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My best day EVER ice-fishing for Big Walleyes.

My best day EVER ice-fishing for Big Walleyes.

Lake Winnipeg one of the mecca’s of big walleyes. They to build out of ensures they To Snow bad adventures baby warmed up about ten degrees overnight. So still gonna be nasty Well, it’s not going me to ask you out there cuz we’re in the snow bear, but it’ll be nasty for everybody else. But yeah temperature rising So hopefully that means some more active fish due to Chilly in here. No Didn’t warm up it warm it up now Soon it’ll be cooking. All right, so the my turn today My turn for big load, oh we got rods we got camera gear the guys beat We’re good for now dad like would pay a to Fish just like glaring at me Sorry, I haven’t really got set up properly. It is day two as we said earlier. I’m like Winnipeg and Today We’re going a little more technical talking about Lake Winnipeg as a whole the fishery where to stay where to access How to fish him we just got set up so hoping for a little more action than yesterday But it sounds big fish made it all worthwhile. So Here’s the fish here’s the mark come on baby good mark getting too thick start to chase Come on come on. Yeah Big fish big fish people like you sir Thank you we got oh Look at that first fish of the day Liam that headquarters was right. That’s my first fish ever conference committee. Look at that first greenback of the morning Look at that you guys that is what it’s all about right there My first greenie of the morning my first big one in quite a while We’re gonna throw on the bump board real quick. I think that’s gonna be master big greenie Going on the bump poured That is a quarter inch bigger than your Sam, yeah twenty-nine right there So we came for going back nice and quick you gotta release these big fish good big tail She’s gone There we go Salmon, I’ve got masters incredible first fish and that’s the thing There’s days on Lake Winnipeg green catch 20 fish and not catch one that big I’ve been hearing the season that it’s less fish But you know, you might catch a couple fish a day, but good chance of big when that was Amazing amazing amazing 29-inch. Sure. I’ve never tried this before. I’m open-minded liam at headquarters swore by it and That’s what God had done That’s it It’s not ok you’re rolling So in the last video we were just overwhelmed with a whole experience of the snow bear how cool it is Yes, it is amazing. And we’re lucky to have a second day in it. But today the focus is What makes Lakewood it pay tick how to fish it how to break it apart I’m not only quit a fang expert a lot of this is knowledge passed on from other people in the area either guides Fishermen that frequent it much more than I do This is my first time I’m like when I make this here actually but I have spent a little bit of time on it over the years and I Think the first thing that we should touch on is just the importance of the morning bite I fished. Oh there’s a fish I’m gonna try to keep talking and catch this fish at the same time the importance of the morning by diet. I Fished a lot of different lakes and sometimes it’s an evening bite. Sometimes it’s I’ve had my best luck here first thing in the morning It’s that first hour – and people get up here crazy early for good reason because it happens Yesterday half an hour and 8:30 in the morning. Sam got her big one for me It was 8:15 those without our first half-hour fishing. We caught that big fish So important you could you could show up at the lake at 10 o’clock I’m not saying that they don’t bite after 10 o’clock But you could show up at the lake at 10 fish till dark and you’d be like all this lake sucks But timing is so key capitalizing this morning by a fish a little longer yet. And then talk tackle Well technique and then also just kind of where to access the lake is there’s a bunch of from places if you’re not familiar it Can be a little overwhelming. What are you doing? Are you filming me? You’re youtuber I’m a youtuber like what a bacon get pretty nasty today is very blustery You can’t see more than a couple hundred yards and especially later in the year when travel on on the lake is marginal I mean unless you have a snow bear If you want to take truck on ice, you should always do a convoy take a couple truck So I mean two or three trucks so you can pull your buddy out and and then you’re okay to travel That’s what a lot of guys doing here. But if you’re by yourself, there’s no one to pull you when you get stuck so be smart about it that way when the winds gonna pick up I mean Don’t stay on the lake because otherwise someone else is gonna have to come in to rescue you. Yes, I’ve been stranded like before yes I’ve done things, but she’s just common sense. You don’t have to rely on other people and That’ll make it a lot better What’s going on? Oh It just squirted a hot cheese cheese infused. Oh you knew this Fish all over me Yep, nothing But it’s green There we go. That would be a