Claire Corlett

Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More


– What’s that smell? – Let’s talk about that. (fun tinkling music with
various sound effects) (techno explosion) – Good mythical morning. – They say a dog’s sense of smell is estimated to be thousands
of times stronger than ours, which totally explains why they
constantly stick their noses in each other’s butts. Thankfully, we are not doing that today, but we are getting close. It’s time for the Think & Stink Challenge. – Let’s give a good mythical welcome to one of our favorite YouTubers, you’ve seen her on Double Dare and her YouTube Premium
show, Liza on Demand. It’s Liza Koshy! – Hey, it’s me! – Hello, Liza Koshy. – People are clapping, hello. I’m excited to be here
guys, thanks for having me. – Yes. – How’s your smeller? – My smeller’s been good,
I’ve been smellin’ for years and it’s kept me alive so
far, so ya, it’s been good. – Okay. – Okay, well the better
it’s working today, the worse of an experience
you’re gonna have, but you could potentially
walk away winning something. – Mm-hm. – Whoa, winning what? – This is gonna happen. – Don’t tempt me with a good time. – In just a second, we’re gonna get inside
something called the Stank Tank. – [Male Voice-over] Stank tank! – Ooh. – Ay. – Who was that? – Mm, I. – I don’t wanna know, but I think it was. – Was it an old man or Ellie? – Ellie. (laughing) The tank is gonna fill
with a mystery smell and then we’re gonna be competing to see who can identify the smell first. – So it’ll be three normal rounds followed by two franken-scent
combination rounds. And whoever wins becomes
the official reigning Think & Stink champion that’s not Link. We’re really bettin’ on Link not winning because of the whole rhyme thing. – Well what am I wearing right now? Here’s a smell, here’s a smell. What am I wearing? – Just Liza 110%. – Oh well, thank you. It was actually a Poo-Pourri
from your bathroom. – Oh. (laughs) (audience laughing) – I’m glad. – To the stank tank! – To the stank tank. (whooshing sniffs) – Okay.
– Oh, whoa. – Raise the stank! (air-pump hiss) – [Rhett] Uh, ah. – Ooh. – A dirty sock. – Um, burnt toast! – Oh gosh, get me out of this tank! – Wait wait. – [Female Voice-Over] Okay Liza, you get half a point with, burnt. (lightly dinging bell) So I’m looking for what is burnt. – Uh, it’s burnt plastic? – Stop burping, Liza! – ry-ry! – Burnt rubber? Burnt hair, burnt hair! – Burnt hair, burnt hair. – Burnt skin! – Ew, why do you know
what that smells like? – It’s burnt hair! – [Female Voice-Over] It is rubber, so we’re gonna give a
half a point to Liza. – Burnt glove, burnt rubber glove! – [Female Voice-Over] Half to Rhett and there’s one more half if you can guess actually what it is. – Burnt rubber ducky. – I said burnt rubber ducky. – Oh, really? – Burnt rubber. – Burnt condom. – Doorstop. Burnt condom (laughs). – I don’t know anything that’s rubber. Burnt. – Ah, ah, Burnt latex glove! – Burnt. – [Rhett] I think I’m being poisoned. – It stinks! – I keep burping! – [Female Voice-Over] Okay Link, this is your last chance to
have the half-point, anything? – All I smell is Liza’s burps. – I’m sorry. Why do you smell that, it’s weird. – [Female Voice-Over]
It’s burnt tennis balls. – Oh.
