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Mystery Tackle Box Challenge at Lake Toho – Bass Fishing

Mystery Tackle Box Challenge at Lake Toho – Bass Fishing

What’s up guys. I’m out on Lake Toho today, like usual. I got DOM and Anthony out here fishing
and I got a big announcement. Actually, it’s not a big announcement it’s just a
cool announcement. A lot of people already know about this. mystery tackle
box. mystery tackle box a lot of people know about it but in talking to a lot of
my recent customers I was surprised that there were a lot of people that had no
idea what it was they’re a new partner of mine I’m gonna be
promoting them doing a video every month it’s the coolest thing out there right
now because if you’re like me fishing 300 days a year you kind of get stuck
and fishing the same equipment all the time or the same tackle like lately here
on Lake Toho we’ve been thrown a lot of Texas rig worm and you go to a tackle
store and you just keep buying the same tackle over and over and over again but
with mystery tackle box there’s a mystery when you get this box you never
know what’s gonna be in it again a lot of you guys already know all about this
stuff how this works and everything but this is for the people that don’t know
about the mystery tackle box if you’re a walleye fisherman a pan fisherman a
trout fisherman or a bass fisherman or an inshore fisherman you can select the
species that you target the most and that’s what they’re gonna fill the box
with there’s three different boxes you can choose from this would be the pro
box which they gave to me I’d already opened it it’s not an unboxing I know
what’s in here but I’m going to show you what’s in here in a second you can
cancel it any time it’s a pretty awesome deal what we’re gonna do today out here
on Lake Toho is I’m gonna give Anthony and Dom the stuff that I know they’re
gonna bite on and I’m only gonna fish with stuff that’s in this box and like I
said I already looked to see what was in it and the one thing one of the things
I’m really super excited about here is this new Mike Bucca’s Baby Bull Shad I
have one of these already it was a white one it’s somewhere my boat here that’s a
good deal right there they’re eating shad out here on the shell bed we’re
gonna be fishing some flowing water it’s the rainy season here in Florida we’re
not going to stay on toho all day we’re going to run
down and fish Cypress. we might even go all the way down to the lake catching the hall
fishing some current I think that deal right there is gonna work the blue you
got hard knocker I have a bunch of these it’s good stuff in there some creature
baits this is the riot got some stuff from big bite baits here stick bait
trick stick more creature baits all this in one box you’re gonna save like 40%
over what you’d buy at a retail got some hooks what else we got in here this is
an old standard cotton Cordell that’s the big oh I think the big oh baby bass
I know they’ll eat that here but I want to throw this Mike Bucca’s baby bull shad
so this is a mystery tackle box got him we’re missing some fish right
now but the cool thing about this is you get a box every month
pick your budget pick how much tackle you want to get pick your species and
I’ll have a link down in the description you can go down there and you can get
your first box for five bucks so you’re gonna save even more by using or go use
promo code chuck CHUCK. that’s me Use promo code Chuck you get your first
box for as little as $5 you can cancel at any time but this is a great way to
not get stuck in that same old rut of getting the same tackle at the normal
retailer you go to all the time get all kinds of different stuff and it’s kind
of cool because I do fish for a living and I have a lot of this I have $10,000
with a tackle in this box a lot of it’s very repetitive I have never used these
creature baits before I do have some big bite bait stuff I have that cotton
Cordell that big O. I have this hard knocker from booyah I don’t have that
color but I never used one of these until they sent it to me so stay tuned
let’s see how it goes and check out if you’ve never seen it before
mystery tackle box get your first order for as little as $5
stay tuned later thirty seconds later Anthony’s got his first one on his feet
worm well I’m getting ready to rig up that Bull Shad. just a little shell-bed
fish. These shell beds don’t last very long like you’ve seen me doing a bunch
thing times we’re gonna go down and hit that running water as soon as I think
this spot is done put us on some bigger fish he’s way away from the camera so
you can’t tell what that fish is actually like seven pounds just kidding
all right got my baby bull shad rigged up the Mike Bucca baby bull shad
swims that is a well-made bait see we can do with it on this lake any types
anything that moves lipless crankbaits crank baits jerk baits obviously jerk
baits they’re almost always good to hit stuff on a pause not while you’re moving
it chatter baits even when we’re on a ChatterBait type bait or the bladed jig
about the only time you get hit it is when you’re not real so we are in spot number two I was kind
of hesitant and filming this spot because see right in front of the locks
I think pretty much anybody that fishes this Chain of Lakes knows when the water
is flowing we catch them in running water and this is not a secret spot
still throwing the speed worm I’m gonna take that baby bull shad the current is
ripping here put my boat on spot lock I think I threw that baby bull shad right
in the current possibly and just let it sit there and it’ll just swim we’re
gonna see trying it out I don’t have a lot of experience with it like I said
I’ve had one for a while and I caught a few of school and fish over the butler
chain I really like that bait and I really want to catch some fish on it so
I’m gonna keep at it got him and that’s them there’s fish any time the water is
running on the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes keep fish running water that’s just kind
of a rule so we’ll see how it goes that’s the fish still there I got I got a guess I’m
gonna go sitting right where I was sitting yesterday nope the fish better
fish got a go on dude it didn’t move when you said the hook I thought you
were snagged go back there if you have to don’t wanna get on that motor watch
your other rug look we got like a $10 our current did that this move when you
set the hook now we want to wear them with chuckling into my land um I don’t
care I’ll Andale I know what you’re not doing what you thought that we’ve been
like seven eight pounds that’s pretty close to very close before picture let
me show the camera here is that your first pass so this will probably be the
only fish we catch here cuz you got all the boards but you can smell it they’ve
been eating shad that’s one of their mouth smells like garbage Rough start on the shell bed.
