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MY NEW FAVORITE LIGHT! Fluval Plant Spectrum 3.0 LED Light Review

MY NEW FAVORITE LIGHT! Fluval Plant Spectrum 3.0 LED Light Review

Hey everybody Cory from Aquarium Co-op, today I’ve got another review. I’m pretty excited about this one. This one is the Fluval plant 3.0 Which is a little bit crazy because they’ve never done the plant light before so it’s the Fluval 2.0 but now it’s the plant light. So they changed the spectrum on it. It was 7500 Kelvin, now it’s 6500 Kelvin and we’re gonna stress test this thing. I’m just gonna say that right now. Uh, So I’m gonna go over a few features. One Bluetooth technology, what does that mean? It means it’s got a wicked cool app. They did it right this time unlike the 2.0 that had an 80 or $90 accessory that sucked. No more, they fix that, we’ll show you that. Uh, and it’s a 24/7 light what does that mean? That means sunrise to sunset night-time modes and you’re gonna ah I seen that before but it’s too, too, It’s, it’s, Its, too long too short too much Light – not enough light when I want to sleep all those things. Don’t worry, fully customizable that is sweet. Uh, that being said it’s not a cheap light. I think something like this is gonna go for about 200 bucks. We don’t know yet, MSRPs or anything like that haven’t come out so not quite sure at the time of making this video. Uh, but I will say this; I’ve played with it a little bit and I know we’re gonna sell it. So if you’re watching this video, and you’re gonna buy one of these remember Cory at Aquarium Co-op showed you all the features and all the awesomeness before you go buy it on Amazon. Because we’re gonna sell at the same price as Amazon, why not support nice guy Cory at Aquarium Co-op, small business owner, bringing you the stress test on the new light with PAR data, that’s right. But there’s way too many cool things to do than we can do in this normal studio. We’re going to the studio out there; the big one. Hey, everybody welcome to Aquarium Co-op. That’s not what I say We’re going over the Fluval fresh Planted 3.0 light Which claims to be better than the 2.0 hence the 3.0, but I figure we better get a baseline with the 2.0. I’ve got that setup right here. We have a PAR meter. We have the 2.0 in place. I’m not gonna move the PAR meter at all just swap the lights. We’re gonna play with settings. So at the start right now we’ve got 32 to 33 PAR on the 2.0 on this 125 gallon tank. Now I’m going to swap and that’s a 4-foot light, we’re gonna swap it directly for the new 3.0 and start taking a look. Alright so, got my phone here and I’ve got the new 3.0. Why do I have my phone? Because it’s controlled by your phone. It’s got, it goes through your Wi-Fi. So I gotta wake my phone up here And uh, you know first free, free plugs. I’ve got the Aquarium Co-op app. So if you are missing all our podcasts and that type of stuff you could totally do that and play with all the features and Uh, stuff like that. But right next to it we do have the Fluval app And that’s a good thing. Comes with its own app dedicated. Uh, we’re gonna click on Aquarium Co-op review light. Cuz that’s what I named it you name all your lights. So it just turned it on because I turned it on through here and there’s a million different modes, right. So the first thing we’re gonna play with uh, we’re gonna go into manual mode. I Had everything turned off in manual mode And we can start just playing with settings. This thing is fully customizable as far as I can tell. I play with a lot of things. So, you might be going what’s, what’s the pink light look like? We’ll just crank that up. We could get, do any percentage between zero and a 100 percent we wanted and so if we crank that up, we know that would be one PAR worth of light, so that’s not very useful, but if you wanted a pink tank there you go. But what if we crank all these on to full? That’s what we do want to know. So we’re cranking them all on, we’ve got them all on now. At least through here. Now we’ve got 27 PAR. So, less than the Fluval 2.0. That’s a little disappointing but I think we can do a lot of cool things. The other thing to know is that this spectrum is different this is 6500 Kelvin and the old Fluval 2.0 was uh, 7500 Kelvin so they changed it a little bit, but let me show you what the app can do and I think it’s pretty cool. So if we flip over to auto mode. You’re gonna see a bunch of stuff on, the graphs and all that kind of stuff. It’s what we’ve always wanted in a 24/7 light. We can dictate what sunrise is, daylight looks like, evening, sunset and night and so the first thing we can do is we could open up sunrise and let’s say you wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning. We can set that to start at 4 o’clock and maybe you get ready for; you want to see your fish waking up between 4 & 5 a.m. You see the graphs moving? We could say that’s where we want that we want daylight. Uhm. Well yeah I guess. So that’s where it’s gonna start Hold on here. Yeah, that’s where it starts. And then we’ve got the daylight setting so, that’s kind of the ramp up and the ramp down. We can choose what we want. Like this particular setting right now is set you know at 70% We can move any color to get the shades you like. So if you like lots of blues or you’ve got a lot of red fish you want to accentuate if you just want all on you want just max everything. You can do that. There you go, and then you set when the sunset happens and so you could make that happen whenever you want. You could go, oh well, you know we started the day pretty early we want you know, let’s say we want it to be at 2 o’clock in the afternoon is when the sunrise or sunset will start and maybe we want that to take 2 hours. So we’re gonna put that at 1600 and you can click save there. That’s your sunset. And