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‘Mulan’ Star Liu Yifei & Director Niki Caro Play Fishing for Answers! | THR

‘Mulan’ Star Liu Yifei & Director Niki Caro Play Fishing for Answers! | THR

(dramatic music) – [Man] A girl threatens our plans. – A warrior. (yells loudly) (dramatic music) – What was your immediate reaction to finding out you were cast as Mulan? – Just really happy. It was like a dream come
true, a beautiful dream. – I agree, I was really happy as well after looking for you for
a year, I was really happy. (upbeat music) – Niki, when was the moment
you knew Yifei was Mulan? – No! I had a feeling from when we, when you came and auditioned. You had traveled so far, and
you had such terrible jet lag, and you were so good, but
it wasn’t until we sent you to physical training and you
did ninety minutes of weights, that I knew that you were a warrior. (upbeat music) Which other Disney character would you like to see
Mulan in a scene with? – Frozen, I mean. – Dumbo? (laughs loudly) – Elsa. – With Elsa? – Because I like the song. Yeah, Elsa. – You guys could sing. ♪ Into the unknown. ♪ Stop laughing. – (laughs) – I heard that. (pensive music) What do you do on your ideal day off? – (hums) On my ideal day off would be being with my family and my dogs and being outside and eating a lot, yeah. What about you. – I really like coffee and I
love a glass of wine, red wine. Yeah and hang out with friends, reading. – Yeah, absolutely.
– Play with my cats. – Yeah. (pensive music) – What is the most important
lesson young people can learn from Mulan? I think so sure, my answer
is to really dig deep into who you really are
and be true to yourself. Have the courage to really be yourself and figure out what your dream is. – [Mulan] I’m Fa Mulan. I will bring honor to us all. (intense music) – How do you wish you
were more like Mulan? – Awe, I wish, I wish I was
more like Mulan and you, okay, that I could wield the
sword the way you both do. Martial arts, all my own
stunts, ride a horse, be the most extraordinary actress and be completely gorgeous. I will take all of those. – [Mulan] It’s my duty, to fight. – So the bowl’s empty. We’re all done. Thank you, Hollywood Reporter, Yifei. – Thanks. – [Reporter] That was so great. – [Niki] Thank you.
– [Liu] Thank you.

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  1. So this is the lady who said that people don't sing during a war, despite singing and music being one of the most popular pastimes in war from antiquity to modern times. Alternatively she lied about thinking this and the real reason they removed all the songs from Mulan is because Chinese audiences hate musicals.

  2. Such a corrupted CCP two face person.! she support HK police beat up those young protesters months ago !!! thanks again for widely spread lab made virus. Don't you dare reopen the theater in china that made more innocent people's get infect! Boycott this CCP Mulan movie, they really made the old Mulan to shame …

  3. Hollywood Reporter is such an amazing resource! I have started my own channel where I talk about Acting and the business side of it as well as how being European affected me. I'd love some support and constructive feedback!

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