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My TOP 5 aquarium fish!!!

My TOP 5 aquarium fish!!!

so today I wanna talk about my top 5 favourite acuarium fish and some very intresting details about them but first some really exciting news the ultimate DIY Handbook with the DIY aquarist is now shipping internationally it would ship anywhere in the world with free shipping included now I´m not shure how long I´m gonna be able to offer the free shipping however I was able to negotiate for the rest of this month so if you wanna get a copy get it now you can get your copy at the KINGDIY.COM or just click the link in the description below ok so in my top 5 favourite aquarium fish . this is how this video is going to work I can always list my top 3 favourite acuarium fish no matter what they are always the same top 3 and they´re always in the same order number 4 and 5 well that can be a little tricky especially if I extend the list to a top 10 top 15 top 20 that will always vary depending on the time on my hobby and what I´m currently intresting in however this list will focus on my top 3 favourites of all time. Number 4 deserves that spot more of a sentimental fish to me number 5 is in simply because I´m enjoying keeping them right now let´s start with number one and work our way down number 1 if you guessed the asian arowana you´re absolutely correct now the asian arowana in my opinion and for a number of reasons is the absolute king of the aquarium hobby theres.. (get back here) there is really no other fish in the hobby as highly sold after as the asian arowana now here you´re really familiar with this individual fish he appeared in many of my videos what I wanna talk about is today with this guy though is top questions that I´ve get about him maingly is ¿it a boy or a girl? or ¿why don´t you breed it? or ¿why don´t you breed it? the answers to that are surprisingly obvius let´s start with why I Don´t have a tank full of asian arowana first and for most this is the most expensive aquarium fish in the world some of them reaching into the thousands and thousands of dollars for this variant of asian arowana wich is a blue base cross back you can expect to pay anywhere between 1 and 5 thounsand dollars so hopelly that answers you´re questions about the why I don´t have several now if I where to have 2 chances are they will fight to the death unless they area a mated pair but even having a male and female asian arowanas in there it doesn´t warranty anything arowana comunity tanks do exist though however they exist with numbers of exceeding 7 asian arowanas in the same tank in a relatively smaller tank aswell imagine me buying 7 fish and paying 2.000$ a piece we´re talking of 14thousand dollars so obviusly the cost I prohibited for me if they weren´t I would definitly have a asina arowana comunnity why don´t I breed it though that´s a really intresting question for one I don´t know what this is is it a male or is this a female? we´ll get into the sexing in a second but not knowing what you have how are you suposed to know what to buy I guess I could take the chance and buy another asian arowana thats the same size of this guy wich at 8 inches I can expect to pay 2.000$ for this fish but at 22 inches shipping became a lot more difficult and the price can pottentially skyrocket so not only o have to cross my fingers and hope that I can find the fish that is a suitable size but is also the opposite sex plus the odds of getting along and becoming a mated pair are pretty slim so I how do you sex the asian arowana though Number 4 deserves that spot more of a sentimental fish to me and by sure I mean a hundred percent sure i can come to a boat seventy percent sure on its sex but not 100 a nation arowana that is a year older younger are impossible to sex even the farms can’t do it and since they take between three and five years to reach sexual maturity it becomes even more difficult to tell their sex now mine is about four years old which is a good agent size to determine its X now to be clear there’s a number of ways to do it but none of them are for sure there are the typical indications of being able to tell the sex like the female should have a smaller head shorter Gill plates and a wider body and on that same note the mail is said to have a larger job because it’s a mouth broader when the female lays the eggs the male fertilizes them and then carries them in his mouth now because they do that they’ve developed a larger job males will also make a croaking noise now I’ve never heard it but i’ve also never had a breeding pair of marijuana for him to be able to display that but even that isn’t for sure and it doesn’t help that i only have one arowana with no other guaranteed sex compared to however in recent years there’s been a couple of farms that have collaborated and and combine their knowledge on sexy asian arowana and they’ve come up with the arrow