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Monster Tarpon Fish on Plugs in Florida Everglades National Park

Monster Tarpon Fish on Plugs in Florida Everglades National Park

Something just flashed up there. I seen the silver flash in the water. if he took a roll at your lure . . . took a roll at a bait or something I don’t know I seen the silver flash
right behind your lure about 10 feet [music] definitely getting some cast out there. Fish On! Uh Oh where is he? there he is nice! nice fish man
I think we got a hook in that when you say I think so that’s the way to do it
brother this is addictive fishing for the next 30 minutes you’ll see why
fishing is so addictive we’ll show you the most awesome
then drag screaming action so hang on to your seats but this week’s Turkey on a welcome to this episode of addictive
fishing we’re in the about the middle part of the Everglades right now between
flamingos and chuckle FG assent yes got captain Gary Thompson with us
we’re gonna be catching tarpon on artificial inspecting this episode of
addictive fishing be right back the best strike zone for these fish is B from the
bow casting at ten o’clock and at two o’clock one of us cast at ten one of us
had the other one cast it too that way you’re working across and down tide on
these fish because the tides falling in here so you want to be working down and
cross tide when they hit they’re just gonna whack it or that rubber bait does
the DOA baits that’s you’re gonna you’re gonna get whacked with that just see
you’re gonna see it and the best thing I can tell you with these lures when
you’re casting these lures is you have to wait for that fish when he strikes
it’s an automatic instinct to jerk oh yeah but you’re gonna want to refrain
that’s a job you’re gonna want to refrain from jerking for just a second
till he starts taking line if you can wait for him to start taking line and
the second he starts taking line out of the real you want to set low up on it
yep blow up on you but if you can keep from from jerking when he first strikes
you you’ll get a lot better hookup on the fish
there’s a giant when just roll over there 6-footer ever just roll six blue
carbon and you know I’m not ashamed when I like save bait use a rubber that’s it they’re rolling all the way up there
into the fish so I told you those up there back behind us they were coming in
they were coming in to feed from outside the bigger budgets are gonna be right
here ahead of us big mangroves are those red mangroves red mangrove probably
about 85% of what you’re looking at here’s red mangrove especially on these
outer edges of the river there are a few black and white
mangroves mixed in with it on feather back into the woods fish owned it is y’all spit it out on me shows how good they art’s pick them out yeah oh that was a pretty fish man how
is our party my luck with that lucky 13 yeah you did first did it once when he
went back in the water on that second first jump I thought for sure after that
second jump and he was sitting there moving you had him yeah they’re so hard
to hook a lot of times with plugs for you folks out there because a tarpon can
bite down on a lure so hard and just sit there and hold on to it and you can’t
pull it and set the hook and a lot of times they’ll just open their mouth and
one mouth one six eight feet to the riding where he rolled if that wasn’t cool right oh god seeing
the fish brawl put it right after it to even hook the Ryder Cup boom Capone
didn’t have it and just as I was saying they don’t hold on to that lure and I
pulled that fish twice and it’s still didn’t hooking unbelievable we’ll get
you one we’ll use yarder and all these bins look the same I couldn’t imagine
growing up here how many generation fourth generation
yeah I wouldn’t trade it for the world ok it was a great experience growing up
here on that lawn you slob where you at see him rolling right there right there
my grandfather was fishing the same tarpon hole 70 years ago seven years ago
back when these a lot of these fish here we’re just little yeah little little
finger fingers look at them down there they’re right
there in the middle definitely getting some cast out there
this y’all oh there he is nice nice fish man I think we gotta hook it out when
you think I think so that’s the way to do it brother all right
well we came here for brother you don’t stay tuned to this one that’s a big fish
come baby thing is buck 20 bucks dirty yeah at least it’s thick let me go yeah
I got some line up now is over there trying to make a run for our camera boat
sounded good over there Anthony what what he looks like
that’s pretty fish now how do they fight in here they give up pretty easier fight
pretty good yeah he just was laying there on the bank I don’t know what he’s
doing but we just decided to take another run here
all right kind of hold me out off that Bank so you don’t hurt each let’s yeah
sure they got him on his side that’s it that is a pun and a half there that’s a
braided line put some pressure on him yeah he’s put some heat on that
that big old lucky 13 sticking out over the mouth wearing it like a mustache
Senhor reels and cake pure rots you got the best of both worlds there yes sir I