they’re in the running water. Same bait big speed worm if they’ll stop doing
this I can try the baby bullshit so that was do you think you set the hook on
that notion or he came back in the same place every once in a while you can get them
all lipless bait that’s why I’m throwing that and see if I can get that going
because that’d be more fun than fishing stupid warm get hit I have that one told
you to be in here I go look Oh there shed they’re gonna be stacked in here you caught him right into the Sun though
which really messes up my camera angles so we’re gonna have to let this fish go
and try again there you go nice boy he choked that thing didn’t he bleeding
home over side pockets real quick spot lock
whoops spot lock that’s probably was in there chasing them shared around that’s
good though high threes huh yeah three and a half somewhere between three
and ten leaning closer to the three pound mark like four five footers I caught one on
the bullshit I did what I came out here to do I kind of cheated I saw a fish
blowing up this is an awesome bait but the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes is very
unforgiving it’s the middle of August and these fish get very one-dimensional
like right now they’re on a warm bite doesn’t matter what they’re doing it’s a
warm bite but we’re in some current we’re down on Lake Cypress now I saw a
fish blew up through one of my new favorite bait set it on a bullshit what
are you guys laughing at I told you I was gonna throw a bullsh at a day they’re catching three three and a half
pounds this bait right here I guarantee you I’m
gonna catch some big fish on it maybe not today but it showed up in my mystery
tackle box and I said I’m gonna catch a bait on that is it illegal to give that
spinner bait a toss or no no yeah and I caught one on it that’s its baby steps
I’m all about the baby steps now it’s on a bigger better things like I said
though I have another one of these that I used the Butler chain the other day
when they were schooling and they whacked it but Toho is not that friendly
sometimes I know other parts of the country likes that I’ve been to four
tournaments and stuff they will flat out like this thing I’m gonna catch more on
today though do you mind if I give a spinnerbait a try sure and we’ll take my picture wherever we go time of the year big
fishes eat spinner plays a new spinnerbait form when they’re in current
you got some fish chasing shadow and a little needle
fish in there no they’re chasing shadow around and the needlefish are chasing
shadow round and I think the bass are chasing the shed and the needlefish
around and we’re just kind of picking them off here and there was that a fish
that blew up the Nelson no just a random cast yeah those whelming v casters yeah nice just throw into them you never know
where they’re gonna be he could be on this side of it right in the dead middle
of it right out they come out on a felon on a spinnerbait right now oh I mean
this guy’s pretty good with a spinnerbait look at the Gator roll up
first cast there you go I didn’t even put the troll Miller in the water my
camera’s all down position we just not on your conventional fishing the the
current opens up something like the reaction bite type stuff mystery tackle box my camera going mystery tackle box came through in the
current good enough that was on the that one little tiny fish on the bull shed
then I pulled out my vial craw Texas rigging it with the quarter ounce in the
current I broke off one earlier in a culvert you’re probably gonna see that
he got where he caught one on spinnerbait I broke off on the rocks
and picked up one with the 3/16 I can’t even tell if it’s on the bottom but this
is an awesome little date here I think in this current I just pulled the tails
apart there and that current it’s just down there flapping that was probably
what a three pounder three and a half there’s a chunk
I could have boat flipped him but it doesn’t really matter I did it pulled
out my box this is something like I’m saying that I fished 300 days a year I
have loads of tackle in the boat I have even more tackle at home and this is
something that I’ve never bought never looked at him or anything but it came my
box I tied it on today and it opens you up to using new baits that you may never
pick up oh that’s not a bad one see tying it
back up catch some decent fish today how many three patterns over three and a
half didn’t have the cameras on because I still catching them
oh it’s 190 degrees out here and we’re catching fish I’m hitting stop he’s
taking a picture of the one he just and catching another one we have to get a
double pick a double thick we’re gonna get a double pick here real quick got
him Oh tight race tight race it probably
won’t even be any hydrilla here on you back here one of them catches one the
other one catches one about nine years oh I just got bit oh that one’s pulling
pretty good and guess what I’ve got this one on another one is that a pike we
have chain pickerel this is a Florida largemouth bass on all right I’m gonna
admit I cheated a little bit which is one one two three I cheated a little bit
