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100 comments on “Motorola Razr 2019: Is This $1500 Folding Phone From The Future Or The Past?

  1. Overpriced piece of junk. Listen man,
    There are only 3 certainties in life.
    1. Death
    2. Taxation
    3. Jeffery Epstein didn't kill himself

  2. Every Major YouTuber knows it's not worth it but they all will buy it cuz its COOL….. And I totally agree with them.

  3. If Apple made this and charged 1500 imagine the outcry from the little virgin android fangirls… smh 🤦‍♂️

  4. Honestly, I’m good with all of these specs. As someone who uses two different smart phones, one of them being an iPhone 8 Plus and the other being a Samsung galaxy S9+, I’ve observed how society is becoming increasingly more and more dependent on having a full screen in front of their faces for the sole purpose of consuming media (I’m not referring to people who use their phones for work) and not being able to turn off the digital world in order to focus on the world and the real people around them. I like the direction that this phone has gone. It feels like days of yesteryear were you could end a call, close your computer, and look at the beautiful world in front of you and the smiles of people you care about. I am being cautiously optimistic.

  5. Having had the original, (still have it in my storage), I've been watching the rumors for months and while I cannot afford it yet (let alone the new hassle of having to get an e-sim done, I just want this one. Lol

  6. I just can't get overly-hyped about any folding phone until I see how durable it is. I'm already scared of burn-in and scratches on my S9+. I don't want to be scared of a little dust, dirt, or sand ruining my entire device as well.

    I really hope Motorola will provide at least one or two free screen replacements for this kind of price, but I kinda doubt they will.

  7. I actually like this phone. I'm just not okay with the price…I understand they have to recoup costs for R&D and everything, but $1500?? A bit steep for me.

  8. Say i'm carrying something, pizza, a kid, groceries, and my razr rings. How easy/hard is it to open it/answer with one hand?
    My original clamshell phone (LG) was opengable one-handed, and flat phones today, you just swipe/tap the answer icon, which unkess you have a really big screan and really small hands, is reachable with either thumb. How does this one compare?

  9. At first I was in the "I've GOT to have this" mood, until I saw all the negatives of this phone. It does have alot of nostalgic feel, but idk if the price and lack of performance make that worth it

  10. Time to revive all old flip phone. Guess what Nokia might take the lead. My Motorola was Microtech with battery on the front.

  11. I'm one of those people that just HAS to have this thing. But I don't have Verizon and I refuse to go with Verizon for it. I"m in a lot of pain because of this now 🙁

  12. I get it, it folds, it's the iconic Razr design, which just happens to be the first mobile phone I ever owned back when I was still with Verizon but, I just don't get the High End price for low end specs even the version of Android is old! Just because of it's design doesn't mean it gets a pass for all the other low end specs and features! I was a big fan of Motorola and I was one of the first "Droid" owners back in the day, but I was hoping for something more from Motorola than the design and nothing else, maybe having better cameras and specs would have helped but at $1500 dollars I don't see myself buying one.

  13. I can't wait for them to perfect this phone in further iterations. My pockets are so small (I hate women's jeans) this would be perfect. I had the original Razr back in the day so this would be a fun nostalgia trip

  14. It does look nice but I don't know… I think Motorola had more than enough time and opportunity to get their hands on a more recent and better processor, and a lot of the internals just seem very "safe" and "mid-range". Motorola seems to like that. I wonder what they could really do if they seriously step onto the "Flagship" platform. They seem to really like the mid-range category. I don't know. 🤷🏾‍♂️

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  16. Now I Know why Motorola is falling? Cos it just produce unnecessary phone that no one will buy! Most people if they pay that much money for a folding phone I think they will prefer a bigger screen and better cameras

  17. Fuck the specs an I'm a spec junkie it's just love this phone for the simple fact they combined the new with the old I want one more than the fold

  18. I like you style man.
    The way you put up these videos, the narration.
    Keep up the good work. 👍
    Soon will be a million followers. 🤞
    And I also appreciate the attention to details you provide, like the clickyness of the buttons, sound, and a lot of small things that matter in a user experience.

  19. Wow how technology has advanced just like Jesus said told prophet Daniel the technology will still be keeping approval

  20. There's a lot of compromises, but considering how bleeding edge foldable displays are, I really like this.
    The form factor is way better than Samsung's Galaxy Fold

  21. I wish it had silver accents running all around and MOTOROLA insignia just like the older models. Hope there are more colour options too.

  22. I honestly didn't believe the tech was already here. Considering how clunky the Galaxy Fold is I just can't believe Motorola has managed to make a sleek foldable already! I'll definitely be observing this over the next few years when hopefully the price will come down or cheaper similar alternatives come to market because god knows there are no smartphones today that easily fit in your pocket.

  23. Nice review. I love this phone already but u can't justify the price tag even it didn't have all those compromises.

    If it was 800-900 I would've considered and that seems like a fair price tbh.

    Let's hope next year they have a better price for it.

  24. I remember buying nokia 8600 when it was first introduced for £950.
    It had fraction of what the other phones and first smartphones could offer but it was a thing.
    I used it for 7years, I loved it!
    Now imagine buying a painting for millions…what does it offers other than taking space on the wall in your gallery?
    I will most likely buy it 😉

  25. Can't believe Samsung with all their money, resources and years working with flexible display just got schooled by no other than MOTOROLA! Didn't see that one coming.

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