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Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More
Natural Ingredients to your door!

Natural Ingredients to your door!

– Hey guys what is going on? It’s Jamie here with the Wild Foods team. I’m going to show you
a little bit about the Wild Jamie Box that can be
purchased on It’s basically a curation of the products that I love to use every single day. And I’m going to show you
guys a little bit about it. here, enter,
take you to our website. And up in the left
corner in the search bar I’m just going to type in Jamie which will take you right there. Cool, we’re going to click on that. And here gives you all
of the different products that I have in there, a little breakdown. And we’ll start with the
MCT Oil, so the MCT Oil I use every morning in my coffee. But what’s great about it is
that you can also cook with it. And you can bake with it,
you can use it on your skin. It’s amazing for so many reasons. Then we’ve got the Cocoa Butter. I love Cocoa Butter because I make my own homemade chocolate with that. You can also use Cocoa Butter
on your hair and skin as well. You can make your own haircare products, your skin products. But you can also use Coca
Butter in your coffee if you do not prefer any diary substances so it’s a great vegan alternative. And then we’ve got our
Pink Salt which clearly we use on everything. I use it in my water in the morning. I use it to season all my foods. That’s a no-brainer for sure. It’s also an essential mineral. And then I’ve got the
Wild Mushroom Reishi here. I also use mushrooms in
my coffee every morning. They’re whole lot of
antioxidants, anti-cancer fighting benefits as well as
improving mood and immunity. So really really powerful there. And then we’ve got some coffee. And I think coffee is just
so incredibly important to source from a good place obviously. So you need to have
organic and fair-traded because if you don’t
they’re potentially moldy and they’ve been sitting
and they’re not fresh. So definitely be careful where
you source your beans from. Ours are sourced right
from, well ours are sourced from different regions in the world. But we roast them locally in Austin so they’re nice and fresh. And then we’ve got Fish
Oil Caps, I don’t eat fish everyday like I did when I was in Florida. I don’t have that luxury
here in Austin anymore. So the Fish Oil supplement is a necessity, especially if you’re not
getting your fish everyday. You need those essential omega-3s for brain functioning and all that. And then last but not least
we have the Collagen Peptides. The collagen mixes so
wonderfully in the coffee in the morning, it gives it
that rich frothy goodness. You can also use it in
your smoothie, your shake. Whatever it is that you need. It’s flavorless, odorless and grass fed. So it’s super high quality, I
highly recommend to get that. So that is just a little breakdown of what is in the Jamie box. I appreciate the support. Thank you, bye.

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