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– Hey everybody. Cory from Aquarium Coop. Today, we’re talking
about my top seven fish for a 20-gallon aquarium. Let’s check ’em out. Alright, in at number
seven is Julidochromis. These happen to be in albino form. They’re super cool. They like to go vertical,
or diagonal, or sideways, or live in caves. They don’t move around a lot. They do breed pretty easily. So, if you can give them some rock work and things like that, you can keep, you know,
maybe a trio up to six, in a 20-long. 20-tall like this, you’d probably want to move it down to about a pair once you get them into a pair. Rehome the rest and let them breed out. And as they raise up as a colony should work out much better for you. But they’re super cool. They only get about three inches or so. And a lot of personality,
a lot of digging, and good foray into your first
Lake Tangenyikan cichlid. Number six for me is the Leopard Danio. Both long fin and short fin. They look like little trouts to me. They’re real active, so a
20-long is better than a 20-high, but they can do both. They don’t have to be
heated, which is nice. They’re real fast feeders, and they can move around a lot. So pair them with other tetras,
and danios, and rasboras, and that type of thing. They usually hang out in the
top third of the aquarium. And they’re not picky. You can feed them almost anything. Keep them in a group
of, like, six or more. Real tolerant of a real wide
range of Ph and hardness. So yeah, they’re really
underrated in my opinion. We sell them for, what, $249? You should be able to find
them at around that range. And they’re not super-duper common ’cause a lot of stores go well
they don’t sell that well, but it’s a really cool fish. If we pushed it more as a hobby, I think they’d be really popular. They were displaying right
there between two males. They don’t get super-duper aggressive. They mostly all display,
kind of like white clouds. Number five, we’ve got
the German Blue Ram. You can keep him in a pair or a trio in a 20-long or 20-high like this. You’ve got that big male right there and he’s got a few ladies around him. Usually the ladies, like that
one right on the right there, will have blue speckles
inside the black dot, and a pink belly, and
then shorter dorsal fin. Where as the male, typically, you see how there’s no blue
spangals inside the black dot? And then the dorsal ray is
extended on his dorsal fin. And so that’s one of the easier ways, and he doesn’t have a pink belly as much, and he’s bigger. So you can see like, wow
you’ve got a lot of females. Yeah, he’s keeping all
the males away from him and letting all the females come near him. They like to be hot. That’s the only downfall to them. We keep them at 85, I recommend the same. And they’ll breed for ya. They dig little impressions. I don’t know if you guys can see on camera but that’s dug out right there. So they can breed in that. And they’ve been digging a few other pits here and there as well. Really cool. I keep them with cardinal tetras and a few other things, like stribicorays. But in a 20-gallon tank you
can definitely keep a pair, if not a trio, and enjoy ’em. You can see the sparring going on between the males right
there for territory. But yeah, this guy has got
a harem going to himself, chasing that extra male away. And yeah, super fun, but keep ’em hot. Most people don’t keep ’em hot. They keep them at 78 and they die off. At number four I’ve got the Rasbora Het. Great schooling fish. It gets a lot of that nice
purple in the pork chop part. And then a nice orange cast. They get about two inches
or so, which is nice. And get ’em in a group of six to eight and let them bounce around that
20-gallon aquarium of yours. And I’ve yet to meet a person
who really hates Rasbora Hets. They might not be the best
thing you’ve ever seen or the coolest thing,
