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Moray Eel vs. Whitetip Reef Shark | Shark vs. Predator

Moray Eel vs. Whitetip Reef Shark | Shark vs. Predator

[music playing] NARRATOR: Moray eels
get big, with one species reaching 11 feet long. They lurk among
the reefs and hide in crevices, launching
snatch and grab attacks from the rocky layers. They bite with enormous
force, and almost anything is fair game. White tips and eels
co-exist on the reef. But divers in Indonesia witness
an extraordinary incident. A huge moray eel turns the table
on a lone white tip that strays within striking distance. This attack of moray eel
on a white tip reef shark is really fascinating. What makes moray
eels really efficient predators is the
strength, the power, and the design of their jaws. They not only have
this very large jaw, but it’s armed with sharply
pointed teeth that are really well adapted, like a mouse
trap, just, you know, really clutch animals
within its grasp. MIKE HEITHAUS: The thing you
see here is that eels are incredibly powerful predators. It leaves its lair there so it
can change where it’s biting the shark, because it’s got
to get the shark head first if it’s going to swallow it. Now while it’s doing it
the shark almost gets away. But just as it’s
trying to swim way, the eel is able to grab
it right by the head and then maneuver
it so that the head is just inside the eel’s mouth. This is where a really
cool adaptation takes over. How’s it going to
swallow that shark? It actually has a second
set of jaws in its mouth called the pharyngeal
jaws that sit toward the back of the throat. Those can go forward like the
alien “Aliens,” grab the shark and pull it back
toward its throat so it can start to swallow it. NARRATOR: Despite its
size and two sets of jaws, this eel has bitten off
more than it can chew.

100 comments on “Moray Eel vs. Whitetip Reef Shark | Shark vs. Predator

  1. See that thing in the reef with the big shiny teeth thats,a moray if you try to attack you won’t get your hand back thats,a moray he can swim he can glide but now he’d rather hide thats , a moray if you dive stay alive hear me well when I yell that’s, a moray use a prong ten feet long when your singing this song thats,a moray he’s a big ugly thing he’s am eating machine that’s , a moray when he’s hungry you will see your his meal you must flee thats, a moray when your feeding the fish you might be the main dish that’s, a moray.
    That’s a song in the concert

  2. Eels where already really cool but they also have a second jaw that brings a victim further down their throat?

  3. I think the baby shark bit the eel from the inside that’s why it let it go so fast when it had most it’s body in its mouth.

  4. All sharks are very powerful its the muscles and the cartilage. I caught a small shark once tried getting it of the hook i couldn't believe how strong this little animal was! That shark seems to have withstood a heavy attack, we dont know if it survived

  5. Skip. Happens all the time. Adult morays prey on juvenile sharks. Typical NatGeo crapola. Ever since the Murdochs acquired the channel, it's gone for the exaggerated wowee moments rather than good science.

  6. As kid I got chased by an eel, it chased me across the beach like a snake. My dad laughed, luckily his friend threw it into the sea.

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