want a gender index now the arowana gender index is essentially a mathematical equation based off the dimensions of the arowanas head and it looks like this in centimeters if you measure the head height and add it to the length of the head then multiply that number by the length of the head and the width of the head and then finally divide all of that by the height of the head you’ll get a number now they say that if your number is below a hundred and eleven it means it’s a female if it’s above a hundred and eleven it means it’s a male and these farms say that it’s about seventy percent accurate but again it’s not a hundred percent accurate and for a guy like me that can’t really afford to take chances on fish that cost thousands of dollars it’s just not accurate enough but for fun let’s apply this equation to this fish and figure out what it’s more likely to be the width of this guy’s head is two-and-a-half inches or 6.35 centimeters the length is four-and-a-half inches or 11.5 centimeters the height of its head is three inches or seven point six centimeters no those are just rough estimates but they’re going to be close enough so if i apply these numbers to the equation i get a hundred eighty 7.85 which is well above a hundred and eleven giving it a strong indication that this is a male but we can only be seventy percent sure how do you be a hundred percent sure on the Asian arowana well interesting enough about two years ago there is a patent submitted for a new device that can tell the sex of an asian arowana i’m not sure if that ever came to be or how much that procedure would cost but it’s based on profiling the DNA of the arowana basically sampling its blood and determining sex by looking at its DNA sequence so there you have it we know he’s probably a mail and you know why I only have one and not a pair or community of them number two favorite aquarium fish is freshwater stingrays now when i first heard about the fact that there was such thing as freshwater stingrays i found it entirely interesting however when I seen my first freshwater right in person i was entirely captivated i decided to spend the next two years researching raised and properly preparing for them i finally got my first ray and then got a couple more i ended up with the paramotor arrays which eventually bread in the tank and then got my hands on a bus money stingray now at the time I’m this fish was just discovered and scientifically described in 2009 and it was 2011 when I got the most money and it was only months after it first became available to the public however only one importer was bringing them in and he was only bringing in a handful at a time so a very limited amount of people had them about a year went by and one of my boat Charles impregnated the most money making my both money the first ray of that species to breed in captivity now if we rewind time back far enough i originally got extremely interested in raised because of the Leopold I race which the black raised with white dots and turning my research I found out that these guys are really expensive and because of how much they cost you shouldn’t start out with them are although they are difficult to keep in the spectrum of all race it’s just their costs that are prohibited so all during my research and then starting getting into Ray’s I knew that one day this would all lead up to me getting some Leopold I raised eventually i bought a house and we needed to move I decided what I would do is sell my raise and get rid of all my aquariums to make the move a lot easier but with the undertone of this is my opportunity to build a much larger tank and finally get those Leopold I raised and I did built a 540 gallon aquarium and got the race I raised them from small pops up until sexual maturity when they started to breed now the female did have a premature birth but sometimes that happens when they’re starting out with that said all of those years of research and practicing and keeping other less expensive raise had finally reached this point until one day a faulty heater exploded in my sump poisoning the Rays and killing them this happened over a year and a half ago and i’ve since gotten over it i did make a video telling the story of what happened though at that time I was so devastated I was even considering getting out of the hobby it took me well over a year just to talk about it with that said i am getting more raise i don’t actually have any raised right now contrary to a lot of the rumors I’m hearing but i do have plans on it perhaps in the new year you’ll see some my third-favorite aquarium fish the discus now these guys have been long referred to as the king of the aquarium however like I said the asian arowana really takes that title disqus our fire too dainty and pretty and delicate to be a king may be a princess but disqus are my top three for obvious reasons they’re highly rewarding fish and