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My Own Fish Store Tour. FRESHWATER PUFFERFISH, Nano Fish, Rare Plecos, Planted Aquariums.

Hey everyone, Cory from Aquarium Co-op. Today I’m doing the store tour. It’s requested. It may be my most requested besides my own
fish room tour, so I’m going to get it done. It’s hard for me to remember that every month
there’s 5,000 new people that join the channel that have never seen my fish store before. I think, “Oh yeah, it’s the same stuff,” But
you guys haven’t seen it. Then as I go around the country and visit
other fish stores I realize we do have kind of a lot of cool stuff in our fish store,
so I can see why even the people that have been around for a long time still want to
see what we have. I’m just kind of in the front of the store
at the moment, and I thought I’d show off with … Or not show off, but start off with
a display tank. I know the glare’s terrible but kind of a
Red Veiltail Betta with a bunch of Cardinal Tetras with some Dwarf Saggitaria. Up above this is back stock, so we’ve got
Vals and Java Fern, so when you guys order Java Ferns you’re getting these giant healthy
ones typically whenever we can buy them. Got some Bubble Eye Goldfish up here, and
then more Roseline Sharks and Val back stock. We sell so much Val to you guys. You guys love it. This is a scape that we just put together. I say we, I actually mean Kaleigh, so we’re
just working on that. Changed up this is 30 feet long. Got the Silvertip Tetras here which are super
cool. The intense orange is the boys, the lighter
color are the females. There’s some Otos, and we’ve got Bucephilandra,
and we’ve some Starougyne Repens, and we’ve got a Tiger Lotus, that kind of stuff. Lots of wood for sale, always lots of aquascaping
materials, as much as we can keep in stock. We’ve also got tufa rock. We’ve got lava rock. I think both of those are on the website now. We also have dragon stone and seiryu stone. We’ve got Manzanita wood and Mopane wood. More Manzanita’s on the way. Over here we’ve got … This is where we stack
up the kits we’ve been selling so many there’s not that many stacked up but. Got to turn the corner then you start hitting
the real store, lot of dry goods over here and yeah, so let’s dive into some fish. Here we got some Platinum Angels with Neon
Tetras. There’s kind of a rare fish right here this
is the Pygmy Swordtail, that’s a male. Think we only got one male left so it doesn’t
do anyone a lot of good. We’ve also got Albino Corydora’s, we’ve got
Bamboo Shrimps crawling on the sponge. Usually we’ve got they’re up above too, yes
there they are there, so we’ve got some of those guys. Should be a Redfin Sternella Pleco as well
as these Bristlenose in there too. I don’t know where the Sternella is but. Let’s see, scroll down … Scroll down – ha. Been on the computer too much. We’ve got Rosy Barbs and Pearl Danios down
here. If we go over one tank we’ve got Jurapari. That’s a sand-sifting geophagus. Well, all the geophagus are really are sand-sifting. Then we got Yoyo Loaches. Up top we’ve got Guppies. We sell a lot of Guppies, lot of lot of Guppies. One above that we’ve got Snakeskin Guppy Pairs. If I can get to focus in here. Here you go. We also go the Danio Chorprae or the Glowlight
Danio. This is a normal color variant, you can see
this in the wild. One of my favorite Danios a little bit more
spendy about four bucks a piece, but they’re really cool. Then we’ve got Zebra Danios over here at a
buck a piece. Some people use them for feeders some people
just want cheap fish. So there’s that. Over here this is what we have left of the
Red Eye Tetras. Nice healthy school of them. Down here we’ve got Rummy Nose Tetras and
the normal Honey Gourami like the wild formed coloration. You can see the males colored up there. We’ve also got the Pinstripe Panaque Pleco. Unfortunately, it’s a little dark but you
can just see his face that pinstripe look going on there. Down low we’ve got some Japanese Rice Fish
the Platinum variety and a Betta, Crowntail. Next stop over we’ve got Platties with lots
of water lettuce floating on top there. We go up we’ve got the female Powder Blue
Gouramis. These are one of my favorites, they’re pretty
docile. We’ve got Bronze Cory’s and we’ve also got
some Reticulated Hillstream Loaches. That’s what the guys in the glass are, they
