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My Gift its a Fish | Xmas 🎅🏼 Papi On the Road 01

My Gift its a Fish | Xmas 🎅🏼 Papi On the Road 01

Hey guys! how you doing? T oday
we gonna start the new segment here in the show Papi On The Road and today it’s a Special for Xmas So Let’s check it out. We are here
in the English group today and that’s why I’m
speaking English. I’m late but I’m finally here. Wait a second,
wait a second. I have a
surprise for you guys. I wanna share a video, so
I wanna all you guys watch together in a group. Ay Papi Me Encanta! I’m late but I’m finally here. Hello guys. Hey Michael.
How you doing? I couldn’t miss this I know I have been working
like a bitch but I couldn’t miss this. There we go. Give me some love.
Give me some love. Man we have to
register this moment. Thank God you have this idea bro.
Yeah man. So I decide bring my crew here. Man it’s Xmas time we gotta make
something special here. Ok guys. For you guys don’t know me.
My friends call me Papi. Cleydson and we long time ago,
more than a year. We picked up this group
that was a bit down and we start to keep this
group moving forward. We had some ups and downs but here we are now like after one year
pretty much. Yeah more than a year. This is a very special time of the year
it’s a Christmas time and I’m very glad to… know I’ve been missing this group for
like the last two or three weeks but you know I love you guys so much I want
to be here and I couldn’t miss this moment for nothing. I’m so glad to see
all of you guys here as Papi said when he got here for the the first time
the group was like kinda dead you know nobody was worrying come together and we
we start doing this thing by ourselves because we don’t opportunity actually
I don’t have a opportunity to talk in English but after finding this group I’m talking a lot
even I’m still learning English but for me this the only way to improve my English maybe so
for you and I really want to say thank you for everyone to be here So guys the game is gonna
be like that way Michael We got shuffled their numbers pick it up
one number check it out Picked up the present, open and
check it out if you want this present or the present one before or any other. In the table. Not here but
that wasn’t opened already. Okay. Guys let’s start the game. Don’t reveal the number
till the end I think. Number two come forward.
Michael, Michael. So he starts. So start to picked up. Choose your
presente. You choose. I choose for you?
You choose. Michael you are very nice guy.
Except what you brought. This present looks nice.
In a very nice package or maybe it’s fake but anyways. You opened the present.
It’s a jar. A jar. I have this. This is my present.
This is my present. Do you wanna? It’s on you. People gonna fight for
this present. For sure. People gonna fight. Take it out. Take it out.
Oh my God. Ohh a fresh fish. Eww.
Very good. Now you gotta choose.
Now I can change that. You can change
if you want. You wanna Michael’s.
I will change with Michael. Give to them the new present. Congratulations. Five. Who’s number five?
Me, me. Did you like?
It’s that good man? Don’t you wanna the Fish? No.
Are you sure? Yes. What a surprise. Is there something inside this fish?
I don’t know. Maybe. Number six. Next. It’s not too good, guys. I don’t know.
You travel a lot. So do you wanna keep it?
Yes of course. Give your jumps. No, I gonna keep it. It’s mine. This matches with
my outfit today. It’s a lamp. It’s a lamp. You know I’m getting
old now you know…so I gonna get the wine.
I thought you prefer fish. I had preferred my fish..
but… Thanks a lot.
Thanks for nothing. Ok That’s it.That’s the one.
Noo. I think your not
keeping this for so long. What’s that? For hold your phone.
It’s a holder. I gonna keep it. I’m the next one. You can choose one.
I don’t care I know what I’m choosing. Need it. Nice. Nice.
I have one more thing. Do you wanna exchange? Wait a minute let me have a look.
Fish. Fish. Fuck with your fish. I go with the cup. Be my best.
I bought this for you. Oh shit.
You don’t have to say that. Fourteen, Fourteen.
Who’s Fourteen? I already regret. Ohh empty bottle?
Empty. A good day starts
with a great coffee. So you do you wanna keep it.
or exchange? So you going to take this?
Really, really? So it’s a revenge?
It’s a revenge. Two for one.
Two for one. Seventeen.
Juliana. There you go. Do you wanna exchange? Don’t you prefer this? You both have
the same gift. Do you wanna exchange? So if wanna steal,
you can steal that one. Oh this fits me. Jurassic Park t-shirt. Do you wanna exchange. No. So you are the last one.
Yes. So there you go.
The last it’s special. What’s this?
To clean the skin. Ohh my skin is good. Do you wanna the fish? I like fish.
Do you like fish? Let me see your fish. Do you wanna see it? Only see it.
It’s a good fish. Do you really want
to open this shit? It’s fresh I’ve got today.
But I don’t know how to cook. But I love chocolate. But maybe can
make me fat. But I love wine. Thank you so much.
You don’t wanna the fish. Michael can choose now?
That’s right. He is the last one. You gonna give me back? No, no. Wait a second,
wait a second. I wanna have a surprise for you guys.
I wanna share a video so I wanna all you guys
watch together in a group. Do you mean right now?
Yeah I’m sending right now. Hello guys here it’s Papi and I’m here
to congratulate you that receive the fucking fish. but don’t get so excited
because there is more. Here. 50 bucks for you to
get a nice present this Xmas. But wait, wait, wait.
Not that easy, not that easy. It’s inside the fish. I’ve thought.
I’ve thought. Michael you lost
Michael Beautiful.
Thanks for nothing. So guys, you guys lost 50 bucks,
that was inside the fish. Anyway guys.Thank very much
for all guys that came here today. Guys let’s take a picture now. Yeah.
All together. Everybody. Fish.
Fishhhh. We arrived here at Vinnix Studios
for little gift for Papi. Surprise. That little Xmas prank. You will see Papi
without Papi’s costume. Shirtless boy. Are you working out?
Sexy. Merry Xmas. What’s up?
Whata about this wine? Because we didn’t prepare this shit.
We had improvised…so Little gift. But we have a surprise.
You not going to open now. You going to open. In the Live. But the Live going to be this Sunday.
Yeah this Sunday.

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