perfect eater right there. If we were keeping fish look at that Look at that dorsal cut perky he is gorgeous Beautiful like this one’s very green. The other ones were kind of pale Okay, so what’s going back? So we will take this moment to get into the tackle portion of our video Rattle baits are just such a key part of the Lake Winnipeg program. These fish are roaming this big Flat it is Lake Winnipeg is not known for its structure. It’s kind of just a big bowl. Yes, there’s structure there’s some great mapping out there anglers edge mapping has they’ve done some some charting here and they’ve made like a custom map you get for I think it’s four Lowrance units hummingbird has mapping to a Bunch of different options and there is structure. But at the end of the day these fish are moving around and you’re trying to call these fish and so Matoba can use two rods one rod almost always going to be a jig and a minnow right now We got a jig at a live minnow underneath me here. And then you’re working that active bait trying to call the fish in so Right now obviously all of our holes are close together but if I was outside out of my two holes beside each other out of a jig beside me and then my active baits so This is the activate that’s been pretty good This is what Sam caught her big going on and I just caught that little greenback on a couple other options I never use these until this trip. This is a Kaimuki. I thought they’re a gimmicky My first fish ever is 29 inch walleye, so what do I know new one from frostbite? This is a dinner belt called to cut a little piece of metal and it just dings when it’s been through it’s unique it’s good caught fish with that yesterday to tackle wrong with a big spoon There’s a bunch of different brands some local guys that are making some ones with super cool custom paint jobs something with some big flash and Then yeah just got some like I just brought a bag tackle You don’t need that many options some more rattle baits TN 60 by jackal Classic big fish bait and then this is a new one hyper glide by Acme another great option I’m not sponsor any of these companies. This is just what’s in my bag and It’s all about that active bait and the stationary bait. You want to keep that one bait ripping So many times official come in for the bait that’s ripping and then just eat them. In other times. They’ll come in and chow The rattle bait but the biggest thing is just keep it moving when that fish comes in to rattle bait Do not stop. It is not expecting the bait to stop and give up. It’s expecting the bait to get away So make that fish chase pound out on the spot get those rattles going and that’s it work that time So that should give you a little start as far as rods go This is one of my favorite rattle bit rods This is I’m going to think they make these anymore most of the rods that I’m using. They don’t make anywhere This is a 38 heavy for able rod the gussy series Awesome rod good for bigger at abates this one Oh Sam and I just picked up on the way out. It’s st Croix and what is this mojo ice 36 medium. I like longer rods One of my favorite greenback rods is a boulder discontinued 42 inch st. Croix premier medium I like long rods 36 to 42. It’s just nice It gives you a little more forgiveness with that long rod and the bend to it All right, we’re gonna raise her up I’m moving to spot number two one of the most common things You’re gonna hear from all the guys see when you talk to in the area You gotta stay moving gotta stay mobile. Sometimes small moons. Sometimes big moves are both very big move now But like I said the Fisher Romer and we’re gonna get on the plot So we’re set up again as far as deaf because unlike Winnipeg there’s there’s not a magic depth I’ve done well, or best in 12 to 17 now. It’s a pretty big range I know people have done well in like five feet of water under the ice other people into 20 feet, so Play it by ear and move around as I said and you can kind of gauge it by other fishermen that you see around it Lake Winnipeg, there’s so many fishermen If you see people moving non-stop probably means that they’re you know Struggling to find fish if you see people hunker down either they’re lazy or they’re on fish But it’s just good to watch what’s going on in the distance doesn’t mean you need to go fish their area, but you know How the Fisher might be acting and how you should act accordingly So we’re doing it. We’ve got half a day left on Lake Winnipeg and we’re still looking to break 30 All right guys, so I mean a big topic when you start looking into fishing Lake Winnipeg for the first time It can be overwhelming it is this giant bowl. There’s a million different access spots I’m no expert but I did go to the icebound Adventures website Actually, one of the best resources what I googled Lake Winnipeg access points without even knowing this was gonna happen I found adventures there interactive app was the first thing that popped up which was quite the coincidence So you look at this map