– What? – Oh, burnt ew. – Multiple balls? – Uh. – [Female Voice-Over] You
can remove your blindfolds. (Rhett retching) – Gosh. – Whoa, I didn’t know they
could get to that color. – Whoa, how’d you do that? – I know what we’re gonna be doin’ later. – What are we doing later? – Tennis? – I love brown balls. – Burnt tennis. (audience members laughing) (lounge-type music with whooshing sniffs) – Alright, raise the stank. (air-pump hiss) (heavy sniffing) – Oh, this one’s subtle. – Grass. – Did you say Bass? – Bass (laughs). – Grass, Bass. – That’s what it was, grass. – Oh oh oh, it’s something rotten. – Wood. Something rotten? – Oh, is it dirty cheese? – I kinda like it. (audience members laughing) It’ dirty laundry. – [Rhett] Soiled underwear. – Oh, it’s a sock, is it dirty sock? Wait. – Uh, is it the bat? – Oh, it’s gettin’ real bad. – It’s a panty-liner. Sorry ladies, you know
what I’m talkin’ about. – Oh, it’s gettin’ real bad! – Is it the back of my britches? – Uh, a portable women’s washroom. – [Rhett] It’s some kind of rotten fish. – Is it? – Old fish? – Oh, uh uh, ba-oom. Uncooked Tilapia. – Whatever it is, it’s tappin’
in to a pleasure center of my brain. – Wow.
– Really. What kind of. (heavy sniffing) – But I don’t know what pleasure it is. – I keep smelling my burps, I’m sorry. – Ugh, gosh. – [Female Voice-Over]
You may wanna use one of your other senses. – May I? Is it? Can I taste. What do you mean? Hear it? I’m listening. – I literally put my mouth on
anythings at this point, so. Will it hop in my mouth? – Is it, I don’t hear it moving. – Ants. What is that? – Let’s be quiet a second. – A hush. – Let’s listen. – Shh. – Shh, shh, shh. – Pop-rocks! – Ahh! (audience laughing) – What? – I thought I heard some fizzing. – I think my smeller’s broken. – I gotta open my mouth here. – It’s hot, it’s hot, is it? – [Liza] No, I think
that’s heat rising up. – It’s emanating heat, I
can feel it on my cheek. – No that’s just me down here. (Link laughs) – I think we need a hint. – [Female Voice-Over] You
usually find this on a wheel. – On a wheel? – Hamster! (lightly dinging bell) – [Female Voice-Over] Liza got it. – Oh my God! Can I see? – I was gonna say spoke. (laughs) – Oh, cute, how are you? – [Link] I can see a
bunch of white flecks. – I relate to it, ’cause
it’s small and hairy like me. – I’m not gonna explain why
this hit my pleasure center. (Liza burps) (lounge-type music with whooshing sniffs) – Alright, let’s raise the stank. (air-pump hiss) (heavy sniffing) – Oh, this is like a factory smell. – Ikea, mom dresser. – It’s like. – Oh. – It’s industrial. – It’s like a, it’s soapy. – Pipe pipe. – No no, oh no it’s not. It’s a raw animal. – Hold on, is it an animal? An industrial animal? (Liza laughing) – [Link] It’s a horse. – Very tiny horse. – [Female Voice-Over] Why don’t you guys get a little closer? – Ooh! – Squid, squid, squid! – What’s there! What is it? – It’s fish, oh! – It’s a octopus. – It’s cold, it’s cold, it’s cold. What’s cold, why is it cold? – [Link] It’s a slimy Bass. – Pregnant Salmon. – Is it um, um, crawfish, crawfish. – [Female Voice-Over] You’re
all in the right family. – Shrimp, shrimps! – It’s a certain kind of fish. Is it a certain kind of fish? – What was that! – That was you moving. – Oh sorry. (laughs) Wait. – [Link] Is it a Catfish? – Oh! – Can I pet it? – I think it just touched me on the nose. – It stinks. – [Female Voice-Over] No one’s
guessed the exact sea animal, creature this is. – Sea urch, sea anemone! – Sea Bass. – Jellyfish! – Sea starfish! Plankton! – Sponge. – Whale. – Mush. Dolphin. – Mush, mush. – Orca. – Killer whale. – Seal. Porpoise. – The singer or the seal? – The singer. – Algae. – Um, um. Seaweeds. – Crab. – Ah, it touched my eye! – Crab? – Is it moving? – [Female Voice-Over] You guys are having one shell of a time. – Ha-ha.
