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Must have fishing gears | Shout Out and Happy Holidays Guys!

Must have fishing gears | Shout Out and Happy Holidays Guys!

strike! heavy It’s heavy… What do you think is this? Oh! Good day to all anglers and viewers! will try fishing using shrimp as baits I’m going to show you my gears actually what I’m using must have for me to carry before going to fishing I will show it you guys to hold smaller spiky fish I’m using Machinegun rod by LITTMA 2.7m long, 35 grams max for jig and 48 grams max for lures affordable, effective and very reliable rod equipped with fuji guides and reel seats It’s really very reliable rod my reel is shimano stradic FL 2019 model and I upgraded to power knob my line is 25 lbs multicolored braided line so this is the area (spot) actually I never yet tried bait fishing on this area so will try today if we can catch some fish what I know most fish are bakoko or big sea bream (english name) let us try to catch some fish this area also boat pathways good thing here under the bridge you are covered from the sun sometimes fish are on this area will try where we can catch fish on this area where to get a bite of course I bring my cooler to put the fish one more glimpse on my gear guys It’s time to set up this is my rig guys i just combine my old rig sinker weight 2 oz. and then 3 hooks let us see… if today is good for fishing so… we are using shrimp as bait let us try only your hands will smells fishy on bait and wait fishing but still very effective let us cut the shrimp right size I used 3 different sizes of hooks there’s a water current my rig was swept away I cast over there and now my rig is on this side I should increase the weight of my rig I will look for more heavier sinker my rig was swept to other side will look for another sinker bigger sinker I don’t have bigger sinker I will just double my sinker so i will add one more sinker my bait is gone see no more bait gone we did not feel the bite maybe there are lots of small fish now it’s more heavier what fish bite my bait? just eaten all the bait heavy here’s our catch guys… heavy It’s a bit heavy danggit (rabbitfish or spinefoot) we got danggit with a shrimp bait danggit (rabbitfish or spinefoot) this fish is spiky so you better be careful not advisable to hold it directly with your hand swallowed the hook a good thing if you use different sizes of hooks big chances to catch fish with small mouth like danggit (rabbitfish or spinefoot) not safe to hold this fish by your own hands spiky so here it is let us try for more actually our target is sea bream I have small hook on my rig and we got a bite with danggit got a strike! strike! danggit again we found danggit spot got a bite as soon as my rig landed on the ground so guys we are only here for 30 minutes already catches 3 fish it’s not bad climate is cold the water is calm but has a current below top wave is going to left but underneath current is going to the right we have an advantage I cast near the bridge post the current swept my rig near the post of which most danggit fish were staying there because their feeding with lumot (moss) let look our rod one small bite very small bite small movement of the rod tip need to pull the rod to hook up danggit fish more chances to hook the fish or otherwise your gonna lose your bait strike! my rig landed on the right spot so guys we are still waiting for another bite let us see a bit later fish are only roaming around the area here in this bridge post look at my here is my rod I cast over there that first middle post from the right my rig sit beside the post itself I cast in the middle and my rig was swept beside the post and the fish were there let us see and wait good size bigger than my palm it there is no bite here will transfer the rig over there but mostly fish are roaming around the post strike! maybe small fish there’s no fight helicopter (tripod fish) danggit mostly like bread as a bait but we don’t expect to get a bite with danggit that is why i change my rig to smaller hooks (size no.10 or no. 12) strike! what fish is this? we get smaller danggit fish I cast on same location I can feel the bite Got it! got helicopter fish again need to be careful here guys, the spike is to sharp if you grab this big problem for us that is why it is very important to have this scissor fish grip and always bring your fliers to unhook the fish don’t want to get chances only one mistake only thing when using a shrimp bait it’s smelly on your hand and dirty on your hands too including your reel… can feel the bite again maybe a helicopter fish or danggit (rabbit fish) or bakoko (sea bream) we will know soon it’s helicopter fish (tripod fish) looks like… danggit (rabbit fish) left that spot strike! danggit (rabbit fish) guys our fishing session is over for now so… we got 6 danggit (rabbit fish or spinefoot fish) there they are good size guys!

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  1. Happy hunting, my friend, and I like your patience with the pure fishing. Greetings to you, Abu Omar๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‘

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