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Most Expensive Trout Fish in Pakistan, Rs.2500/KG | Live Cooking at Waterfall | Pakistan Street Food

Most Expensive Trout Fish in Pakistan, Rs.2500/KG | Live Cooking at Waterfall | Pakistan Street Food

That’s the real deal! I am currently in Abottabad and its breakfast time right now. And our today’s mission is trout fish. Do you know where can I find trout fish? I don’t know. You’ll find trout in Naran. Naran and Kaghan. What about Balakot and Mansehra? Yeah there as well. Where can I find trout? What? Trout? I don’t know. You’ll find it even ahead of Balakot in Mandri(Town near Balakot). Alright. Just a little before Mahandri. It’s around PKR 2400-2500/kg cooked. I don’t know about Balakot but it’s in Naran and Kaghan. What’s the special thing about it? Because it’s the no.1 fish in Pakistan, it has very few bones… …and generally people like the taste of it. Salam Uncle! How are you? I’m fine. Trout will be in Mandhiyan(Local Village). Where’s Mandhiyan? Just a little further from this place. Can I find it in Balakot, Mansehra? Yeah you’ll find there too. So I asked a lot of people where can I find trout. Some said in Gilgit… …some said in Naran, Kaghan and in Balakot as well. So let’s move from Abottabad to Balakot, Mansehra… …and start our “Mission Trout”. Chalain! (Let’s go!) This place is just before Mansehra called Qalandarabad. Ultimate Chapli Kebabs. Moving on to Manshera now. This is Mansehra City. And this is Mansehra View Point. From here you can look at the entire city. Amazing Pakistan! Amazing Mansehra! Now we’ll move from Manshera towards Balakot. Right behind me is River Kunhar and this is Balakot City. Trout is a really great fish which is also a specialty of this river. But we weren’t able to find it in Balakot. So now we’re going a little further from Balakot towrads Kiwai and Mahandri. This is Kiwai. Amazing vibe right now… …and I’m gonna take my jacket out as well because it’s really cold out here… …as compared to Abottabad and Mansehra. Waterfalls like these will make you feel more cold! Salam brother! How are you? What’s this? We fry fish in this. What kind of fish you have? We have trout. Where is it? Right there in the water. Is it alive? Yes it is. I think our mission is kind of accomplished now. Our brother will show where they’ve kept the trouts. Show me one. Woah! That’s the real deal! Leave it back in the water. Amazing! What’s the rate of it? PKR 2500/Kg. PKR 2500/Kg!!? I heard it was 1000/Kg? It’s not an ordinary fish, its Trout. I can’t even do 2499 because we buy it on fixed rates. We buy it for around PKR 2300-2400. Alright make it 1Kg then. Alright. Take out 2 of them. It’s 100gm’s less. It really has a different quality. The real way to identify a trout is through its skin pattern. If you ever eat a trout just look for this dotted pattern on its skin. Is this vinegar? Yes. The taste of this fish is good on its own that you don’t need any other spices. You just add a pack of pre-made fish masala and some vinegar and fry it… ..and enjoy its flavor. Here they’re frying the fish and they have another kitchen upstairs. You’re making Karahi? Yes Sir! Roti’s are being made here. Is it ready? Yes it is. Alright then. Wow! And now we’ll try it. The flavor of this fish is on one side… …but the view you see behind me is just… Amazing! Some Roti’s. And Dal Mash. Hot and fresh Chapati, waterfalls and mountains, What more you could wish for? A hot cup of tea makes everything better! So this concludes our today’s “Mission Trout”. And I hope you guys liked the video. We really enjoyed our trout and this weather. And if you’re ever going to Naran or Kaghan… …make sure to stop at Kiwai and just have a cup of tea. If you enjoyed the video then be sure to drop a like, comment and subscribe and remember me in your prayers I’ll see you guys in the next video. Allah Hafiz! (Goodbye!)

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  1. Alhamdulillah i have visited twice in Naraan Kaghan Valley & this is wonderful place on earth & specially Every pakistani should have to visit at least 1 time. Love you Pakistan.

  2. Are u 100% sure it wasnt from FARM …😂😅😂

    Its not easy to catch trout from fresh waters u dont catch it from those waters running behind you ….

  3. Pakistan has best nature spots ,,,stop terrorism in Kashmir and on your land ,,,send extremists out ,,,pave way for tourism along with it lot of economy ,,,,

  4. Nice video but trout shall only be fried without any spices or just with a little salt for enjoying the real taste.

  5. Bhai fish ka taste khatm Kar diya paket ka masala aur haldi ,mirch daal k.
    Trout ko sirf nimbu aur namak mein marinate Kar butter mein shallow fry Kar k khaayein.Deep fry nahi karein ..

  6. Namaste bhai, I really love your presentation. Mostly I must say u r very honest and nice human being. I love your simplicity . Keep it up.

  7. Video achi hai par waterfall mein tables lagane galat hai nature original rehene daay, waterfall water is polluted.table charpai river side lagai

  8. Is this the same Balakot where IAF opened a hell sending travel agency during the night of 25-26 Feb. For some peepholes.

  9. Bhai mere, itni khoobsoorat trout ke Saath ye acha nahi Kia. Salt pepper Lemon and a hot fire was all you needed.

  10. یہ فارمی ٹراؤٹ ہے۔ آپ کو دریائی ٹراؤٹ بھی ٹیسٹ کرنی چاہئیے

  11. Awla ho gya bhai g 👍 kyu k is abshar ko sirf fb py hi log pics lga k dikhate han ap ny video bnai wo bhi zabardast❤️🇵🇰❤️

  12. Excellent, I am from Kashmir, India. Your presentation is excellent. You must also tell the price of dishes.

  13. Hum ne skardu me khai thi trout uske bad naran me dono me zameen asman ks farq tha dikhne me bhi khane me bhi. Trout ki khasiyat yh h k wo pani k flow k against travel krti ha or bht taqatwar ha as a food. Jab k farm wali trout dull in color hoti ha


  15. Paisa bachana ka zyda shock ha to ghr sa na nilka kr gandu k bacha jhut q bol rha tha usa 1000 rupa kh suna ha vidro ma us bnda na tujha khud bola 2500kg ha zleel jhuta insaan

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