here. I’ll pull it up on the screen and it’s kind of got all the main spots So we launched at prudence Creek Great spot when you’re fishing near the mouth I never launched here before but it was perfect drove the ice bar right down the creek and onto the lake East side you’ve got balsam. You’ve got Sunset Beach Road 103. Just north there in Grand Marais Grand reach That’s where we were staying at sandbar in great location for fishing the South Basin Chalet beach, you’ve got Warner. Those are two spots on the west side that I’m sure you’ve heard about if you fish Lake Winnipeg Yeah, it’s got all the spots. I’m sure there’s more if there’s you know sponsors are missing I mean comment them below if the response are in public anymore Comment that below because it’s always changing. But yeah, it’s just good to stay Chinese are there any layers? You’ll get a vibe. If you look on the message boards on some of the Facebook groups of What? Access points are in good shape and what are and some of them get beaten up pretty bad and and it’s just not worth using Beyond that when you’re on the lake be very careful with pressure ridges. So pressure ridges tend to happen more on big lakes, but It’s the same thing that the Earth’s crust. Does it just pushes together and pulls apart these big plates So these big pieces of ice will push together I’m gonna make these big heaves but in the same way, they push together They’ll actually pull apart so and that will happen within the day. So you hear these big ice shifts and The ice will pull apart and if it’s really cold like a day like today or if it’s whiteout It’ll actually skim over so they’ll be open water. It’ll be skimmed over and it’s it’s dangerous I’d I’ve had some scary experiences with pressure and just what you need to do is every time you cross it even if there’s recent tracks just pop a couple holes across make sure you have enough ice for whatever vehicle you’re taking and Don’t chance it. Sometimes if you follow that Ridge it’ll either end or you’ll find a spot where it didn’t pull apart. So be aware Now they’re in that we got a couple hours left to fish So still looking for a thirty inch or I don’t think there’s a better place in Manitoba to get a thirty inch or through the ice and Sam anything you want to add? No, you did so great. Thank you. All right back to fishing Oh Yep, fuck it. It is small Look at that he’s growing up to be a 10-pounder one day. He’s angry going back. Finally got a fish on the flasher cab So I said this before but this is one of my favorite Lake Winnipeg rods, that’s how you just battle that giant brood This is a 38 heavy. Its I don’t know it’s more of a more of a medium but nice moderate Bend And as far as tackle goes 10 pound braid I’m using at 2,500 static, but just a little bit bigger spinning reel I wouldn’t want to use like a little pad fish reel 10 pound breed. You need a uni knot or a little swivel I like using a little micro swivel and then 12 440 pound fluorocarbon. I mean, this isn’t finesse fishing This is not super clear water and these fish are big and aggressive and when you’re catching them 10 feet of water You’re setting the hook and just jacking them up to the hole basically. So every bite we’re having to work for but Everybody could be a thirty inch or so We both of the fish, okay, that’s okay. We’re marking two fish Here we go Fool fool get the big camera hit the big camera. This is way bigger than A small fish. I just put the rattle bait on and This feels big. Oh, oh, oh Oh boy No pull oh I don’t know. I think it was big They’re knocking us big please baby Oh Oh No This feels so big Don’t look at the bog on the whole This is a walleye it is huge. Come on. These headshakes are so big Oh Come on please. Oh, it’s huge. It’s a giant it’s a giant all oh geez, oh My goodness, come on Guys look at this heart. Oh Look at that fish that is what we came for right there. Look at that crunched. Oh I’m shaking. Oh The last time the fishes made me shake this much Oh Guys, that is a monster Look at that. Perfect. Perfect perky dorsal. That is a Manitoba Greenback right there. Let’s throw it on the tape head touch in that Is a 30 inch right there just over 30 30 and a half three and a quarter That fish has to be pretty close to 12 pounds big lips on that fish. Look at that fish Yeah What’s going right back? Man oh Man Wow, I that mark I thought it was something small. Oh My goodness guys. I’m a disaster. We’re ending it Right there Incredible trip to Lake Winnipeg huge shout out to icebound adventures for letting us go to the snow bear for a couple days I’m greenback fishing tour on the red. I’m giving Sam a break to recover from her sickness. This has been phenomenal three trophies in two days of fishing and Man not a lot of fish we caught three why today to rich row fees, but this is the place to catch monsters South Basin Mike Winnipeg, I’m gonna untangle myself and Thanks for watching catch you next time

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