kind of look like alien face-suckers. And then we’ve got the Neon Green Rasbora
as well and more live plants, the water lettuce up top because it just looks cool right? And we’ve got Duck Weed. It helps keep water quality up. Up above we’ve got tons of small Roseline
Sharks. We sell these at nine bucks a piece. Eat your heart out Australia and wherever
else they’re saying they were crazy expensive. Yeah but some of these guys are super duper
tiny. Moving right along, here’s the Super Red Koi
Angel’s we sell. A lot of people say, “Well, they don’t look
that red whenever I show them in this video.” Most of these, I say most because some did
come from a wholesaler are locally bred and you’re going, “Okay, yeah they’re not that
red.” But we do have a pair that have been raised
up from us over here, that’s what these guys are right here. This is just normal lighting no trickery or
anything. That’s pretty high coverage if you ask me. Of course he won’t let me show the side of
him. There’s another one, not as high a coverage
but still, pretty high a coverage honestly. These are what I would consider, super red. They get more intense as they grow up. That’s just what’s to know about that. Over here we’ve got plant tanks this is where
you guys are ordering all your plants from. You can see we’ve got lots of Tiger Lotuses,
and there’s some Pennywort, Bacopa, and then down low we’ve got things like Staurogyne
Repens, we’ve got Dwarf Baby Tears, normal Baby Tears. Then we’ve got a new one that I haven’t had
in the store before and that is Staurogyne Porto Velho. Then we’ve got Pearl Weed and we’ve got one
of my absolute favorites but it takes CO2 and that is the Mermaid Weed or Sawtooth Hygro. Looks super awesome. And then more and more plants, these are one
of my favorites I think people should order more of these. These are the Red Flame Swords look at all
that cool marbling. Obviously I was talking about that Java Fern
earlier. So we’ve got Java Fern, Narrow Leaf Java Fern,
Java Fern Windelov. Then we start hitting the Anubiases, Anubias
Golden, Anubias in a petite, we’ve got Nana, we’ve got Barteri, we’ve got Coffeefolia,
Congensis. And lots of Dwarf Sages and Crypts and stuff
like that, there’s a back stock up top there. Then this right here is kind of a cool little
set up we sell it’s a Nanoponic Tank is what they call it. You can grow plants out of the top. We’ve got a bunch of Pothos growing up and
above and it’s creeping along the store at this point. It’s hard to keep it well-fed off such a small
tank. In this tank here we’ve got Norman Lampeye
Killis. You see that glowing eye that looks at you
from across the room. It doesn’t show up nearly as well on camera
as it does in person. They’re amazing. We’ve got lots of Blue Velvet Shrimp, that’s
what all these guys are. Kind of pan through them there. The moss balls if you guys are going to order
those online, they come out of this tank. Next tank over we’ve got lots of Bucephalandra. Those are flowers, that’s what a Bucephalandra
flower looks like. We’ve also got Madagascar Lace Plants these
are just starting to sprout. We’ve got some Panda Guppies that I bred and
we’ve got Brigittae Rasboras. Whoops, going out of focus. We’ve got Rosy Loaches. Rosy Loaches are pretty cool too. That what that little guy is. Down low we’ve got a bunch of snails and frogs,
so we’ve got Nerite Snails, Mystery Snails, there’s a Betta in there, there’s frogs. Next tank over we’ve got tons of Amano Shrimp,
at least usually we do. Let’s see. Can I see a bunch? Yeah, there’s a bunch. We use them to clean up some plants like in
this tank right now we’ve got, this is Hygrophila Pinnatifida and we’ve got a little bit of
water sprite, we’ve got a little bit of algae. Getting it cleaned up. Next tank over we have Long Fin White Clouds. Now they’re not super long fin yet but they
will. If you’ve ever seen long fin versions like
those ones are starting to get longer up there, start looking pretty darn cool. One of my favorite fish. If you notice on the back wall there’s baby
Plecos. We’re also breeding Bristlenose in the store
here. There’s that cave right there and I don’t
where mom and dad are but we’re up to several generations going on. This is Christmas moss in this tank. If we can go over to this tank, what have
