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[Mukbang] The Most Ugly fish Pacific spiny lumpsucker 도치수육+도치매운탕🐟 Рыба ปลา ikan cá 鱼魚

[Mukbang] The Most Ugly fish Pacific spiny lumpsucker 도치수육+도치매운탕🐟 Рыба ปลา ikan cá 鱼魚

Hi everyone. It’s incredible. Why does it have so much eggs? Isn’t it cute? Hi everyone, it’s Ssoyoung. Today I will be trying a lumpfish. This is the lumpfish. I feel safe since it’s not alive. Why is it so slippery? This is male lumpfish. It looks really cute. Hello~ Female lumpfish is a bit bigger. Touching this fish feels like… A water balloon. It has suckers here. It’s very slippery so I’m keep dropping it. Sucker. Circle like this. Male lumpfish has a bigger sucker. Right? This one opens the mouth like this. This lumpfish has a bigger mouth. It looks like a big version of tadpole. Slippery. Let me dress the fish. I will make a soup out of left over eggs from female lumpfish. And I will make steamed lumpfish with the rest. Oh my god. I’m surprised because it just moved. I will start dressing it. It has no hole. Where does it go for the restroom? What is it? It has so much eggs inside. Let me show you guys. Let me take the eggs out. Incredible.. So much eggs. Why does it have so much eggs? The eggs are keep coming out. Is it done? I will make the egg soup out of this. Let me start cooking. Everything is ready now. This is the steamed lumpfish. This the spicy lumpfish soup. It looks very weird. Doesn’t it look cute? How come~ It’s my first time trying this fish. What most surprises me is that it has very slippery texture. Let me start eating. Its surface feels like rubber. Red chilli sauce. Its texture is similar to skin from the pig feet, like collagen. It tastes like buckwheat jelly. It has a very funny texture. Let me dip it with some soy sauce. It does not taste like a fish. This time I will try some egg soup. It’s all eggs. Should I try the fish meat on spicy soup? It has a very special texture. I guess even kids can eat it. The eggs are everywhere. It tastes so good since there are lots of eggs. This time, Let me have a bite on this one. I feel sorry. You are very delicious but I feel sorry. Today I tried a lumpfish first time since I was born. It tastes very chewy and nutty. No fishy smell at all. I recommend you guys to try it. It has so much eggs. Thank you guys for the meal! Please click “Subscribe” and “Like” buttons~

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  1. 쏘영누나~ 영상 시작전엔 동안외모,동안목소리인데…. 생선?잡을땐 왠 아재목소리가…!!!!!!ㅠㅠ

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