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MOSASAURUS VS SHARK!! Robotime Robot Vs King Kong Skull Island Jurassic World Dino Battles

MOSASAURUS VS SHARK!! Robotime Robot Vs King Kong Skull Island Jurassic World Dino Battles

are you looking for a shark to battle
your Moses or add or robot to battle MOSASAURUS VS SHARK!! Robotime Robot Vs King Kong Skull Island Jurassic World Dino Battles look no further than ruble time modern
3d wooden puzzles these things aren’t totally awesome the ones we have here
are Orpheus you can see the box right there it is totally awesome its laser
etched wooden pieces and a shark so this is a great white shark if you open it up
you have all these wooden pieces with all the puzzle pieces that pop right out
here you can see I have already removed it to make the robot simply go ahead pop
off the pieces follow the instructions put it together
and you have a work of art how cool is this this is not something you’re just
gonna go and buy at the store so it does have LED lights and on top of all that
it is a music box so if you wind it up here you’ve got a really cool song the
music box and at the same time you could see the parts on the gears and the fan
on top move when the music is playing how awesome is that it does also have
LED lights so you could actually move the arms the hands do open and close it
does rotate there you’ve got gears all over this robot the legs actually do
move so this is not simply a piece of art you could actually play with this
also so this one has a little off flip top here where you could go ahead and
put the batteries in there for the LED lights so this robot is
is totally cool so you could go ahead and buy it on Amazon I’ll put a link
below the video and then they also have this awesome laser-cut 3d model shark
which is very similar it is less expensive than the Orpheus I believe the
Orpheus is around 30 and this shark could just pop out the same way
and you put it together following the instruction so the great white shark
does also come with this awesome stand to display it or if you want you could
remove the stand and you could just play with the toy I mean this is a very
sturdy wooden model you can see it’s put together with pieces in is great looking
I mean that looks like a great white shark cool is that so if you like any of
these models or if you go to Amazon they have a lot more models we’ll take a
quick look at some of the ones they have on Amazon but this is a work of art you
could put together with either your siblings or your family and have a lot
of fun putting it together and then keep it for life I mean this is something
that would look good displayed anywhere in your house they also do make a
motion-activated really cool 3d dinosaurs they’re motion and sound
activated so that is their Triceratops and then and then this is their t-rex so again motion and sound activated how
cool is that a wooden dinosaur that moves and roars and if you put them together and make
sound it almost looks like they’re battling each other and then if you go
on Amazon these are some of their own they’re all subsets first of all we have
the Robo time the Orpheus on sale for $24.99 they have really cool puzzle ones
here you have another puzzle you have like some type of law
flip another music box over here you’ve got a video camera car wow it looks
awesome ooh a semi even boo I like that one saw
a really great works of art here you’ve got like a vintage Harley Davidson
vintage truck this one looks like some type of roller coaster and then over
here you’ve got some type of boss face Rover this one looks like a rabbit a
pistol over here a work truck with crane you’ve got a tractor big truck here a
really awesome music box you got a steam locomotive over there okay music
instruments and then of course I showed you guys the dinosaur so if you go on
Amazon they got some really awesome stuff guys and these are quality wooden
pieces of art you will not go wrong buying these four of
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