you can do the night-time mode. Like one of the biggest criticisms about lights that have 24/7 mode is uh, it’s too bright, you know at night. You can flip that around too by just adjusting it, and so its default setting is 5% but you could have it be 20% or 0% or you could go you know what I want a little bit of red or pink or whatever you want in there, all those could be in there. So you could click save with you know, you want full blackout. That’s what I’ve got set right here and so now we’ve set that, right. We’ve set what we want it to do and you could go through that all day and night long. And then you can do this cool thing where you can preview like what would my day look like to the fish? And it does it in about a minute, so I’m gonna click that button. And so you can see here it went dark because we decided it was gonna be pitch black at night there’s no color at all or no lights at all going on. Then Sunrise starts happening, it’s ramping up. That’s probably flickering on your screen because it changes the intensity of LEDs you can’t see that in person it’s just a camera optic thing, that’s the problem there. And that’ll run through uhm, you know until the whole day. However long we set that period and then it’s gonna start ramping down. All right, so let’s say you don’t want to fool around with all that stuff, and you just want it to work. Well, you just click the export button like so, and you get presets. The presets it comes with is tropical river, comes with Lake Malawi If you had like an African Cichlid tank. Comes with a planted tank. You also see one named Cory. What is that? You can set your own things like if you wanted a Halloween one or a Valentine’s Day one like you could do anything you wanted and what I think is gonna be really cool is I fully expect like oh yeah I’m using the Aquarium Co-op one or I’m using this person their I really like the way their tank looks. So I’m using that preset. You can download them and share them and change the settings and save it and go back to it. So like let’s say we just want to; we’re looking at a planted tank we can click the planted tank button hit the export boom that exports it to the light and now we have that color profile, and you can see on the screen here all of them are different And you could go well even that, like I really wish it had more reds during the day. You can go well we’re at 84% let’s kick that up to a 100% cuz I like a little bit more red on my Cherry Barbs or something like that so, It’s fully tunable. Even if you use the auto settings, which is just crazy to me. Like, it’s what we’ve been wanting in a light forever. You know, so I gotta say pretty cool with the technology. I’m a little disappointed it came down in PAR a little bit You know, but you can also make presets where you click buttons and make it do things. Uhm You can also just turn the light all the way off with the with the, with the app there. Which I don’t know why you would this is kind of one of those things you’re gonna kind of set and forget I would guess after you play with it for a while. But what I do like about this is, it is an app there will probably be updates. It’ll probably get more features like they’ve got other stuff like you can click on the web so you can go watch their YouTube videos. They’ve got other settings where we’re at version 1.0.4. And all this functionality used to cost, if you had a Fluval 2.0, it used to be 80 or 90 bucks. This functionality is free. Like it’s just an app you download for Android or iOS. You know, if you’ve got some other platform maybe it’ll be difficult for you. The other thing you can do is you can pair other devices. So, if you have two lights on your tank or whatever, you want to set all of them at the same time now It’s searching for another device. There is no other devices. I only have one here at the moment, so we’ll never find one but you can pair them. And it’s super cool. You can name them whatever you want you can make them do types of things. You know, I can change the name there. So I think you get how the app works we can play with all this stuff real time. You’re watching me just go back and forth and that color is changing, and it’s, it’s fluid. That’s the thing is, you could sit there one afternoon and get what your perfect colors are. Maybe it’s that, at you know, you like to wake up to that whatever it’s gonna be. I think that functionality is wicked cool. And it’s only a little bit less PAR and to be, to be fair at 26, 27 PAR and there’s a little bit of plants in the way, just like the other one we had. You know we lost maybe? 8, 9, 10 PAR depending on the water flicker here. Uh, but for that much functionality, I think it’s worth it because I don’t need A few more PAR really. It’s either A, I need something way more powerful and I’ll run two or B, I will uh just you know, do without. Uh, I did forget to mention this just like the Fluval 2.0 has a three year warranty And they make it really simple on us at least Uh, so if you have a problem we ship you a new one out or a new ballast or anything like that. that being said they’re brand new. I haven’t noticed any problems yet the Fluval 2.0 didn’t have many problems I would hope the successor Uh, is moving in a better direction. So even fewer problems. So if you enjoyed this give it a thumbs up, consider buying a light from us, and we’ll see you in the next review and as always no matter what we do we’ll forget something or there will be questions that aren’t answered ask those down below and then if you have a question about something that wasn’t in the video go in the question or the comments and look we’ve probably answered that or tested It ourselves and forgot to put it in a video, or it got cut for a time constraints. So thank you guys so much and we’ll see you in the next one.

