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MY 10 BEST  Magnet Fishing Finds To Date

MY 10 BEST Magnet Fishing Finds To Date

If your new to my channel and you havent subscribed already, subscribe so you get notifications of all my latest videos just found this bike dumped in the river brand new bike a brand new bike correra kraken hardly any rust on it what do you think it is? parking machine? i dont think its a grenade like last time The ammount we are finding is crazy been here about 5 minutes 1, 2, 3, 4 5 6 7 its still cocked wow thats amazing wonder why its still cocked something big in the water keeps falling off what is in this water come on im getting bubbles wow WHAT! O M G ! omg WOW SO THIS IS WHERE I FOUND THE CROSSBOW AND IVE JUST FOUND THIS THAT IS A KNIFE GOT A GOOD BITE ON THIS ONE feels the same weight as the man hole cover ive just found O M G O M G Found an UZI that is heavy i wonder if its real? Im going to have to hand this in to the police No magazine on it found the magazine to the UZI and a knife found the magazine as well

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  1. Thanks for watching and if you would like to see all the weapons ive found in other videos check this playlist out

  2. Just discovered that magnet fishing is a thing! So what do you do with the weapons you find, do you turn them in or just clean them up and keep them? I imagine the M10 and the mortar would have to be turned in.

  3. New to the channel, it's amazing! I would have enjoyed this video more if the items were a surprise. What do you do with the items you find?

  4. I have been magnet fishing for weeks, wasn’t getting anything. Realised I had been conned and it was just a metal plug for a sink and not remotely magnetic. Really disappointed.

  5. I know it seems impossible, for the guns you find while magnet fishing, but always handle a gun as if it is loaded.
    Just as the crossbow was cocked when you pulled it from the water, so too can guns, mortars, mines be cocked, primed or set, when you find them.
    If there is still a bit of wax or packing grease, on a bullet in the chamber, that keeps the gunpowder dry and your face, hand etc is history.
    You will get used to handling a gun, whatever way you do, so when you find one and pick it up to check it out, looking down the barrel as you just did can give you a rather big headache.

  6. Sorry, but what you're calling an Uzi is actually Military Armament Corporation Model 10, officially abbreviated as "M10" or "M-10", and more commonly known as the MAC-10, compact blowback operated machine pistol that was developed by Gordon B. Ingram in the U.S. 1964. Two aftermarket manufactures bought the patent design after MAC Inc went out of business. Today Masterpiece Arms Inc. offers similar design in semi-auto close bolt configuration available on the US civilian market.

  7. DrasticG.
    Hi I watch you alot now.and have noticed …you have a lot of near misses ….can you not get some Velcro strapped snow .boot or shoe studs to put on .good for all weather …and a better grip..when your on .mud/ concrete / ever if you fall in …you can walk along in the water .with the fear of something going into your soles of feet ….just a thought ….motor bikes look heavy ..but you will have better grip and no slipping.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  8. Was the crossbow undamaged? Bet there were the bolts for it it there too, tons of stories behind these I bet, robbery items, cool finds.

  9. My dad was telling me about magnet fishing a few months ago, seems really interesting. Might see if we can try it out.

  10. i wonder legally if you find a great bike in a river and someone says thats my bike

    whos bike is it

    they never would of found it if you didnt pull it out

  11. This looks really cool. Just looked on amazon, 50 quid for a double sided magnet that can hold upto 770kg……that should be good enough as a start up magnet yeah?

  12. Just for the record mate, do you hand in the firearms you find? Also if so, what are the police's reaction to these finds?

  13. Great finds, do you feel something for an colaboration with WatchDutch MD? Check the channel out and If you are inerested klasse let me know 🤞

  14. Just out of curiosity, how many times have you had to explain the gun pointing situation to commenters? Copy and paste it lol, great work there!

  15. Sweet I've been wanting a hobby but nothing seems to peak my interest. I think I will take up magnet fishing. I live in a rough populated area in Michigan called Grand Rapids. And I work at a steel distributor here and we have a few very powerful magnets I think I might borrow one day Haha. Thanks alot for the inspiration.🌁🌁🌁🌃

  16. 8:40 when I want to know if a gun is real, I find it useful to look straight down the barrel 👌🏻

  17. Охренительные там места! Под каждым мостом или ствол или сейф плавает!

  18. Is it real as you point it at your face. Ok weapons 101 never point a weapon at anyone that includes yourself lol

  19. I hope you hand the weapons in… be they crossbows, guns or knives….could be vital Police evidence that could prove/solve a case

  20. Glad you got that oozi off the streets. Yes, that was sarcasm. Then again, being British I wouldn't expect that you'd be able to properly ID weapons any better than Hollywood actors and film makers. Or, CNN news anchors.

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