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7 comments on “Mother board – fisher and paykel GW611

  1. did you trace back to why the first board blew? Usually the pump cause them to blow, you don't wanna fit a replacement and then have that blow too. Also the thermostat sometimes water seeps from the rubber button it pushes down into, I'd glue that up with Aqua glue to be safe.

  2. Doesn't show the connectors clearing and no diagram on line. Some how I have a 6 pin connector for the valves but no place to connect it to the board. All other connectors are connected to every available connection point on the controller board. Can't find a decent picture anywhere. Yes should have taken a picture first.

  3. Good tip is if there is water in the machine when you install a motor controller, dont put the tube in until the water is out of the machine, if you did put the pressure tube in when there is in fact water in the washing machine, the machine will overfill, so just remember to remove the water before you put the tube in.

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