but no one hates ’em. They’re just a good, solid,
hearty fish that looks great, and they tend to stand out
against a green backdrop and other fish. So they’re one of my favorites. That’s why they get number 4. I need to use them more often. Number three is Apistogrammas, but specifically today
we’re gonna focus on the Apistogramma Agassizii Double Reds. They’re just a cool dwarf cichlid, only get about three inches. They usually will pair
up and live in a cave. We don’t have any caves in here ’cause we don’t really
want them to pair up. But they’re gonna hang out down low in the bottom third of your tank. Everything else will,
you know, swim above it. And they like to be a
little warmer as well. We recommend 82. That’s what we keep ’em at. And you can breed them. They’re fairly easy to breed
and raise up their fry, if you provide them like
some frozen baby brine or maybe even live baby brine shrimp. The females typically will turn a little bit
more of a yellow color as you can kind of see
on that one right there. And, yeah, grab yourself
a pair if you can. Hopefully they’re big enough to sex out. You can have sneaker males. You can learn all about that online. But great fish and
apistogrammas in general are a real treat to work with. So I had my list of favorite
fish for a 20-gallon tank and Panda Corydoras were on the list. And turns out were keeping
them in the same tank. So they only get about
inch 3/4, two inches. You wanna keep them in
a group of six or more. They don’t get as big as
some of the other corydoras like the sterbais that get
up to three, three 1/2 inches depending on how bulky you get ’em. But they can go a little bit cooler, down to about 72 degrees. Great bottom feeder. You wanna have nice marbles
on them like you can see here. You don’t want to have very sharp gravel. You can have other
gravel that’s not sharp. But they love to eat worms. Frozen blood worms are
one of their favorite. Rupashi foods are another favorite. And I wouldn’t keep them
just as a scavenger. I make sure that they
are getting fed directly and you add them to your tank because you like them as a fish, not because they’re a janitor. Alright, and here we
have my number one fish for a 20-gallon tank is these right here. These rainbow fish. Pseudomugil Gertrudae rainbow fish. Super cool. There’s a few different varieties. Just look at that blue eye. Look at all the dots on him. They’ll display to each other really nice. They’ve got those wicked good fins on ’em. I know I got ’em on a blue background, which isn’t optimal. A black background would be much better, or a fully planted tank
would be really nice as well. They’re a little spendy, at $999. I recommend groups of six or more. But you can see just
the orange on the fins, that nice blue eye. And they as close to like, I don’t know, a really cool, interesting,
colorful fish you’re gonna get in a 20-gallon that seems unique and rare. So that’s why I like them so much. They don’t come into stores a lot of time, but they are a great little fish. You can only breed them
for about 18 months. After that they get old. They’ll live for many years but they have a narrow breeding range. But they’re super cool. If you get a chance to
buy them I recommend it. You can see here we keep
them with cherry shrimp and stuff like that. So, I just love them quite a bit. Alright guys, well that was my top seven for a 20-gallon aquarium. Let me down in the comment section what your favorite fish
to keep in a 20-gallon is. Even if it’s ridiculous, we’ve all done it, we’ve all
had a weird combo going on, that type of thing. But what’s your favorite thing that you’ve kept in a 20-gallon. Let everyone know down in the comments so that when other people
are looking for ideas they can go oh that person did that. Describe your setup, that type of thing, and I’ll be sure to read ’em. So we’ll see you in the next one!


