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Mushroom Meat Tacos Recipe (Vegan)

Mushroom Meat Tacos Recipe (Vegan)

(majestic music) – Hi, I’m Jerry James Stone
and today I’m gonna show you how to make these delicious tacos. Tacos are one of my favorite things. I love taco Tuesday. I love taco Tuesday,
on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, whenever, any day, tacos. And today I’m gonna show you how to make these amazing vegan tacos. This is a recipe that I’m doing
for Whole Foods by the way. And just wait till you
get a look at these. I mean they’re wonderful. They’re delicious, they’re colorful. They’re super tasty and
they’re really spicy. And the best part about them is they’re completely meat free. Instead of ground beef, your
typical kind of taco meat, I use baby portabello mushrooms, so I think that you’re gonna love them as much as I like showing
you how to make them, and we should just get to it. So to make the quote unquote
“meat” for this recipe, we’re going to take some
baby portabello mushrooms, and we’re just gonna dice them up. Super simple, just cut them into cubes and cook that as you would taco meat. So we’re gonna take our diced mushrooms, diced portabello mushrooms here. And just a little bit of olive oil. Start to cook it over a low heat. Get it started. When they start to sizzle and brown we’ll turn up the heat a little bit. So this is starting to cook down here. Smells delicious all these
wonderful sauteed mushrooms. Just add in your favorite taco seasoning. Okay that’s looking pretty good there. I think this is ready. Let’s make some damn tacos. So the thing that’s wonderful about tacos, it’s the perfect party food. You don’t have to do a lot
and if you and your friends are trying to eat healthier,
like these mushroom tacos are way better than red meat. And it’s great, you just
get a bunch of fixings, you make the mushroom meat
and then just dress it up and sit back and watch Netflix. So now I’m just adding in this adobo sauce with a vegan sour cream that I made. Now I just added some chopped red onion, radishes, and some fresh cilantro. This is the perfect taco Tuesday. This video’s brought to
you by Whole Foods Market. (elegant music)

10 comments on “Mushroom Meat Tacos Recipe (Vegan)

  1. YES YES YES to vegan tacos! I use mushrooms and peanuts for my "meat" chili! Works great. Awesome recipe!!

  2. I was a vegan for many years but it didn't work for me. I gained a LOT of weight and became unhealthy. So I have not been a vegan for a couple of years not and I've lost over 80 lbs and lost ALL of my health issues. But I do admire people who can tolerate such a diet.

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