guess you got the best of all three now though cuz you got a big old foon’s whip
though that’s a nice fish well I mean oh he’s gonna get ready for him to jump he
just took a gulp get that oxygen flowing over it Jill they do like that down on
the keys you know they come up with Jack do the same thing yeah you got 40 pound
Tyler Perl on that one you’ve got me huffing and puffing I hear
all that what is all that noise out there hmm it’s a solid fish like tackle
yeah that’s a real light that’s just saying that’s the same rigs I use for
trout and redfish snook now tarpon over my head you know two years ago when we
were filming the show we were just we were plagued by tarpon that’s all we
were catching our hands the first one on the show for this year I don’t think
we’ve got one so and it’s a banach yeah it is definitely a dandy when they come
up like that for air and they get that Gulf you got to really put the pressure
on them so they let that air back out of that long they don’t get rested up get
revived in a second we might be a little bigger than what you think he’s up on
top now whoa what a pretty fish we got big green back sticking up like a like a
great big pilchard so are these all just a resident fish
that you got in here do these guys are the ones that get up to work Boca Grande
no these fish come in here and stay from mid-march to about mid-november
they don’t move north we get fish to come in from the Florida Keys heading
north it’ll pass through here and feed but we get our run of tarpon and they
come in here about mid-march and they stay through till we get up first
substantial cold front sometime in November 1st December using their old
out all summer long yeah all summer long awesome wrong book
him anytime during the summer you can come do this it is it is awesome this
morning earlier we saw my hooking mice when he popped off and
I’ll get one letter that I hope oh yeah we’re gonna get into love and gotten up
into the good spot of this Creek yeah I like the sound of that how about you oh man that’s that’s tarpon fishing y’all
stay tuned we’ll be right back with some more addictive fishing we’re gonna get
weddings for you on the boat today I promise
stay tuned we’ll be right back it’s official I mommy got to keep the bugs
off all until he’s telling me says I’m gonna tell them this morning my name is
Boudreaux I’m here just to catch some fish he’s from Louisiana
nice poon down there on that point we’re all right that cunt just bumped my lure
right there come on come on people where’s the yet man but one just rolled
right over there it’s not reach out and touching I love the way these things fly
I think you got right out in front of him there they’re just come on baby rice on my right side there we go that’s
the one I wanted that is the one I wanted there brother
now is when this EXT comes into play you know you’re saying how it was a little
heavy all right come on go jump come on what are you gonna do brother come on
baby just give me some more air now there he goes
coming back to us Gary was sitting there talking earlier about my rod and he
picked it up a minute ago I said man they sure the heavy rod wouldn’t want to
cast that all day but I’ll tell you what when you’re catching the little guys
it’s not that much funk as you whip them pretty good with a cape here but when
you hit it when you hook into one this size here tell you what you’re glad you
have one this size at least I am between 130 and 150 pound fish he’s a
big fish do you think that size okay he’s a nice fish he’s a 6-footer how do
you usually like to get them you stick the gaff in her bottom lip you guys
laugh yeah go to the inside and out there at the bottom there I’ve heard so
much controversy on that what’s the what’s the deal if you go from the
outside in a lot of times you break your jaw bone in the center yeah and once you
break his jaw bones a dead fish so I try and get the gaff inside of the mouth
come out the bottom somewhere in the center and I use a rope gaff so that you
know it’s not real stiff like a you know metal gas and I’ve just got a little
gaff on the end of a rope here about a nine foot rope and that way the fish can
thrash around and I can still hold in without hurting I just saw that big glow
the big glow oh yeah I tell you what we’ve been casting all day long and
finally paid off finally paid off I didn’t know we were gonna get one this
big it goes up up up oh this might be a little bigger
well you said 150 130 150 see your coverage actual powers and your arm in
that rod I’m gonna run that’s why you hear people
say let the rod do the work look at that fish out there how’d you
like to see a basket leave that shiner I guess you do they’re called Goliath
Grouper oh he just got a burst of energy there
he goes come on baby this stop start talking about getting somebody your life
group that you got nervous yeah look at that
Silver King I’m shake shaking like a Polaroid picture I don’t think what we’ll try to do is
get him up here on the deck Gary in this treble hooks right did a little
operation on him a lot of times people I’ve seen them on the websites and say
oh they had to land the fish and pull him up on the deck using circle hook
