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Mosquito Lagoon Redfish Fishing in Beavertail Skiff Vengeance

Mosquito Lagoon Redfish Fishing in Beavertail Skiff Vengeance

Welcome to this episode of Addictive Fishing we’re in my back yard Mosquito Lagoon. Water is a little dingy but we’re going to
show you some redfish and hopefully some big trout today. We got Capt Travis Tanner y’all
remember Capt Travis from the FLW days my old fishing partner. We’re going to see if
we can show you some big reds from Mosquito Lagoon today y’all stay tuned to this episode
of Addictive Fishing we’re going to do it.>>There’s one just came up on a mullet here
at one o’clock twelve-thirty, one o’clock Blair up tighter to the bank. Yup, right in
there. He just came up on a mullet.>>How far?>>I don’t know about thirty yards. Ooh buddy!
Pretty darn close there son. Come on baby, eat it! [Drag noise]>>Fish on! That the one you saw?>>I think that might be the smaller one.>>The smaller one? [laughs] ♪♪♪ ♪♪ Fighting kind of
funny like he doesn’t know he’s hooked yet>>Ain’t no catfish is it? These fish don’t
know they’re hooked ever dude.>>He just figured it out, something is up
with him.>>Yeah that fish can’t see in this dark water
so they go crazy when they see the boat.>>When they finally see what’s bringing them
one way [laughs]>>They’re like, man this current
is strong today. [laughing]>>You sure that’s not just when
they get a good look at you?>>Well, that may be Blair. They cant see-
anything.>>Man, I guess that brown color in the water
is giving them that nice red color too huh?>>Yeah they go crazy man too when they see
the boat. They don’t hardly fight until they get next to the boat.>>Yes sir. That’s a little gold one, I think
I can get him up.>>Hey nice shot there Blair. Put it right
where it needed to be.>>So you think the tail you saw was a little
bigger huh?>>Yeah it was definitely not that one.>>Ouch, got me. Little redfish, Mosquito Lagoon
And like i said, little redfish. [laughs] Welp- Think we’re going to stay right
here?>>We’re going to stay here for a minute, yeah.>>Let me quit bleeding and we’ll be right
back with Capt Travis Tanner right here in Mosquito Lagoon>>That’s what we were waiting for, we were
waiting for him to bleed baby! [Laughing]>>swoosh sound effectWhen this wind picked up like it
is, sun is getting a little higher, moved out to this bar here in a little deeper water,
see if we can get us a big fish.>>Big fish that’s the name of the game right?
getting them to the boat-you gonna soak that thing or dry it out?>>Well I like for it to stick on the hook
a little better, know what i’m saying?>>You always catch more fish when you got
a bait in the water. That’s what I always say.>>That’s what my dad always says too.>>Well your dad is a smart man. He also says
don’t leave fish to find fish.>>And hey Bill! [Laughing] ♪♪ [Drag screams]>>Get him son! You finally
got one that ate huh?>>Blair why don’t you take this rod cause
I don’t want to get down. I want to keep looking for them to keep my eyes on them.>>I can do that. A grown one huh?>>He’s a grown one son he’s a grown one. ♪♪ ♪♪♪ Got
enough line on there?>>Uh I don’t know. He’s about got all that
hundred and fifty yards of this Smackdown off of here. Welcome back folks we’ve changed
positions from up on the bank over there Capt Travis said he had some fish sitting out here
on the middle bar so we come out to the middle bar. We renamed the middle bar the middle
bar so y’all don’t know where we’re at [Laughing] But there are some grown redfish
sitting here it’s exactly what you come to The Space Coast for are this big giant redfish.
They live in Mosquito Lagoon, Indian River, and Banana River. And if y’all have heard
any of the reports going on we’ve had some algae blooms lately but as you can see the
fish are still here you just got to be a little bit more patient with them, work a little
slower>>Change your technique a little bit too.
Yeah definitely change your technique. We’re using cut ladyfish right now if you can see
it’s windy and like I said the conditions and the algae bloom, you can’t hardly see
three inches in the water>>I think it was a good call to change our
technique a little bit Blair because with this wind blowing in and just with the conditions
we have with the water right now with the bloom going on it’s been the most effective
way to catch them>>Hey you got to do what you got to do to
catch them right?>>This is actually the first time I’ve chunked
ladyfish for them.>>It works.>>It works, I’ve heard about it for years
I’ve soaked half mullet for them before when it gets like this.>>I think you’ve got on a good one there buddy.>>I believe so.>>Let’s get him in here and make him a star.
He loves me. [Laughs]>>Hahaha I remember that, what show
was that?>>Black Drum Baby.>>That’s it The Black Drum Baby. ♪♪♪ Oh