we got going on over here? Is it Endlers? Blue Silverado Endlers. Looks like I got a bunch of females left in
the Blue Axelrodi Rasbora. That’s kind of a cool one. What else do we have in here? Assassin Snails and Orange Shrimp, and we
got Crypt not Crypt, Aponogeton Undulatus in here. We sell those. Up above, we’ve got Male Congo Tetras and
Siamese Algae Eaters with Java Fern on Wood, like we sell on the website and in store. If we come one over here, we’ve got Gertrudae
Rainbows. A lot of the times people haven’t seen these
in person they look amazing if you can’t tell already. The ones that are all colored up with extra
finnage are males and the plain-Jane looking ones are the girls. Also in here we’ve got a few Pygmy Corydoras,
we’ve got Aponogeton Bovinianus just starting to sprout and a lot of Silver Kuhiloaches. The Silver Kuhiloaches, they stay a lot skinnier
and they’re just kind of a cool fish. Down low we got some Subwassertang which I’m
going to take a portion of that home today I think and some normal White Clouds but these
White Clouds they’re looking good. At least I think so. Nice, dark coloration on the fins, good strain
in my opinion. Then over here we’ve got Banana Plant town. Tons of Banana Plants and Pea Puffers. Have you seen a better tank? I don’t think so. Pea Puffers and Bananas? You got everything you need for a balanced
diet right there. Bananas and peas. Up top we’ve got Cherry Shrimp. These are our normal Cherry Shrimp we sell
which in my opinion are pretty darn good. Then just in the back there chilling we got
a Zebra Pleco we sell. Everyone always asks, “How much is it?” $150 bucks. We’ve got Rice Fish here. See if I can show you the eggs on this one
right here. I’ve got to zoom out. You see the eggs on the anal fin? If it moves my camera has trouble focusing
on it. Let me see if I can find another one. It’s super cool. They basically run around they deposit those
eggs on a plant somewhere, yeah, it’s just not showing off well. These are Aponogeton Ulvaceus and so these
are bulbs as well they just sprout a little faster typically. We send these in the plant packages and stuff. They do well. Let me get up here. Nothing in this tank really beside some Bristlenose
and this Veiltail Betta, and we’ve got a Oranda Goldfish hanging out in here. We put it in here for clean up crew, red Cap
and there was a bunch of Duck Weed and algae and stuff and it’s gotten rid of almost all
of it. It also did a little bit of a number on the
plants but it was so covered in algae it was doing us a favor. Another plant holding tank lots of plants
we sell so many that we really have to expand plant holding capacity. My employees have been complaining about it
an extra amount this week. Then down low we got Salvinia growing in the
top here. It kind of looks like Cat’s Tongue. Then down below we’ve got Discus, why not
right? People always ask, “How much are the Discus?” Well the most expensive ones in here are $60
bucks something like that guy would be $60 bucks. The cheapest ones in here like that guy would
be $40 bucks. Yeah. We don’t sell a whole lot of Discus just because
most people aren’t ready for them and that type of thing. Everyone thinks they want them but maybe they
don’t. Got the whole lighting wall there. Heaters and all knickknacks and doodads and
thingies. Where did we leave off on this wall? Kind of a cool fish if you guys haven’t seen
it before the Purple or Black Rasbora Hets. I think they’re super cool. Then we’ve got Endlers Liverbearer in here. Some whale, females and some nice and small
males. Should have, let’s see we’ve got Royal Farlowella
right there. We’ve got Green Phantom as well. Green Phantom Pleco. Down below, I can’t wait to put these outside,
I’ve got these at home. These are the Orange Japanese Rice Fish. Super duper cool, I think they’re going to
look great when you look down on them in a pond. That one’s got eggs too, let’s see if I can
show you. It’s just so hard. You can see that egg on the anal fin but it
keeps coming in and out of focus I apologize for that. Really hard to focus in on a fish carrying
an egg. Over here we’ve got not the most rare fish
but a cool fish for sure and that is the Egyptian Mouthbrooder, Multicolor Victoriae. They’re really cool, West African cichlid. Also have Keyholes in this tank and some Bristlenose