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  2. Dude! We gotta talk about what’s going on in the tank behind you during the outro. Too cool. Fancy guppies and a huge puffer? How did you manage that?? 😳👍🏻

  3. Right now in my 20g tall I have 6 long fin cherry barbs, 1 black Molly, a beautiful pair of Neon swordtails and a really tiny clown loach. My tank is heavily planted has a massive filter and plenty of places to hide. I’m a little stumped as to how to finish the last of the stock. Obviously I’m going for an easy going community tank. I plan on adding one or two more things, I want to add some kind of “jewel of the tank” kind of fish, like one (or two if required) really pretty or unique fish and then maybe a handful of guppies or something, I’m not quite sure yet.

  4. hye cory was wanmdeing if i could have 6 neon tettras 6 cherry barbs a dwarf gourami and a rainbow shark with 4 clown loaches in a 20 gallon

  5. If I go with a 20 gal tall tank with harlequin rasboras as top fish and cory's as bottom sigh what would be a good centerpiece fish?

  6. Thanks so much! Now my aquarium room is done! Well, not really… but! I now have 4 aquarium! A 75 gal coral reef 20 gal Daneeos(hopefully i got the right spelling) the 55 galloon with a gulper catfish and A 30G female betta comunity tank! I don't even know why i even said all my Fish tanks lol… Sorry for my bad english… And for the person reading this have a nice day!

  7. My 20gallon: dirted with sand, heavily planted. Guppies (four female one male, many fry), female betta, nerite snails, and ghost shrimp. Betta fish is too busy exploring to bother shrimp and fry, and fry and shrimp have plenty of hiding places.

  8. i have a random 20 gallon and i have no idea what to do with it. i don’t wanna do a molly, platy, guppy community tank again i want to try something new. any suggestions?

  9. What brand of frozen blood worms do you prefer? Currently I am using Omega one but a breeder told me that Omega one will give my fish parasites and that I should use Hikari. Thoughts?

  10. Hi Cory, another great video! I am planning to add a couple of Ramirezis to my tank (40 gallons) but I have already cherry shrimps which are already sharing the tank with guppies, tetras, neons, ancitrus and corydoras. Will the ramirezis eat the shrimps? Many thanks for your answer!! 🙂

  11. I bought a 20 long 2 months ago and so far I have 4 bronze Corys and a school of 10 neon tetras I was wondering if I’m able to add 10 rummynose tetras or is that to big of a load for my 20G?(I don’t really mind doing water changes often)

  12. Can I keep any of these with my yellow bellies slider and colored turtle? If not, I won’t get them. I don’t want fish getting killed.

  13. I live in Colorado and love trout fishing. I’ve been looking for a small trout looking fish and I think the leopard danio is great.

  14. I cannot find Julie's or Multi's anywhere in my area…and petsmart lists a good majority of their cichlids as "assorted". Any advice on how to find these fish online? I'm out of luck here in Eastern NC…

  15. The Panda Corydoras don't look right; the midwater hovering with the constant paddling of body and fins is a sign of illness/serious stress in Corydoras (comparable to the shimmying of sick/stressed/chilled poeciliids), as is their lack of responsiveness to disturbance as they atypically cluster in the middle and upper levels of the water column.

    Healthy C. panda respond to disturbance (i.e. recording with a camera) by staying near the bottom and schooling tightly.

  16. I’ve been researching for a couple months now. Received a couple books for Christmas and I’ve taken notes on your top 10’s and top 20’s. Good things come to those who wait right? I just came across a 30 gallon with stand and decorations for a sweet price. The people upgraded to a 55. I’m going with Neons and Red Phantoms, Nanus Cory’s, Dalmatian Platy’s, Red Flame Gourami’s, Harlequin Razzies and later some shrimp.
    Love watching and your full of great info. Thanks from an old timer who is starting up again for the 4th time.

  17. @aquariumco-op what is the blue cichlid in the first tank w/the julidochromis tank? It is a baby blue with stripes both vertical and horizontal w/some black & white in the fins? Is the Socolofi? Cheers

  18. Hey Cory. I'm cycling a new 29 gallon tank and want it to be a Roseline Shark and Corydora species only. I want to start with 3 Roselines and 2 Cory's. What number of fish for each species should I stop at for the best results of my tank.

  19. Love your videos. I have a 55 Gallon tank with a large variety of fish. Platies, Mollies, Bloodfin, Neon, and Serpae Tetras, 4 corydoras, 1 khuli loach with 3 tiger sand loaches, 1 pictus cat, a few killies, one blue gourami, one redtail shark, some zebra danios, and A male and female pineapple swordtail along with their off spring. Now I know this sounds like a lot, and I'm sure I'm forgetting a few, but everything in my tank is very happy and growing nicely. And I have had this tank since the later part of last July.

  20. I just got some leopard Danios. They look a lot smaller then the ones shown in this video though. 👍👍

  21. I had 5 large convicts given to me. 2 males. 3 females split into 2, 20 gallon tanks. 1 pair had babies but I had to remove the male after they hatched because the female kept beating him up . lol. Now I have a 55 gallon with all the adults in it. The fry are about half an inch long and still in the 20.

