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there’s a fishing they are just sort
coming out and take your swipe at this spinner got it yes no mate not today well healthy little Muzz welcome back to
another video guys I just thought I’d do this video a little different than the
others I’ve got about five videos up now starting to get a few subscribers and
I’m getting some feedback which is good keep it up I just thought I’d start this
one off by introducing myself my name’s Shane Domaille so you can see I love to
fish I’ve been fishing for about thirty years since I was that 5 years old my dad taught
me yeah fishing all over Australia saltwater freshwater currently based in
Mooroopna Victoria, so I’ve taken a bit of a liking to our beautiful species here the Murray
cod and yeah as you can see just pulled this nice little 50 centimetre here – from
these willows it was a beautiful little visual take its anyway guys if you
just want to keep on like and subscribe and share and keep giving me that
positive feedback I’ll keep giving you some good content
I appreciate we don’t let this one back and yeah just on the pirate spinnerbait
prototype so she’s not one on the shelf that one she’s just a little bit of a
demo yeah copper blade another nice little Maori card here and
we will put him back yes didn’t see that one coming let’s go and up that did not get there yes all fit yes well that’s it for me guys anyway
thanks for thanks for watching the video make sure you like and subscribe and
just if you want to comment let me know what you want to see in the next videos
I’ll make sure to sort of keep changing it up and keep them interesting if I can
thanks for your money subscribing giving me good feedback anyway it’s been a
really good summer out here on the skinny water got me Personal best Murray cod just up
just up for me actually so it’s hard to believe
with all these little skinny Water Rats there’s still some River Monsters
amongst it and it’s been a good session today anyway here on the prototype
pirate spinnerbait with copper blade seems to be absolutely smashing it
at the moment anyway we’ll let this one back and see in the next video
Cheers I couldn’t be
that different fish different markings another little nice one oh let’s see if
we can get three fuck that’s it come on Hatrick ……Hatrick….. this is unheard of really oh no it’s
happened once before I’ve got two in a row oh you’re joking three Cod in a row
on the one snag that’s the fish that hit me first I can’t believe this want to
stay if the nightly these are better Cod oh he’s probably 35

16 comments on “MURRAY COD FISHING – SKINNY WATER PART 2 (1080p) 🤙🏻

  1. Excellent footage mate I've never seen anyone pull 3 like that from the 1 snag incredible mate, keep up the good work

  2. Awesome mate cool footage is that the broken river do you lose many spinner baits cheers 👍🏻👍🏻

  3. Incredible fishing Congratulations Fisherman!
    Have a very successful week, Good fishing always!👍

  4. Haven't fished that stretch of the broken since moved away from Shepparton, got my first cod in surface fly about 2k up.

    Note the farmer on the right side of the river is a flog and will try and kick you off the river but just tell him about the water mark rule.

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