yeah you can leave them in the water and unhook them but I want to make sure that
this plug is out of this turbines mouth cuz a lot of times you get a double
double plug in a tarpon stuff like that it can actually hook on the top of the
mouth and the bottom of the mouth and pin their mouth together and they’ll
never be able to eat and they end up dying I’ve actually seen them with
mirror lures in their mouths yeah top water plugs like that yeah man this guy
is just not giving up not he’s putting the sweat beads on me starting about me
honey stuff in there last time well thing is quite a sting he’s going up and
one all his buddies yeah what is it maverick golden I don’t eat the red
light golden eye you can’t get addicted to catching carbon yeah you’re a doctor you just stop the
track we almost came up it got me a little wet
I think he’s done where are you wanting no matter to me get him up there you
gotta lift his head right we have us a tarpon
awesome dude you need to bring them up on the deck or what look at that fish my
pliers surgery time do you hold him there and I’m gonna get my pliers and
lift the head up get a hold of this one still big boy come on come on we’ll get
you back in the water okay I got it still in there right there we go back
there okay listen we want to slide him in over here so don’t ya he’ll hurt
himself yeah look at that fish y’all you want a scale blur no I don’t want to
scale you sure let’s leave it go what a fish you what
do you think a hundred thirty he’s good huh baby that’s what we came for
right there he goes okay yeah let me have him there you take him turn the
motor into the tide go straight back up the river we got some tarpon slime on
the boat I need to keep moving yeah keep this murder
I would love to get down and revive that fish but wore-out them encoded today
how’s he doing good he’s doing good he’s breathing just keeping them to that tide he’s got some slime up front
oh you look we didn’t have to pluck one didn’t have to pluck one always we
brought him up oh I hate having to pluck them but there he is right there
that’s a scale brother that’s a scale Gary congratulations Blaire that was
awesome yeah I can do the talkin to step up here
now boy it is slick we got to get some water up here and wash this off hey you
don’t want to do this captain captain Gary Thompson out of
Everglades City he’ll put you on these big fish all summer long I want to take
a little time and show you the bait check today we’re using the Cape Fear 15
the 40 pound ext rod I do make this in a cheaper model without the real expensive
Fujii guides on it but this model here with the fuji guides on the EXT series
as for the EXT and it’s kicking their butts today but using 80 pound
fluorocarbon leader used in one account and Gary’s favorite baits here it’s the
goldeneye maverick it’s getting the job done today as you can hear it’s a hard
bait one thing we’re doing different is we’re not pitching up underneath the
mangroves pitching right in the middle of the channels here and catch us some
nice tarpon that’s your bait check for today you can’t be on the website and
booking you can catch these tarpon all summer long he says a little fish come on now we can’t end
the day on a little lady fish it’s a little snug
it is that’s pretty little snug looks like he’s just in got the light on here
baby you put y’all fins nice little snug I don’t want to end the
show on that but I tell you what it has been a ball today it’s getting late in
the day we don’t know what’s gonna happen we might have to home back to
camp if y’all want to do this get some giant tarpon y’all seen it we had action
all day long and he said it was slow today
go to the website and you can book captain Gary Thompson
here in the Everglades catching some big old tarpon we’ll see y’all next week ciao only found a ball man when you don’t eat the red light golden eye patch

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  1. There's nothing like catching tarpon with plugs, (spell correction wants me to catch tampons). You will miss tons of fish, but it's so much more fun than anything else, once you finally land one.

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  3. What type of bait are ya using by the way we made an amazing catch once me and my crew of 8 cought a sturgeon our boats a carver voyager 1995


  5. Tarpons are king of jumping and thrashing spitting hooks . I laugh when clowns claim they catch 6-7 Ft Tarpons with cheap gear lol . Snooks have nothing on Tarpons Snooks tire fast not Tarpons and Jacks

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  8. Captain Blair Wiggins needs to become acquainted with Florida fishing regulations, tarpon of that size are not supposed to be removed from the water. Probably broke its jaw hauling it out.

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  11. Ain’t she a beaut! Classic D.O.A. Lures, they do have an unfair advantage. DOA lures are better than live bait

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  13. To see one – Cast – Get an instant Hit – is sometimes as exciting as catching one. I’ve been there and done that…

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