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Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi |  Animated cartoon | Motu ki beemari | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Motu ki beemari | Wow Kidz

Oh no! What a bad smell, It is making me feel nausea in the morning. If there is an open manhole in the middle of the road then it will smell bad only. Listen brother you are busy digging a hole here. Go behind and see there is an open manhole in the middle of the road. And due to this a very bad smell is coming out of it. A manhole in the middle of the road! I just came from there and I didn’t see any manhole. Look here the open manhole on the road. Where is the manhole? Look down Sir, I do not see any manhole here. What are you saying? It was here only. How can it be? I had just passed from here and I had seen an open manhole. And lot of foul smell was coming. But Sir, now the fragrance is sweet. Yes brother you are saying is right, now it is a good fragrance. But believe me just a few moments back there was an open manhole here. Ok Sir, If I believe you then I also should see it, I cannot see even a single hole on the road. I also cannot understand anything, ok you go, I will also go and eat some breakfast and drink tea. But keep your eyes open if you see the manhole then please close the lid. Tea Vendor brother quickly serve some hot piping Samosas. From morning my brain is dead. What is this Tea Vendor brother? Today there is no aroma coming out of your Samosas. What are you saying? From the whiff of the Samosas made by me you get up at home and come here. And today you are saying there is no aroma in my Samosas, this is wrong. I think your nose must be blocked. Tea vendor brother take this money. I am taking all these Samosas for Dr. John MBBS. He likes Samosas very much, your Samosas are too good. What a lovely aroma is coming out of it What? You really can smell the aroma of the Samosas? Yes, surely I am smelling, Tea Vendor brothers’ Samosa are very famous in the entire Furfuri nagar. Hear this now. Now let me eat one Samosa and see. No, not from this plate. You purchase your own other Samosa and eat it. I am taking these Samosas especially for Dr. John MBBS. What Dr. John? When did he turn from John the Don to Dr. John? What Motu, you know him so well. Now our boss has stopped thieving and has decided to do social work for people. For this he has taken a MBBS degree from London. And today he has organized a free check-up camp for all. From today, I and no 2 are his compounders. What? Dr. John is doing free check-up. Take me also to him. There is a problem in my eyes and nose too. Come, he has organized this free check-up camp for the people of Furfuri nagar only. This is Dr. John’s check-up camp, you just wait here I will take an appointment from him. I don’t have the time to take appointment. Sorry Dr. Sir, I tried to stop him but he came running inside. No problem! He is from my old know-how people. You are my first patient, tell me your problem? Dr. John there is a problem in my eyes and nose also. No problem sit on this chair and read the alphabets from the chart in front of you. No Dr. Sir I cannot see anything clearly. Don’t worry! For patients like you I have brought special type of spectacles from London. Now you wear this on your head and now look at the chart. Long live! Now I can see all the alphabets clearly. Now you always keep wearing these spectacles. Dr. John you have cured my eye problem perfectly now please cure my nose also. I cannot smell the aroma of the Samosas. Ok, I will test your nose also. Compounder bring the Samosas. Take these Dr. John. I cannot smell the aroma of the Samosas Dr. John. Don’t cry, I have a solution for it. Compounder! Motu now try to smell the Samosas. Aroma!! Thank you Dr. John. There is no need to say Thank you, I have taken this MBBS degree to serve people. Ok your nose treatment cost ten thousand and eye treatment cost ten thousand. Twenty thousand! But you had said that it is a free check-up camp. You had heard right checkup is free. But you have to make payment for the spectacles and the artificial nose you are wearing. If you don’t want it I have no problem. You give it back and then go out and roam around with your eyes without light and the blocked nose. Ok, I will give you twenty thousand. Patlu! I am cured. Hey, why are you roaming around looking like a joker? Patlu not a joker, John has cured me. John has cured you! What is the meaning? John has returned with a MBBS degree from London. He has now become Dr. John MBBS. Neither was I able to see properly nor could I smell the aroma of the Samosas. John made me his first patient and cured me completely by taking only 20 thousand cash. Now I am perfectly fit. John has not cured you but fooled you and conned twenty thousand from you. Can you see me now? Can you smell the aroma of these Samosas? Patlu without this headgear also I can see everything and I can smell everything. Patlu do something, my brain does not work on an empty stomach. Now stop crying and let’s go and take Dr. Jhatka’s help. Dr. Jhatka we want your help. Hey, I will surely help you but tell me what has happened? Big brother John in the disguise of a doctor. I have an idea, listen everyone. Dr. John you have cured me so perfectly that now I can see and smell things without the headgear also. But you did not give me the receipt of the treatment. Patlu was scolding me for not taking the receipt. No problem! I will give you the receipt. What is this Motu? How come you have become so thin? Motu you have been always fat. Dr. John I am the same as I was, I think like me your eyes also must be having some problem. No! It cannot be. Dr. Jhatka!! Dr. Jhatka cure me, I cannot see anything properly. What is this Ghasitaram how did you become so fat? And Dr. Jhatka how did you become so thin? No John I am like what I was before. Surely there is some problem with your eyesight. No! It cannot be, Dr. Jhatka, please cure me of this. Don’t you worry John, I have special type of spectacles for you. Wear this. Thank You Dr. Jhatka, I will never ever forget this favor of yours in my entire life. Now I can see everything very clearly. Boss, you look like a donkey. What are you saying? Boss, Dr. Jhatka has made you a donkey. Dr. John MBBS, now tell me after turning into a donkey can you see things clearly or not?

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