad
tail just basically swimming back in the chum slick next thing we knew this rod was just
zinging out drag and our cobia turned into a permit not a bad thing to happen down there.
But you never know what you’re going to get with Captain Tony. If you ever want to head
down to Islamorada make sure you book captain Tony Melton he will definitely put you on
the fish, he’ll do everything he can. Remember one thing though, every season, Starts at
Dick’s.>>Rig it right by Wright and McGill.
♪♪>>Well we just came off plane. Came back around
coming up on this buoy right here has a nice triple tail on it. Let me show you what I’m
throwing too. This is the new two inch shrimp by DOA It’s got orange eyes on it. Got a few
different colors of them but two-inch shrimp throws great in the wind. Has a great action
to it. Can’t wait to catch another one. ♪♪ Looks like a little one.
>>Mm two little ones.>>How little are they?
>>Ah he jumped out! [laughing] He jumped out of the water and got on the buoy. I’ve never
seen that.>>Two little, look he’s looking for it. Where’d
that damn shrimp go? Oh there he is I got him, oh no what kind of shrimp is that. That’s
a crazy shrimp it got me oh God. ♪♪ That’ll teach you to be greedy. Come on dude. Let
go of it and you can go back in the water. Look at his tail. Something got on him.
>>That looks like a mackerel bite.>>Looks like a Blair bite. Go get big dude.
♪♪ Where is he? Oh he’s on the other side.>>Oh I see him there.
>>Just got his head poking out. He’s not that big. We’ll educate him on a DOA ♪♪
>>Oh he wanted it – Oh right off the bat. Man that didn’t take nothing.
>>Just cant pass up catching a fish.>>They liked that one. Here let me jump down
from up here I’ll help you out.>>Yeah I think he’ll make a fifteen inch.
Oh yeah, got to be careful with these guys. For sure. [laughing]
>>Careful with those fins brother.>>Got to be careful when you grab these guys.
>>Yeah and they have a it’s not a real bad fungus that they get on their dorsal there
but it is a nasty slime and it’ll get you infected really bad. Oh well, send him on
his way. ♪♪>>Alright here we go, we’re going to let him
go.>>See you later buddy.>>Then he got me a
little bit there.>>Oh yeah, got a little blood. Well brother.
I don’t know how many more of them triple tail I can catch, but I think we’re about
out of time to put all these things on air so if y’all ever get a chance to come down
here to the keys come fish with this man right here. Captain Tony will put you on the fish
all day long and do everything he can to do if they’re not biting. Thirty pound plus permit.
What a two hundred and fifty, three hundred pound nurse shark?
>>Yeah that thing was huge, that was a big nurse shark.
>>Biggest nurse shark I’ve ever got. Don’t forget about the website Addictive Fishing
dot com and what’s your website?>>Captain Tony Melton dot com.
>>Tony Melton dot com don’t forget it. Great Skeeter guide Bring you out in a nice Skeeter
boat and heck you will catch you some fish. We’ll see you next week.
>>Don’t put that evil on me Ricky Bobby.>>Check out more footage from this show by
logging on to Addictive Fishing dot com for outtakes and bloopers
>>There- oh!>>Oh he’s all hot and bothered.
>>That would be a cuda. Switch [funny laugh]>>Blair is touching my rod. [laughing] Oh
my god he wants it so bad. See you dude don’t come back again.

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