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Mudahnya Dapat Ikan Saat Mancing di Spot Karang Dangkal

Mudahnya Dapat Ikan Saat Mancing di Spot Karang Dangkal

Hello, boss. Meet me again I’m at auri beach now I will fish while soaking Using peeled shrimp for bait Using a pole rod The water is very clear decorative fish decorative fish I will release it The fish must be happy to be able to swim again What fish is this? Still the same fish Release again I’m looking for rather large grouper fish, also golden snapper fish Decorative fish again Release again Decorative fish again He gets fish by casting Caught in rock It looks cool casting too, I’ll try another time That’s the fish, released He got again I have to be casting soon Got fish again, better size Hello boss, as you can see, the results are only small fish The condition of the water is less than ideal for fishing using pole rod, because it is too clear So when I approach the spot, it’s likely that the big fish has run away I got just small fish, released again I get a lot of fish, but because the action cam battery runs out, not everything is recorded But all small fish No big fish That’s all, bye

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  1. Dapet ikan apa saja tuh bos, maklum ikan laut saya ga tau nama" nya taunya barakuda, GT, kerapu, kiper. Maklum lah bos pemancing sungai ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

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