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Mr. Fish Bun ! [Unasked Family/ENG,CHN/2020.01.02]

Mr. Fish Bun ! [Unasked Family/ENG,CHN/2020.01.02]

Jihun, I can’t have dinner at home tonight. Get me off the hook with Dad for me. Why is it just you? Where’s Suji? She says she’ll be late, tending to an urgent matter. I don’t care how urgent. This won’t do. I’ll call her to have her come home right away. Geez. Why pester her when she’s working? And it’s not like she’ll come anyway. Right, Jihun? Oh. I have something to show you guys. This way. What is it? I told you about this, right? This is the portrait Suji painted. Who is it? It definitely doesn’t seem to be you, right, Jihun? No. I don’t think it’s me, but the painting is full of energy. Honey. Suji really must be seeing someone since she painted him and brought the painting home. I wonder which business tycoon’s son he is. We don’t even know if Suji is really dating. I’m hungry. Let’s just eat. We’re closed. I’m not here to eat. Ms. Hwang, why are you here? Hello. Seriously. Why else? Because I missed you. Aren’t you happy that I even skipped dinner to come? Is this your girlfriend? Oh, no… How do you do? I’m Hwang Suji. Welcome. I’m sorry I’m keeping him from taking you out. It’s not like that, Ms. Wang. Wait. I’ll bring you stew. Thank you. But… Yeongjae, where’s Boram? Boram, let’s have fruit. Boram went to the restaurant to see Mr. Fish Bun. What? Why are you here? Let’s go. You’re giving Ms. Wang the wrong idea. Geez. I want to taste the stew since I’m here. Ms. Hwang, didn’t you hear me? Mr. Fish Bun. Mr. Fish Bun. Boram, you came here without a coat? Wait. You’re that little girl… Hello. Boram. Mom. Boram, I told you to stay in the house.

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