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Monster Trucks Find Fish

Monster Trucks Find Fish

Look at you guys. We caught a fish. Oh heck. I see some fish in there. Go check it out Patrick Ready, okay. Come on. Oh Wow Hey, you guys welcome to the show today We’ve got our monster trucks here, El toro local and the dragon We got big talker here, and what do we catch bro? Look, I’ll army yeah, so actual copter simlar be right here We also caught what fish look at you guys. We caught her fish. I don’t know what it is I think it might be a little trout all right stan yeah, I don’t think it’s a salmon I think it’s a little trout look at that you guys go down and see him underwater over there little bit explaining to protecting Brittany Breath underwater whole trip Was so cool when opponent insensitive relative level isn’t that cool you guys yeah, we’re keep Really cool place. It’s got a bunch of waterfalls here and a river is flowing right through here that water is pretty deep and Swift My jacket alright brown. I try to catch one more fish, okay? And then we’re going to play this on monster trucks this place is the perfect monster truck arena you guys it’s so cool Oh look I see some fish in there. Go check it out Patrick and oh my gosh The Lorry goes all the way gone While we are looking for their fish you guys the water jaded you get it you get to fill it back up with water Let them go right here, bro This is not doing so I hey guys hold on hold on Oh, whoa, whoa? Yeah from being handled like that the fish wasn’t doing so well, but it’s fine now You are under water for a little bit too long you were probably when you got out all day Mm-hmm Listen listen if the fix is going a little it’s pulling away. Look there. Go. That’s so cool Go go big so something could eat you like a bear, right? Yeah, very trout and salmon We didn’t catch a school or a school oh Okay salad Oh that one that one you that bouncing around. We’re literally down five ductwork area here you holding it Is pitch another one go got one got one? Alright big talker. Let’s release the fish and the job Let’s dump them in There they go, let’s see let’s watch them hold on go touch them. We got move your hand. I want to see him, okay? Let’s go there goes one and oh oh no. Oh there goes the other oh Oh the growth to dump the grub out And there they are swim pretty octopus you grab is sweating Descriptive you for all the specific Are you guys we’re going to go across there to the Epic Monster truck arena? But we have this big river year Let’s flowing really back this deep so I can only take one at a time first I’m going to take axl, and then I’ll come back for the monster truck to the dump truck you guys wait here Okay me and Max will be right back No, no, you get on my back here, no But you’re not going to swim. I’m gonna walk across me. Wait ah Ha ha whoa We have to find a good place to cross I have the whole light out of 100 water’s flowing back oh all right, when I Go back to get the sponsor truck all right you guys go underwater with me, okay. Come on. Let’s go back and The current carriers all the way down to the dump truck to the monster trucks You guys come on. Let’s go I don’t know the boxes up to you though. I’m a adorable Army FalacCi member right to 300 Up here and here’s our game play good. All right laughing agog and you ready heck yeah oh All right, all right all I’m just gonna have to go across with me All right, because why I know you can’t turn you’re gonna have to go bosses me, okay? All Right here. We go the talker nice and steady All right dragging on an adventure ready go event okay. Come on. Let’s go Okay, yeah, we’re stopping at the gas station. I Don’t need that grease fire again And then it goes all open please oh yeah, let’s all three borrow my gas, and he felt a fire inside anyway Ready go Are you oh boy you got me ha ha ha? Hey look at this ramp here. Come on. Don’t bother you ready one who wait Are you trying to crash the iMmediate success assistance? What is it man? Oh? my goodness, oh Wow, look at this you guys. That’s the perfect Margarita Rocks so smooth but it’s like so cool off. I wish that I could be inside this monster Just riding that is so cool. Wouldn’t that be cool Hmm all these smooth crevices you guys are so cool, but monsters are getting Zoey is credit like Relative doing pot holding go down in oh no, I got I’m Sorry Okay, thank you. Yeah. He’s good otto. Yeah, thank you That’s a dirty diaper means somebody left that very paper there. That’s whoa. Yeah Let’s get out. Thank you. Thank you get a joke across there, bro ah nice, leave, they’re Doing that oh watch out going backward oh You’re my friend over me anything Let me keep all that beautiful. You’ll see that flower Yeah, put it in my back There we go. Oh, oh, I was pleasure if I will treasure it forever. Thank you. Hey dragon Yeah, you think you can leave for classes Giant pool to the Sandy Beach over there? See that big rock. You know it can you can do it? Oh? Ok phew oh, no. Hope that’ll break my horns. Ha ha all right here. I come ready 1 2 3 Wow Did all try to the gravel you hit the dragon with parted oh? Yes, the dragon definitely went farther than El toro local a lot of my proudest flowers look act on his flower It just came out right here Ha ha ha I could just put it right back in there there we go Mmm. Let’s go up here. Look at it. Wrap. Oh. Yeah. Look at that. Oh, wow I? Don’t know All of that hold curtis. I am healing fire until greens are eating fire on me. Oh Oh, I feel better already Come on. We can’t joke about saving this wall like all the way up vertically Oh cuz you got flower power Deacon jacqueline, oh doing it that way sting. Oh look there’s a fish right there, okay good. I’ll check it out oh Boy, I added in my hair whoa listen He’s under the Martha. They’re Getting everything Handed a mech are you go to him? Why defender? under the Monster truck oh Okay, oh my. Yeah, yay, kind of fisher day Thank you You got it you pop it man. Look at this you guys Leave you looking so cool here. Nobody go away for anything Let the fish go again And this position likes me They keep going to my feet That’s for my army Yes, okay. Are you going this just swam out of the fish’s mouth? Are you fished it just ate that it’s a little stuffy a little insect Larva Who just came out of the fish’s mouth? crazy Are you guys we’re done with the monster just now? I was riding it fight now. I’m trying to taste it. You’re getting pretty good Are we gonna keep riding, bro? We’re going to keep riding you guys. I’m going to keep running an absolutely frightening sight he is learning rabbit biking Well you guys get up use your imaginations like a degree live your life oh, oh Oh, yeah, read luckily today. Oh my gosh Ow Bound to be right up, okay later. Bye

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