I actually have three mystery tackle boxes and this little
underspin deal here is out one of the other ones but that’s what I’m talking
about you might get one box that doesn’t have
anything in it that you’re fishing with right now the next box might a couple
weeks down the road the box that you got before you go back and go conditions
have changed now they’re biting this this is out one of the previous boxes
they sent me I put it together a little under spin that deal and just caught one
bigger than they did just kidding no but uh so that’s three different fish
on three different lures to fish we’re out of my current latest box and this is
out of something I put together out of the previous box so you get in this deal
for a year and you get different tackle every month and you’re just gonna build
up with you know a bunch of stuff like I’ve fished and understand before I’ve
never fished this brand under spin before and I may have never bought it I
had it just been in a tackle store but now that I’ve used it it actually that
blade actually turns you’ll get a lot of these under spins where the blade just
sits there knocks up against the hook now I like this one and I like this what
is this one BIOS gone what excellent swim college kids any of them all the
baits but here’s the deal see how long you guys how much of this video you guys
watch I said I have three boxes what I’m gonna do for people watching this video
you’ve got to like the video and comment on it I’d like you to comment pick me
and then hashtag mystery tackle box pick me
hashtag mystery tackle box and I’m gonna take one of the people about a week from
now when I do my next video and I’m gonna send you that box with all the
original contents of it with probably some extra stuff in it for mr. tackle
box so leave that comment hit like pick me hashtag mystery tackle box and I’ll
send you the context contents of one of my three boxes
we’re on a very picky Lake Tahoe and the Kissimmee chain today for all I’ve
really been catching them on is a worm but I’ve taken a couple different things
like I said out of a couple of those different boxes I’ve caught fish on them
when all I’ve been fishing is a big speed worm underspin what was the bait
again x-acto swim on this hashtag mystery tackle box
pick me hashtag mystery tackle box I’m gonna send somebody box but the people
that bailed out and then watch this whole video won’t even know that because
I’m gonna put this part right in at the end of it closing even if we catch 20
fish after I do this this will be the last clip you see as we’re closing the
video out just to see you like to see how many people watch the whole video
and how many people watch six minutes of it and then went on and we’re getting
ready to head in had a pretty good day today on Lake Tahoe we ran out of water
about an hour ago I’m super thirsty these guys are sponges and drank
probably twenty bottles of water just like normal here in August it’s probably
a hundred and seventeen thousand degrees on the lake now it’s actually not that
bad but we did run out of water but that’s
okay so my first ministry tackle box video caught some stuff baby bull shed a
couple of the other baits underspin deal what was it again one more time counts
them on that which is an awesome bait little under spin hook is probably the
best one I’ll post the link to that where you can go to that shop Carl’s and
buy it but that’s probably the best under spin setup that I’ve used with
keeping the blade rotating in any way and what else did I catch them on that
other deal – I caught one a Nile but the big one with the bio bug caught on the
bio bug that was a decent one actually I dropped it off the side of the boat but
anyway so I got my mystery tackle box in the mail and just like I said a little
earlier I actually have three of them not gonna tell you what’s in this box
because then it wouldn’t be a mystery and it’s mystery tackle box so like the
video leave the comment pick me hashtag mystery tackle box
hashtag mystery tackle box I’m gonna pick so many out of that on my next
video and I’m gonna send you the context contents of this box I’m not gonna tell
you what’s in it I might even throw a couple extra things in it so you get a
boosted juiced up mystery tackle box from chuck Pippen but like I said
earlier it’s a great deal go sign up for mr. tackle box the link is in my
description I think if you click on that link it automatically enters my promo
code Chuck but if you could just go to and it gets you that first box for as
little as $5 if you just go straight to mystery tackle box calm when you go to
sign up enter promo code Chuck ch you see k if you can’t spell that you don’t
need to be buying any fishing tackle on your own anyway promo code Chuck sign up
let me know what you think you can get out at any time you can upgrade you can
even pause your subscription you can pause it and then start it back up
whenever you want but why would you pause it when you can get a birthday
present a Christmas present every month of the year so thanks for watching
subscribe to my channel you

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