– Uh. – Clams!
– Clam. – Clam, oyster! – [Female Voice-Over] Rhett got it. – Dang it! – Uh. There it is. (lounge-type music with whooshing sniffs) – Okay, now we’re moving on
to our franken-scent round, where we’ve got two smells combined, worth a total of two points. – Raise the stank! – [Liza] I got this,
mixed girl, makes sense. (Link laughs) – [Liza] Come on, make sense. – Oh cheese? – Uh, moldy cheese. – [Female Voice-Over] Ee-yeah. – Oh is it? – Inside of a sock, a tube sock. – It does, anyway it is gross. – Cheese and a sock sounds, that smells exactly what it smells like. – [Female Voice-Over] I’m
looking for a specific cheese and that’s not always. – Blue cheese!
– Gouda! My favorite. – Smoked Gouda?
– Uh, Muenster. – Um, um goat cheese. – Limburger! – [Female Voice-Over]
Rhett, did you say blue? – I said blue. – [Female Voice-Over] There you go. – Dang it. (lightly dinging bell) – Blue cheese and a.
– Blue cheese with a. – In a white, mm, platter. – Blue cheese on a plate. (laughing) – Blue cheese on a. – Blue cheese and a platter. (Liza laughing) – On a, blackened. – I’m trying to think of a theme. Blue cheese on a blue chip. – [Female Voice-Over] Yeah? – On a. – Blue tortilla chip! – Can I lick it? – Is it a cracker? – It smells like a. – [Female Voice-Over] Do not lick it. – What is that? – Did you lick it? – I put my tongues on a
lot of things, but not. – And a Cheez-It, a Cheeto? – Uh, an apple. – Oh, I do smell cheese. – An apple. – Oh, that’s the blue cheese. (laughing) – I do smell cheese. – You get the point. Wait, the blue cheese with. – I smell cracker. – Something I just licked. A gumball? – I do smell a cracker
now that you said it. – [Female Voice-Over] So
Rhett was on the right track, he said blue cheese and blue. – Blue.
– Blue cheese and. – Balls! – Dang it! – Blue balls! Very frustrated, castrated balls. – A blues. – [Liza] Blue cheese and blue. – Blues. – Clues. Blue. – Blues music CD. – Blooo.
– Blooo-tee. – I thought we were harmonizing, sorry. – [Female Voice-Over] Alright guys, any final guesses? – No wait, what else is blue. – I can’t. – Blue Man Group. (Liza laughing) You got a dead member
of the Blue Man Group. – [Female Voice-Over] Alright
guys, remove your blindfolds. It was blue paint. – In a skillet? – What is that, why’d I lick it? – You cooked it together? – You licked that? – I did. – Oh.
– Ugh. – Did it again, oh! – Oh that’s paint, girl. – I’m gonna go, thank
you guys for having me. (lounge-type music with whooshing sniffs) – Okay, with two points at stake, Liza, you can still take the lead. – Yeah. – I cannot, so I’m gonna
guess to help you beat Rhett. – You think? (gasps) – Can you do that? – Yes.