Plecos. Up above we got some small Cardinal Tetras
and Rams. If I can zoom in on these Rams here. Our Rams typically do pretty well, my tip
to anyone watching this keep them hot we keep them at about 84 degrees. That’s what they do well in. We’re real low, we usually have a bunch of
Dwarf Petricolas in here but we’re low today. Shipment’s coming in. Up top we’ve got a bunch of Glowlight Tetras
and some Silver Hatchetfish and a cellophane Koi Betta. Over here we’ve got some male Dwarf Gouramis
that you guys might have seen in a previous shipment that were accidentally shipped in,
and they’re still sitting here as we talked people out of buying them because they’re
too aggressive. Looks like a guy might be getting dominated
back there. Still alive but, you know, not liking it. Too many males. Yuck. Then we’ve got some Marble Hatchetfish. Down low we’ve got Apistogramma Cacatuoides
Orange Flash. That’s what this cichlid is. People usually ask in the video, “What was
that thing?” That’s what it is. Apistogramma Cacatuoides Orange Flash. I’m actually going to show it on camera so
that way you can see what you’re looking at there. Yes, we sell him for $20 bucks they’re locally
bred, it looks super good. We also combine them with some Porkchop Rasboras
and some Orange Laser Corydoras. Orange Lasers are hiding in the back there. Let’s see, over here we’ve got Sterbei Corys
and the Drape Fin Barb, that’s what this guy is right here. Kind of a rare Barb that’s peaceful. He’s got that big dorsal fin, if he stops
swimming maybe he’ll put it up for us. We’ve got the Green Fire Tetras and we’ve
got some rarer Catfish in there. We’ve got the L092 Head Spot Pleco. Black Ghost Knife hiding in the coconut no
doubt. Up top one of my favorite tanks pure freshwater
Mollys. Actual freshwater, not brackish, they’re really
freshwater. Then we’ve got Silver Hatchets. Then we’ve got this Plakat that I’m in love
with. See if he swims to the side here you’ll see
why. He’s just gorgeous I think. He’s got that great color on the finnage and
then the nice blue body. Over here this is a tank that I love, we’ve
got a Odessa Barbs, that’s the ones with the red stripe through them. We’ve got the Black Phantom Tetras that’s
what that guy is with the black obviously. Then when got a rare Danio again and it’s
the Kyathit Danio with that orange. Different than the Glowlight or the Choprae
Danio. There’s a lot of cool Danios people don’t
get to see very often and that’s kind of a fun tank to watch. We’ve got the normal Sunset Honey Gourami
here, that’s what these guys are. Then we’ve got some baby Panda Garras, or
the Panda Log Sucker. You can see one on top of the sponge there,
kind of gets the Panda name. Then we’ve got a lot of Julii Corydoras. Kind of a basic tank. There might be some Royal … Oh yeah, there’s
a Royal Pleco. If I can get it, there we go, kind of under
the wood. Sawmill action going. Down low we’ve got an assorted Rainbow tank
and these are Wapoga Red Lasers locally bred. Pretty rare fish in the hobby at this point
and then we’ve got Madagascar Rainbow, there’s the Irian Red Rainbow and some Boesemanis
that type of thing. Over here, we have locally bred Dwarf Neon
Rainbows we sell those at $5 bucks which I hear crazy talk of stores selling them at
$15 which is insane to me. Then we got Gold Nugget Plecos, couple of
them chilling right on the back glass. Do we have any Lipstick Gobys left? Where are they at? I don’t see them at the moment but there might
be some in there. We’ve got the Panda Corydoras hanging out. Kind of a lively tank when you look at it
from behind. Then we’ve got Dojo Loaches both gold and
normals kicking around in here having some fun. We’re out of Goldfish, I’ve got to bring Goldfish
from home. Up top we have got Black Neon Tetras, tons
of those and a Dumbo Plakat Betta. Got a whole tank of Cherry Barbs. Let’s see if they’ll do the schooling action. No, they don’t do it as well as some of the
other fish do. When you put your finger up there. Then we’ve in here super duper cheap Angels
for $3 bucks a piece. Then we’ve got Zebra Loaches if I can get
to focus in. If I light up the back maybe. Yeah, there we go. A lot of Zebra Loaches. We’ve got also Long Fin Green Dragon Bristlenose,
that’s what these guys are. Couple little baby Ranchus below that. Then over here we have the normal Medaka Rice