extremely beautiful in my time I’ve kept them in planted tanks community aquarians and then got into some breeding I kept disqus for about 10 years before deciding i’m gonna take a break from them now i do have plans to get back into Disqus but it might not happen until mid next year if you guys remember that hundred gallon aquarium that i showed you i was going to build well that tank is going to be used as a quarantine and grow out system for some other fish i’m going to get once they’re done with that tank i plan to turn it into a plan to tank but furthermore i was thinking about turning it into a planted discus tank we’ll see how that turns out number four on the list is the wall room while Ruatha catalyzes its latin name if you’re not familiar with this fish you should be it’s my channel name if you look at the URL of my channel its slash wall Joey you AR you is pronounced waru now this is a South American cichlids and it goes by a few common names i’m not sure if it does anymore but at one point it was referred to as the triangle cichlid or the poor man’s disqus now this fish is interesting to me for a number of reasons and also being the sentimental fish on my list is the sentimental fish on my list simply because at the time i created this channel I was keeping war room I had a nice little group and one of them was a pair continuously laying eggs and at one point got to wigglers but never any further now at that time youtube was a whole different place you see I just used to upload random fish videos to youtube to host them it was never anything more than that to me now I used to always forget my username and password to log back in to upload more videos and at that time it was easier to create a brand new account then to recover your old one so like everybody else I was just trying random names Joey Joey 123 and so forth until I looked over at my aquarium that was right beside my computer seen the wall ruined decided maybe i’ll try wal room Joey and it worked so what makes the wall ruined interesting fish in the first place and why was I keeping them obviously there are a pretty drab looking fish not very colorful and nothing really stands out about them however their true information from a juvenile to an adult is absolutely incredible you see when they’re very young they have a camouflaged color pattern over time they start getting some dotting and the camouflage starts to dissipate their main body color will turn a gray or maybe an olive green and they’ll develop a black triangle right down the middle of their body now as adults they can get up to about 10 inches so this is actually a pretty big cichlid however they’re extremely docile for the most part and unlike a lot of other South American cichlids these guys love a lot of vegetable matter in their diet one of their favorite treats his romaine lettuce so why would they be called the poor man’s disqus though well for a number of more interesting reasons one they come from same where is as the discus and require the same type of water quality parameters and even a very similar diet so they come with all the difficulties of keeping disqus but none of the looks even more interesting fact about these guys is that they share a trait in common with the disc is that only three fish in the world do and that has to do with their breeding you see when a discus lays eggs and they hatch the fry feet off the parents body slide you guys will have seen this before it’s extremely well-known fact that that’s what happens wall roof or I do the same thing so now you can tell why they’re called the poor man’s discus they have a tremendous amount in common with them and they cost a lot less now it’s been years since I’ve actually kept war I’ve simply moved on to other fish but I had been contemplating getting them again so uaru is the sentimental fish to me on this list however it is a highly interesting and rewarding fish to keep the number five on the list was my current fifth favorite fish well again it depends on when you asked me if you would ask me a year ago I want to give you a different answer or five years ago I would give you a totally different answer if you ask me today number five is the goldfish that I currently keep as simple as it might sound I’ve been really enjoying this aquarium and why not it’s a pretty big tank 370 gallons built right into the wall with about 30 fancy goldfish a nice aquascape it’s easy to maintain is really cheap to run plus the tank that’s constantly active setting this tank up as a goldfish tank has truly made me appreciate the simplicity of goldfish even more that’s been my top five favorite aquarium fish as of right now and now it’s your turn I’d like to hear what your top five favorite fishes as of right now just leave them in the comments section below anyways hope you guys enjoyed today’s video if not join me next week and I’ll have something different for you