this one is a grown one bro.>>This might be double slot.>>Double slot I’d like to see it. With the
way this one is pulling this might be my biggest one from Mosquito Lagoon Woo that’s a biggan’!>>That’s a walrus.>>A mogan walrus. I never get tired of catching
these big fish.>>They’re powerful man.>>And I still get nervous when they’re this
close to the boat. That’s why he was fighting so good that hook got him in the bottom jaw.
Alright->>Got to do a plug for the old Trokar.>>That Trokar did it’s job all it had to do
is touch that fish. An Indian River mogan walrus brother! Set him up on that Beavertail
deck.>>Oh man he’s heavy.>>I hope so with a head that size. [Laughs]>>That is one fatty right there.
Look at the girth and his head.>>Y’all come up and see me at any of the Dick’s
grand openings, here’s my hand. That’s how big that redfish is come up and see how big
my hand is you can see how big that fish is But that one- Trokar hook, that’s the big
nasty. Got the job done. Let’s get a good- That’s a heavy one there Trav- That’s a good
one brother. Nice fish. Alright brother let’s get this big boy back in the water. Or this
big girl.>>Lets let somebody else catch him. or her.>>Man, oh man. I will never get tired of these
fish.>>Man it’s kind of nice not doing the reviving. [Laughing]>>Travis once again. If y’all ever
get a chance to come to The Space Coast. Come fish with Capt Travis Tanner as you see there
is nobody else on the water. They’re all scared of the tide and all the algae bloom come with
Capt Travis. He still know’s where they live. Stay tuned we’re going to be right back from
Mosquito Lagoon Capt Travis Tanner and hopefully another great big redfish.>>There you go! Nice job brother. Dang son,
thank God! ♪♪Kind of looking like whitewater bay
ain’t it Travis?Yeah it is. You know, this wind actually
works to our advantage right now Blair because it gets these fish moving around gets that
chum slick spread out down the way there and if it’s flat calm don’t even try it.>>Yeah the only current here is wind current
and it pushes whichever way the wind is going. [Laughs]>>Let me tell you about the rigs
we got set up here. Travis has got a seven-six back there I got a seven-two and a seven-six
both inshore Flats Blue Wright and McGills. This one is rigged up with a three-thousand
both of them are three-thousands and that one is a thirty-five hundred on the back but
the reason I chose those is there’s not a redfish that swims in the Indian River or
Mosquito Lagoon that you cant catch on one of these rods right here on a open flat, but
light tackle on flats where you’re not going to get busted off by anything makes it a lot
of fun. Simple redfish setup. Or catfish setup. [Laughing] ♪♪>>There he is!>>You got him brother? Uh oh- ♪♪>>Good job. ♪♪ ♪>>Ain’t got one on that one too do you?[Laughing]>>Yeah brother->>Works doesn’t it?>>Works like a champ. Welcome back we’ve changed
positions now the wind has absolutely kicked up using Capt Travis’ secret method of catching
fish. You’re going to have to book him to figure out what it is. [Laughing] ♪♪ [drag screaming] Thought you said there are
only teenagers around here?>>They’re good size fighting teenagers man,
let’s get the double. I seen that fish tail up on it and I was like Ohhh- [Laughing]>>It’s so nice when a plan comes
together ain’t it?>>Yeah it is.>>Oh that’s a beautiful fish. Look at the
red color on him.>>Yeah you see how red they are man? It’s
amazing man when you get in the right spot dude, you can catch them. I’m going to have
to walk up to the front.>>Let me get this one out of your way. Nice
fish! That ain’t no teenager. That’s a nice fish.>>Don’t do it. Uh oh. Come back this a way.
That is one pumpkin right there it almost looks like a Louisiana fish.>>That is a pumpkin- Oh that’s only twenty
pound on there. ♪♪ Come here dude. That’s a pretty fish->>That is a beauty.>>Wait until y’all see this guy. Gorgeous!>>Look at the color on that thing man, gah-lee.>>That is a beautiful fish. Barely hooked,
did the job! Y’all look at how pretty that fish is. I’ll put him in the sun. As long
as my arm. Actually longer than my arm, that’s a good one. That’s a pretty one brother, here
you want to let him go?>>Yes sir, I’d love to.>>That’s one of the most golden redfish I’ve
ever seen.>>That almost looks like a Louisiana fish
doesn’t it?>>Yes it does.>>Give him a little->>A little love tap. There he goes.>>Off to fight another day brother. That is
awesome, y’all ever get a chance to come to the space coast make sure you book Captain
Travis cause he will put you on the fish as you can see our conditions, the wind has just
picked up like fifteen-twenty miles an hour. It’s about all you can do right now to catch
fish on the flats so that’s what we be doing y’all stay tuned we’re going to be right back
with some more Addictive Fishing.>>Swoosh sound effect ♪♪Ooh, see that?Mhm>>We get some big trout up in here>>That sounded like something eating there
