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Moving Huge Aquariums with the Ohio Fish Rescue

Moving Huge Aquariums with the Ohio Fish Rescue

People seemed to like the video I did back
in the fall at the Ohio Fish Rescue up near Cleveland. If you missed that one I’ll link it below,
but it’s a great place with a great mission. Big Rich has a fishroom full of massive tanks
where he takes in fish that the owners can no longer care for, either because their circumstances have changed
or the fish have outgrown their tanks. They have a massive 4400 gallon tank that’s
taller than most people, a 3000 gallon tank that they recently built, a 1000 gallon acrylic tank, a 450 gallon tank with goldfish and koi, and many more. Rich is always looking to grow his operation
so that he can help more people and more fish, so when I heard that he was building an addition
onto his fishroom I decided to go back up and check on the progress. I knew it was going to be a big day because
they were planning to move around a bunch of tanks. It was cold and rainy but that didn’t stop
the Ohio Fish Rescue. I’ll let Rich explain a little more about
what’s going on. We got a 2000 gallon tank and a 1000 gallon
tank we’ve had for storage for a long time. We finally was able to bring them here. We had to wait until the 2200 gallon got moved. We’re gonna move that one today. The cement’s dry for the addition. It’s cured and we can drive forklifts on it
now. So we’re gonna move the 2200 onto the side
of the fishroom on that slab. Then they can come in and build around it. Cause we couldn’t have brought it in through
the doorway. And I think people hear about huge fish tanks
and think it sounds like a lot of fun, and that’s definitely true, but I don’t think most people realize how
much work goes into them. And it starts with moving them around. Rich had gone to pick up those two big tanks
he mentioned the day before, but they needed to be unloaded from the truck. Up first was the 2000 gallon. It’s 16 feet long by four feet wide by 4 feet
high. And if you’re wondering how you get something
like that off of a truck, well the answer is very carefully. Next up was the 1000 gallon, which is the
same as the last tank but cut in half. It’s 8 feet by 4 feet by 4 feet. It didn’t take quite as much work to unload
since the Bobcat could pretty much handle it alone. Once all of that was done it was time to move
the 2200 gallon tank that Rich mentioned. It had been sitting next to the house for
over a year in anticipation of this addition. It’s 16 feet long by 6 feet deep by 3 feet
high, and that’s without the stand. But with a bobcat on one end, and a pallet
jack on the other, these guys managed to move the tank and make
it look easy. The end result means that they can get started
building the walls, which will mean more space to provide homes
to fish that need them. And for now, those two big tanks they unloaded
from the truck will be sitting in wait until the addition is finished and they can
be moved inside. Again if you missed my video where Rich did
a walkthrough, I will link that below, and I will also provide links where you can
donate to these guys and support what they’re doing. Thanks for watching and have a good one.

71 comments on “Moving Huge Aquariums with the Ohio Fish Rescue

  1. I would love the opportunity to visit his rescue. I live in Dayton Ohio. I know he gets some of his rescues from my favorite fish store Gerbers.

  2. Parabéns cara,seus vídeos são demais. Um dia ainda irei para Ohio só pra conhecer teu trabalho,abraço forte.

  3. Awesome thanks for sharing Steve been subbed to big rich since the last video always cool stuff that there doing there

  4. Unbelievably insane the sizes of these aquariums. Can't wait to see them up and running. Thx for Sharing this adventure bud.

  5. LOL at 1:50 that has to be the oddest driveway lineup ever. a dump trailer, a burnt up suv, a limo, moving van , bobcat and fishtank lol.

  6. tbh im disappointed none of the tanks have good scape. ik that big fish want less decor cuz they can get injured more easily, but something simple like sand at bottom, back painted and some big smooth pieces would go a long way imo. they are just big fish.

  7. Awesome video Steve! Those tanks are amazing cant wait to see them with fish in them. Was wondering how he was gonna move them.

  8. You can't fool me! I know a glass pool when I see one. I actually wish I was there to help. Can't wait to see the end results

  9. Donate to the Ohio Fish Rescue here:

    Or their GoFundMe here:

    Check out their Facebook page:

  10. I live in Australia, it's even more impressive when you convert them to litres. Keep up the great work Steve, Rich and crew.

  11. Its really amazing how many people depend on others to support them and what they do. Butt in this case it looks like they bit off more than they can chew. Instead of displaying he is storing and saving for what it looks like another rainy day .Greed is real.

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