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Native Fish for Aquarium, Collecting Native fish in Florida

what up fish tank people
dustin’s fishtanks bring it to you on a Sunday baby how’s everybody doing I hope
you’re doing well in a wonderful little greenhouse here at Imperial tropicals
today for you all and I’m excited to be bringing you a huge species Sunday this
is not your average species Sunday this is a dust and wind collecting trip in
the I don’t know what was it the Green was it the green the green swamp with
Mike Mike is the the guide the leader I don’t know diddly about any of these
species but Mike took us romping through the woods we would fill almost 9 o’clock
at night and I won’t lie he admitted he was a little like oh where are we type
thing but while we were there we collected a ton of cool stuff this is
going to be kind of a long video but I think it’s really cool to show like the
native stuff I didn’t know these species were that sweet also got some invasive
ones so Mike dude what’s up brother how you doing man how you doing dude I’m
living man this has been a total riot so thanks for having me out and doing all
this fun stuff he was like we’re gonna go collect I don’t know I felt good
pulling up some stuff in the net in front of you I didn’t think you knew I
had any net skills but uh what do we got here dude like give me this the natives
and we’ll talk about the invasive one so what are these big dudes over there so
the big ones are warm out is what warm out name is and it’s one of the one of
the most aggressive fish that we have that comes from the
Green Swamp area yeah I mean they’re just you know got a name like warm out
yeah they’re going to war yeah it’ll mess around how big they get
they get um I would say five six hundred uses when here a little better one to do
and so um five six inches and I wouldn’t like a sunfish type thing or leather
similar to the sunfish you know I don’t know really much about the genius I just
know right that growing up as a kid yeah like we’d go to the swamp we would catch
them and they’re really good they’re they’re really good you need them you
too now it’s like a sweet tasting meat fish oh yeah so uh well you didn’t tell
me we can eat them do that’s different that one’s just about lick it off but
nice so that’s a warm out and let’s keep without your favorite over here let’s
move to that yeah so this is a blue spotted sunfish right here and I mean
these guys are just do that looks beautiful man you be hard to find a fish
in South America with you know that kind of pop of colors yeah that’s distressed
right now I’m at the end up putting him in probably an isolation tank and and
nursing back to health but uh they don’t get very big and these fish are stressed
because we took them from that they were in a real low pH bag they’re hearty but
they’re very hearty you said see the bull head cats when I’m
up there trying to check us out but uh but yeah these are really amazing fish
right there that’s the Mel what about the big boy what’s this one
this is another another sunfish and he faded a bunch of notice callers office
and saw the caught him out but he’s uh yeah I mean he’s nice too
yeah it’s another one in the sunfish family those are tight and then let’s
talk about the channel I mean the boy people know what void is right I mean
versus yeah they get what like 16 inches man yeah
these don’t get too big and then you know what is this Mike looking thinner
that’s a mother’s killifish so I’ve never caught one that big before but
these a month yeah and then then I personally netted this hot blow cat back
there I didn’t know they’re not from around here
and we caught that I don’t know if it goes good I think I get like twice think
of that something probably twice as oh yeah that’s kind of cool but I netted
that sucker up so yeah so these are these are fun ones here let’s ah got a
chub minnow in here also Tojo that one that it done that yeah let’s let’s get
these guys it’s better better water and I let’s show show the little guys next
yeah ought to chub go yeah kala had an absolute ride down there that was only
part one of a two part series on u.s. native fish I caught while I was down in
Florida got plenty more videos coming from my trip down there and Imperial
tropicals in Florida so if you like what I’m doing subscribe everybody give me a
favor and drop me a comment of your favorite native fish forever you are
wherever is native to you make it awesome

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