huh?>>Welcome back folks still fishing with Capt
Travis Tanner on the back and we’ve come up to the north end now, it was a little bit
nasty down in the south end, water is a little bit cleaner up this way we’re going to see
what we can do so y’all keep your eyes peeled to the television set or to your YouTube channel.>>Blair there’s a fish pushing to the left
there did you see him just pushing?>>No I didn’t>>It’s difficult whenever the sun goes in
and out in and out because it doesn’t give you time to really look in the water>>Yeah I also find that when you got it shaded
and then light, shaded then light it spooks them off the flat. It’s like somebody sitting
there with a flashlight at night over their heads like that.>>Oh, I think you need to go in that hole
one more time Blair.>>There?>>Come on baby come on, bite it!>>I think I got a fish on- [Drag sound]>>Nice trout Dude he ate it and
I thought I had a fish on and next thing I know my thing is swimming to me, my bait and
it’s a nice big seatrout. Big old seatrout Oh yes sir one of my favorites ♪♪ That
is about a grown trout there, that thing is fatter than it could be.>>That’s a nice one bud.>>That is a beauty Trokar right through the
top of the head look at that. Come here dude. Ugh. Pretty fish gosh these things are so
beautiful look at that, that’s got to be the prettiest fish that swims right there in the
Indian River>>They’re beautiful. Quite tasty too.>>Quite tasty, but this one here we’re going
to let go so y’all come back and get him. Off he goes.Rig it right, by Wright and McGill.Alright folks on today’s bait check
we’re going to show you what Capt Travis and I were out there using. The Space Coast, what
a great place to fish Mosquito Lagoon, expansive wide-open flats it’s all about yay deep and
just it’s all about yay deep and just one great place to fish. Was using the seven-two
inshore Flats Blue model and this one here, I was using the seven-two just because there
is nothing out there on the flats really to snag you up you can use really really light
stuff and have a good time catching those big fish. Had it rigged with fifteen pound
test Seaguar and this is the Smackdown I’ve been telling y’all about super smooth, twenty
pound test Seaguar fluorocarbon rigged with a FG knot. And The Big Nasty. Now this hook
right here is a Trokar hook so be very careful if you use these. That hook right there is
one of the sharpest hooks I’ve ever used in my entire life. Getting the job done, we were
using big chunks of ladyfish that Capt Travis had been out catching the day before cause
the water was pretty nasty out there, we got a brown algae bloom not much is being done
about it right now but hopefully soon something is going to be done. I remember back in the
nineties, back when I was guiding, there was so many clammers on the water it was tough
to even get a parking spot at the ramp at five o’clock in the morning and they were
taking millions and millions of clams out of the Indian River Lagoon system and a clam
this big is going to filter out fifty-five gallons of water a day y’all so get the clams
back in there and I’m sure we are going to see a big improvement of the indian river
lagoon system Remember one thing though, every fishing season starts right at Dick’s.Rig it right, by Wright and McGill. ♪♪>>Something’s got my bait Mr Travis. I think
that’s going to about do it. Well we’ve changed spots we tried to show you another big redfish
from Mosquito Lagoon. Hitting all the potholes out here, about the only thing we can do with
mother nature breathing down our necks like this is exactly what we did and Travis said
let’s try it, it worked. We showed you a great big redfish and one beautiful, beautiful redfish.
But we did what we can do what’s your website?>>Mosquito dash Lagoon dash fishing dot com
or just look up Captain Travis Tanner.>>Yeah look up Capt Travis Tanner on yahoo
or google him it will definitely come up. There’s a lot of dashes in there. Don’t forget
about the website either Addictive Fishing dot com Instagram hashtag show your mogan
we’re picking out prizes for the best looking fish, doesn’t have to be a mogan just send
us a good looking fish hashtag show your mogan That about covers it up doesn’t it? Want to
say thanks to The Space Coast office of tourism putting us up in Titusville, Tom Bartosek
always a great guy to call. Appreciate it>>Hey man it was a pleasure getting together
with you and getting out on the water once again.>>See you next week.Check out more footage from this
show by logging on to Addictive Fishing dot com for outtakes and bloopers.>>You know they’re big when you hear that
thump, thump, thump.>>I suppose that’s why they call it the Space
Coast He’s got it! Ohh you- Clean on the inside mud on the outside. Popped it right in front
of his intake valve. Kitty kitty? Meow!