37 comments on “MY NEW FAVORITE LIGHT! Fluval Plant Spectrum 3.0 LED Light Review

  1. Bought 2 48" 59w 3.0 for my 180gl tank… excited and hope to hit atleast mid level.

    Sadly couldnt buy from you since you guys dont do export… yet :p

  2. Anyone here have any tips on light intensity settings for day and night? What are you running at? Just want to support good plant growth. No light overnight? A little blue?

  3. Bought my 3.0 LED from Aquarium Co-Op last week, I'm really loving the light and it was cool seeing this guy at Aquashella in Dallas. Awesome stuff and happy to support small business!

  4. Thanks for the excellent review Cory! Thanks to your video, I just ordered the light from your web site for my 20 gal long. Cant wait for the green fun.

  5. I have this light. Got it pre-owned at my LFS for $50. Love it. It's has really made my pink flamingo crypts and Red Reineckii pop with color. Took a while to figure out that there is not specific time for the daytime setting as it is just the end of sunrise and the beginning of sunset. That just did not sink in at first. Maybe you explained it, but I was so fascinated by nerdy app stuff that I missed it.

  6. Hi guys. Im looking for LED that are considered high-very high intense lights.. I want to grow dwarf baby tears as my carpeting plants. My budget is $200 but cheaper is better. I am considering this fluval 3.0, finnex Ray 2, finnex 24/7.. I currently have Nicrew and i read that it is considered low light. My tank height is 2ft.. any suggestions??

  7. Hey cory I have a 125 gallon tank. Dimensions are 72in long by 18 wide and 21 inches tall. Should I get 2 36 fixtures or one 48? Thanks for the help.

  8. I would love to buy from you but as always, shipping to Canada obviously a problem. Thanks for your hours of information though, if I can't buy from you I'm happy to learn from you.

  9. Does the 3.0 also fit as a second LED in a Fluval Flex 123 l or are the lamps too wide?

    Thank you 🙂

    I have already suggested to Fluval that they should integrate a feature in the app that allows individual LEDs to be grouped together.

    Then you could all program at the same time without creating 3 different settings.

  10. This is double the price of finnex 24/7 v2 in Aus :S also its kinda more pinky and yellowy colors wise as it has no green

  11. Do you need a glass tank cover, or can you run it over open water? My cover is getting cloudy. Vinegar doesn’t clean it well enough. Thanks

  12. I have a 75 gallon tank 48” long. which size should i buy since one size lights max size is 48 and the other larger size min size is 48. so both could work right just the bigger one with 48 inch min would cover the whole tank in lights correct? Also is this light even worth buying just for looks, I don’t have any live plants in my tank but i hate the standard light that’s currently on my tank. I would really love to set up a light schedule morning day night but i don’t know if it’s worth the purchase just for that purpose since I don’t have live plants. Any suggestions?

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  14. is it a better option to use three smaller lights placed along the breadth instead of a single long light running across the length of the tank in a planted aquarium

  15. Cory I'm really leaning on getting this light from you. I have a 40breeder. So I would need the 36to48inch fixture… ??? Is could I grow high light plants like dwarf baby tears carpet… I have a beamswork da fspec R.G.B now and inject pressurized co2 with ferts the 3.0 will be a addition for complete substrate coverage.

  16. Looking into getting this for my first high tech tank but I am sooooo confused. I’m wanting to setup a 20G long any advice is truly appreciated

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