100 comments on “My TOP 5 aquarium fish!!!

  1. Let me know what YOUR top 5 fish are!!

    Also, don't forget the book is now shipping internationally:

  2. 1.clownfish
    2.Angelfish which I keep
    4.electric blue Rams
    5. Stingrays
    Help my Dalmatian Molly is pregnant and my angelfish in same tank Aah please help

  3. Du bist mein Vorbild und ich bekomme zu meinem Geburtstag ein 1000 Liter Aquarium welche Fische könnte ich hinein geben ?? (Predatoren) ❤️

  4. My top 10 favourite fish
    2.saltwater flame Angel
    4.angelfish which I own
    6.blood parrot cichlid
    9.dwarf cichlid s
    10. Oscars I love cichlid s

  5. I was wondering if you ever kept angelfish , and if you're familiar with this:
    My angelfish developed red lines on her spine and fins , is this from stress? or is it ammonia burns? I tested the water it's ideal.

  6. 1:Neolamprologus Sp. Chiclid
    3:Ember tetra
    4:Cuhli Loach
    5:Butterfly Pleco!!!!!

  7. 1 African Clawed Frog (I know it is not a fish but😍 I have 2 of them)
    2 Common goldfish
    3 Glass Catfish
    4 Platy
    5 Pleco
    Love all of them😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥

  8. Keeping Asian arowana in an aquarium is not ideal, unless you have space above your tank and nets around it to allow it to jump as it does in the wild. The fact that this arowana died after sustaining an injury from jumping proves my point.

  9. Crazy how things change in a little over a year, you know have 4 Asian Arowana (R.I.P Buddy 🙁 ), you have sting rays, discus, uaru & no longer have the goldfish! I wonder how things will change in another year!

  10. Angle fish , puffer fish, retail cat, flower horn, silver arowana , I still have more it's more then five lol

  11. 1) Platies
    2)Zebra danios
    I Had kept those well, but not Goldfish

  12. My top 5
    1. Arowana
    2. Tony
    3. Sylvie
    4. Paulie
    5. Billy the fish
    Sorry not species i know but the other 4 can only be my fancy goldfish named by my nephews.

  13. I am late, but my top five are :
    1. Gourami
    2. Kissing gourami
    3. Angelfish
    4. Bala shark
    5. Corydoras Catfish
    Follow by.
    6. Goldfish
    7. Black skirt tetra
    8. Swordtail
    9. Pleco
    10. Golden Ram Ciclid

  14. Ahh, my ears, please, we love your videos, no need to blast the mic ~ Keep the vids coming, love watching other show otherwise!

  15. African Frontosa, Calvis Compressiceps, Electric Blue Ahli, Electric Blue Jahanni, and German Red Peacock:P

  16. Betta comes on number one, guppy comes second, convict cichlid is my sentimental fish, small dinosaurs(rachael’ o channel) is a fish I am interested in breeding. As well as all type of shrimps.

  17. 1. Dwarf gourami
    2. Guppies
    3. Betta fish
    4. Neon tetra
    5. Colombian tetra

    I had to add this
    Extra: Pleco catfish

  18. Wayyyyy late…but:
    1. Common Guppy
    2. Zebra Danio
    3. Betta
    4. Plecostomus
    5. Neon Tetra
    (yeah, i prefer small and lively 😛 )

  19. #5 Clown Loach
    #4 Green Terror Cichlid
    #3 Electric Blue Jack Dempsey
    #2 Red/Tiger/Zebra Oscar
    #1 Convict Cichlid, I don't know why but I have always loved these guys. Still my favorite fish

  20. watching this in 2018 I'm glad that Joey now has a tank of Arowana and Stingrays also the new number 5 better be Frank

  21. Unfortunately I'm selling all 5 of my aquariums because everytime I try a diy project especially the 5 gallon filter I fail. 😢😢😢😢

  22. It's not the video and info I m talking about it's the depressing tanks they're all black ! Poor fish! Where's the sunlight? Where's the green and rocks?

  23. I love your goldfish tank. You never see anyone really bragging about them. That was one of my starters that lived forever. Plus no one gives them props.

  24. I just love african Cichlid tanks because of all the unique colors and environments you can instill into a freshwater setting. It’s like having a saltwater tank with freshwater level maintaining

  25. My #1 is the Cichlasoma Sajica, #2 Brown Bullhead catfish, #3 catfishes, #4 Jordanella floridae and #5 Lucania goodei

  26. 1. Flowerhorn.. Beauty and personality in a vicious package. Only fish I've ever had that swam loops and traveled it's return path across the tank upside down!
    2. Green Terror.. Again beauty and personality.
    3. Texas cichlids
    4. Firemouth cichlid
    5. Severums.. Keeping red shouldered and fire red right now.
    Jack Dempsey would also fit in my list of favorites, but I'm not housing any now for space reasons.

  27. Why has this popped up on my feed today… its 2 freaking years old. Granted still not clickbaity or drama filled as his current stuff

  28. My 5 favourite are

    King Kong blood parrot

    Pacu (black or white)

    Claris bactrus

    Pleco (any type)

    Red tail catfish

  29. I would recommend Joey to keep some firemouth cichlids. When the underneath of their mouth turns orange color, that's really beautiful.

  30. Bala shark
    Moonlight Gourami
    Electric Blue Acara
    I Love how you now have 3 Asian Arowana in 2019 in a 2000G tank with your 4 Rays after this vid x

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