– Yes he can. – Bring up the stank! – Raise the stank. – Two of ’em. (air-pump hiss) Alright. – Okay, I’ve been told
not to lick this one, though I want to. – [Link] Ooh, eh. – Dookie. – Is it, is it poop-ily? – Is it dookie? – It’s poop, it’s poop, it’s poop. (Link retching) – Oh gosh. If you get in there, it’s nasty. Do you have vomit in your mouth? – A little bit. – Ooh, it’s filling the whole. – Do you want me to guess what
they ate before pooping this? – Oh. – Eh, is poop right? – It’s poo-poo. – You know what? I’m not gonna help you. – [Female Voice-Over] Poop’s not right, though Liza was on to something. – Oh oh oh, something they
ate before they pooped. – It’s, it’s. – Corn, it never digests. – Digested guts. – [Link] Oh gosh. Is it? – [Liza] Intestines, lower intestines. – [Rhett] Chitlins. – Horse pooping hay? No? – The whole horse. – It’s nastier than that. – Wait. – Oh gosh, it’s bad. – It’s real bad, I don’t. – I’m really breathing it in. – I’m afraid to smell it. Every time I smell it, it’s like a new mini-moment of horror. (Liza burps) – Yeah, keep burpin’, that’s gonna help. (Liza laughs) – My burps smell better than this. – Yeah, that’s true. – Ugh. – I’m just kinda ready to get outta here. – I wanna go! See ya later. – There’s something, I
think there’s something really bad and something
really good at the same time. – [Female Voice-Over] Yes. – Is it? Okay, so it’s. – ‘Cause it feels like a. – Chocolate. – Covered poop. – Is there peanut butter in there? – No, there ain’t no peanut butter. – [Female Voice-Over] So you usually, one item you get on your birthday. – A birthday cake. – Birthday cake that someone pooped out. – Sprinkles! Sprinkles! – Uh, poop covered in sprinkles. – [Female Voice-Over] So, it’s cake, I’m gonna give you cake. (lightly dinging bell) – Cake. – [Female Voice-Over]
And it’s a play on words, in a way. – Cow pie cake. – (gasps) cow pie? No. – Dookie cake. – [Liza] Doo, goo-kie cake. – [Female Voice-Over] There’s no poop. – There’s no poop? – There’s no poop? – Really? – Well it sure smells like there is. – Okay hold on. – What is that? – I shouldn’t put my nose in it either? – Is it rotten cake? – [Female Voice-Over] Blank cake. – (beep) cake. (audience members laughing) – We just insist that
there’s dookie in this cake. – There is dookie in this cake. – [Female Voice-Over] Okay
guys, it’s around the corner. – 7-Eleven!
– Sheet cake, yes. Bull-sheet cake. – [Female Voice-Over] No,
it’s around the corner from where dookie’s made. – Oh it’s urine cake! (lightly dinging bell) – Urinal cake!
– Urinal cake! – Oh, I said urine. – I said it right after that. – [Female Voice-Over]
Remove your blindfolds. – Ahh!
– Ahh! Whose is this? – Who used it? Who used it? – [Female Voice-Over] It’s Lucas’ Who? (audience laughing) – Who peed on it? – [Female Voice-Over] Lucas. – Lucas!
– Lucas, what have you? – Oh my God! – What have you been eating? – Asparagus only, that’s only been. – Push it down! – I want you to come out
here and wave to the people. – No, that’s more specific
Liza, it is asparagus pee. – It’s asparagus pee? Do I get extra points for that? – Stick your head in there, and you. – That came out of his pee-pee. – Ugh. – I didn’t like it. – [Link] Get out of here, Lucas! – [Liza] You need to go to a doctor. – So Rhett, you win, what does he win? Give him his prize. – (gasps) what’d you win? (air-pump hiss) – It’s the Think & Stink trophy. – Don’t raise it back up! – Oh no! (laughing) – Thank you for liking,
commenting and subscribing. And hey, you should also,
like, comment and subscribe to Liza’s channel, Liza Koshy. – Link n’ bile, Link
n’ box, thank you guys. Thank you guys for having me. – Then you’re gonna say,
you know what time it is. – Oh, you know what time it is. – My name’s Katy. – And my name’s Tony. – And we’re at the Edinburgh Fringe with our show The Tale of the Cockatrice. – [Everyone] And it’s time to
spin the Wheel of Mythicality. Woo! (Cockatrice cuckooing) – Huh, Tale of the Cockatrice. – That’s awesome, that’s so cute. – Ohh. – We have one of those. – Yes we do. Click the top link to watch us play a game with Fanfiction and Good Mythical More. – And to find out where the Wheel of
Mythicality’s gonna land. Make your mornings more mythical with the Good Mythical Morning mug. Go get one at

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