Fish. This is just a normal variant, no colors or
anything like that, nothing crazy. Lot of Bristlenose. Some Clown Plecos in there. Up top we’ve got the Dwarf Chain Loaches and
the Ember Tetras. And we’ve got some Long Fin Albino Bristlenose. Up here we have the dollar bin. All these fish in this bin are one dollar. You’ve got some Neon Tetras, and a Swordtail
or Platy, and a Glowlight Tetra. These things that go through our quarantine
that get given to us that we don’t want to mix in with our tanks that might have … I
wouldn’t put one Glowlight Tetra into the tank we have 200 of them in because if that
guy brings something, I don’t want to chance it. Next we have another tank of Guppies down
further in the store, always enjoyable. Up top we have Pink Flamingo Guppies, and
then of course a Mbu Puffer fish, little baby, because since we have the big guy, which you
guys can see at the end here, everyone wants to buy one so we kind of have to have one
on hand, $225 bucks. We try not to sell them very often because
most people aren’t ready for them but when they are, we’re here to help. Another kind of rare Danio, the Orange Hatchet
Danio is kind of cool, if I can get it to focus in correctly. Just a fun one and living with a Veiltail
Betta, blue one. Down low, we’ve got the Silver Tip Tetras
and we’ve got some Kuhli Loaches. Let’s see if I can get these guys to school
up. No, we don’t have enough of them anymore. Then supposedly we have a Red Hump Eartheater
and some Plecos down there but I think we sold the Red Hump. Yeah and I think I missed my Swordtails right
here. A lot of Swordtails. Then we’ve got … This is a pseudo display
tank and I say pseudo because we haven’t done anything with it in probably six months. Currently it’s got some Mollys that just live
in here lots of Dragonstone, and Crypts. I love Crypts. That’s all Crypt Lutea. Then we’ve got Vesuvius growing up front. The Plecos in here breed that’s why they see
Plecos all over the place. They’re breeding. There’s albino and there’s normal on the wood
right there. Lot of Duck Weed up top. Because I’m here before the store opens, the
lights not on but we’ve got a lot of Goldfish down here, you can kind of see them. We’ve got let’s see, Black Ranchus, Calico
Ranchus, Ingot Orandas. We’ve got Ryukins, we’ve got big Veiltail
Ryukin. Think over here Sarasa Comet. I’m going to get the light on and then we’ll
shoot … I’ll feed Murphy because if you’ve never seen him eat, he’s amazing. He’s about 12, 14 inches at the moment and
totally loves to ham up the camera and just smile and wave and beg for food and so I’ll
make sure I get him fed today for you guys. So stay tuned for that. Light just came on for the tank Murphy’s hunting
in the back I can see him, and hopefully we’ll put some clams in he’ll come running. He sees them. He’s too preoccupied with whatever he’s hunting. Come on, buddy. Here he comes. He knows now he’s like, “Wait a second.” Yeah, you were snoozing back there buddy. I’ll back up a little bit, so he stops watching
me. Normally I always feed him later in the day
so he’s not used to breakfast. Hear that crunch? Murphy’s a Mbu Puffer if you guys didn’t already
know that. Everyone asks what he is and he is a true
freshwater puffer. You got a couple more buddy right here. Right here, look. Follow me. He’s got a belly on him. He’s too busy he wants to play with me instead
of eating now. He’s my buddy. Come on Murphy, let’s do some laps. Let’s do laps, come on. I’ve got to bring a Mbu Puffer home so I can
play with him more. They’re just fun to play and do laps and … Down here you missed two. Right here. Right there. Yeah, I’m pointing at them. There you go. I honestly feel like its having a puppy except
they live underwater. One more right here. Phones a-ringing. One last one. Are you done? Do you want to do more laps? Be a show fish. All right well thanks for hanging out that’s
the store, hopefully you found some cool stuff you like and I’ll try and do this more often
I always say that but I’m going to try and do it once a month that’s my new resolution
to do it once a month and that way you can watch Murphy grow and see what’s in the store
so thanks for hanging out, checking out our videos and we’ll see you in the next one.

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