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Morphing Paper Fish

Morphing Paper Fish

Here’s a nice idea. I came across this many
years ago as a sort of paper vase made of corrugated
paper, and it looked like a vase, like this. This one though is made to look like a fish
and it gapes its mouth when you squeeze its tail like that. If I put it on my head like I used to with
the original vase it turns into a kind of pith helmet like you have in the tropics. When you put it the other way up though with
these funny eyes it does something very bizarre. So here we go, over the eyes like this… haa!!

100 comments on “Morphing Paper Fish

  1. Tim, have you seen the version that kids have made of this video where they have edited it to make the fish scream and it gets muffled on your head? 😂

  2. This is the first video I've seen of Tim a couple years ago, thank goodness for the morphing paper fish.


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