  22. I have 1 red tail black shark he doesn't like any one else with him or he will kill it. Love him ❤️

  23. I'd go with a school of 10 of the first fish I ever bought… the bloodfin tetra. No need for a heater and they school great! They also can be found quite low priced. There's no need to spend a fortune.

  24. Yeah in my dorm room actually bred guppies in my 20 gallon and just sold 42 of the offspring to my local fish store.

  25. I didn't know until awhile ago that Cory's could swim mid tank because their a bottom feeder bu it makes plenty sense that they can

  26. My local pet store asks $7.49 each for leopard danios and $4.49 each for zebra danios. So at $4.49 each it would cost me $30.98 after taxes for a group of 6.

  27. Ok so like help if anyone can.
    So did a little rescue and ive got this clown loach on its own in a 34 gallon tank.
    I will be saving up for a bigger one. But i do know that she lonely and i dont want her to die of loneliness. But buying more loaches isnt really an option because my tank is too small and we need 6 right?
    So im looking for maybe different species?? I dont know please someone help.

  28. well….i was originally planning to get the commin goldfish but i found out that in a 20 gallon tank you can only really keep one goldfish and moreover they produce a lot of waste. Now I'm trying to find out if I should just get platies instead

  29. Would 6 Panda cories do fine in a 20 gallon high? I was told to not get them because my tank is not a 20 gallon long. But they would be the only bottom dwellers. The other fish would stay in the other regions of the tank.

  30. the last one was my fav!! the blu eyes, Gretruede(spelling??) i can't ever find them here in Ky.
    Those and celestial pearl danios are my two favorites, but hard to get in my location,..
    Good vid bruda,..

  31. I have a pretty large tank and I have
    2 honey gourami
    2 pea puffers
    A small school of emperor tetras
    Some neon rainbow fish
    And some killifish as well as a dwarf sucker mouth

    But I’m looking to get a smaller tank at the moment for my downstairs

  32. Cory. Can you put all these fish together in the same tank like one of each? Trying to do a diversified mixed tank..

  33. I currently have 6 Cherry barbs 4 female. 2 male, 2 tiger barbs, 3 green tiger barbs, 2 octo catfish and 2 albino cory cats, one bronze cory cat in a twenty high with a hang on the back filter and a corner box filter. I keep it at 80 degrees Fahrenheit. My other twenty high has 1 albino back skirt tetra, 4 black skirt tetras two are long finned variety, 3 Buenos Aires tetras, 2 octo catfish, 1 albino cory cat, 1 bronze cory cat. Same filter set up I keep this particular tank at 78 " my Buenos Aires don't seem to like it hotter so I set my heater to 78 and every one is happy. I currently don't have live plants only plastic but I want to try some live plants any suggestions for easy to grow/care for low light mosses or plants?. My mantanice routine is I do a 25%water change every other Saturday or Sunday and do a little bit of gravel vacuuming every 4th Saturday or Sunday. If I have to medicate I do a 20% water change daily then a 40% change the day after I finish medications granted since I lowered the tank from 80 to 78 the Buenos Aires aren't getting stressed causing ick. I gotta thank Rachel O'Leary for that tip to try, has worked well. I also stopped getting fish from Walmart and petsmart…..I've got two local fish stores I shop at now for my supplies and fish. I may pay a little bit more but quality and factual advice is worth every single penny… your local pet stores because the little man/woman will take care of you because you are their income not some giant corporations!

  34. Great channel I'm from England going for eletric blue rams or Amber rams what will go with guppies and corrys best got 100 letter tank keep up the amazing job your doing

  35. i have a 20 gallon hex tank and i am searching for a centerpiece fish i have black skirted tetras 5 and 3 Dalmatian mollies as well as a cory catfish what would you recommend for a centerpiece for this tank. thanks for your help in advance.

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