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Mořští pstruzi v Dánsku / Sea trout fishing in Denmark / ENG SUBTITLE

Mořští pstruzi v Dánsku / Sea trout fishing in Denmark / ENG SUBTITLE

Sea trout fishing in Denmark Hello from Denmark I am here with my friends fishing for sea trouts and we will see if we catch something It’s hard. Sometimes there are expeditions that catch nothing Guys experienced it, and I also did. I was like four or three days without a catch It’s not easy, but It’s a challenge, and also it is nice And it is an oportunity for us, so we can go fishing in february or may For a long time, a really long time, we struggled We tried lots of spots, and now we finally foud a lovely place where we get fish with almost every cast On the pink one Smaller one but it still counts So, we are fishing a little bit unorthodoxly, because locals mostly use spoons Well and I fish with nymph of course. I will show you how I fish I used to use ceburashka and a single hook, but I’m taking on with double hooks for now I have already tied the ceburashka Of course I should use a snap for better secure, but I´ll just open the wire a little bit more so I can easily change the lures, and It’s ok, especially with this light ceburashka And now I am ready Nymph on a double hook It’s windy so the sound could be a bit worse I use it like this… With this 2,5g head (maximum that use is 3g) I just cast, slowly retrieve and do a little twitch with the rod tip. Mostly you have some small nibbles. Sometimes you have a nibble, and then the rod starts bending because the trout is taking away your lure. It is super. We cought dozens of fish with it, and we are still going on We caught only small ones today like up to 50 cm Maybe up to 40 But it is still a catch It is great fishing with nymphs, so tight lines and have fun! And unorthodox fishing always brings success and joy Nice trout Fish are active today, right? Yes, we have a fish almost on every cast. We found a place where the fish are showing up right in front of us It was interesting, Tonda and I were using brown-silver colour and we got nibbles only So I changed for the pink one and the strikes are more aggressive now It took the new RedBass nymph X with double hook I have a little bad luck with the size though The one from the first day was better, like 55 or 53, but still this is a seatrout You can see the pink colour mostly, but white or brown are also great When the angler falls in love with some colour, it’s hard to replace it with some other So this is working Beautiful fish And it´s gone Awesome thing on wading is when you drop a fish, nothing happens, because it can´t get hurt Awesome, lets catch some more! All products used in this video can be found on Links below

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