34 comments on “Mosquito Lagoon Redfish Fishing in Beavertail Skiff Vengeance

  1. Blair, I think you should come to palmetto dunes Lagoon on Hilton Head Island, it will be a nice change of pace from any other episode because it's a different type of fishing, but we catch HUGE sea trout, up to 16 lbs. that's not an exaggeration either. There is also big ole reds and nice sized black drum. I love your videos by the way man, hell of an angler you are!

  2. ricky bobby water in titusville is dingy and way hot..frustrating for a hard core wader..lay some motivation on me brother…fish on!

  3. captain Blair, would a spinner bait versus my go to soft plastic increase my chances of a hook up in murky water? sound versus sight..any advice would be a humbling experience for me..thanks for your time…hard core wader in titusville…

  4. Glad to see that the fish are still there….been hearing about the algae bloom…want to get down there this fall…. cool beans!

  5. Was the sun helping with the golden look they look much more golden looking than i have up here in ST.Augustine. way to HOOKEM IN THE MOUTH,Blair!

  6. Thanks for mentioning the need for action with algae bloom, Blair. The lagoon is also my backyard. Tight lines!

  7. I've caught a lot of redfish (Texas coast) but never with the beautiful colors of those.  Wow the new penny copper color is beautiful.  In that dirty water I'd be throwing topwaters, Spook Jr. or Skitterwalk

  8. Blair, in all seriousness you should get a petition going to get clams back in the IRL and mosquitto. you have a good following going and im sure with a little promotion by you and all the guides with social media and such they could get clams back in there! we went out yesterday. still murky and nasty. maybe push for a clam bag limit also

  9. That is one of the biggest Redfish I've ever seen.. We just had a Dicks open 2 months ago here, awesome store and very good prices. Wish I could of shook the hand that caught that monster.

  10. Damn shame what is happening to the entire Indian river lagoon system. They have to build some fish hatcheries. Fewer fish every year. And with all the sea grass gone, it is going to get much worse, much faster. It's all from pollution too. I grew up fishing the lagoon and life took me to Tennessee. I retired and moved back down with intentions to fish my life away in the lagoon, Merritt island area. Was I in for a shock. Used to easily catch 20-30 redfish. And maybe kept 2 to eat occasionally. Same with snook; my favorite inshore fish to catch. I bought a Dusky 252 to fish offshore. Still great fishing offshore. Now offshore, I'm grocery shopping lol.
    Blair, you know Haulover is the place to catch the bulls and big drum…popping the top off a crab and removing the claws is great bull bait too. I know you know that. It's for anyone else who read this novel lmao!
    See you on the water bro!

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