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Natural Ways to Treat Plantar Fasciitis | Dr. Josh Axe

Natural Ways to Treat Plantar Fasciitis | Dr. Josh Axe

Hey, guys, Dr. Axe here. Today I’m going to
share with you my secrets to curing plantar fasciitis, and I can tell you from being a
tri-athlete myself, over the years I’ve struggled with injuries and pain like plantar fasciitis
and ITB syndrome and other injuries that for most people they have to live with for a long
time. But what I did was I did research and found the natural cures and natural ways to
really improve plantar fasciitis. Now, there are four secrets to curing plantar
fasciitis. Number one, doing deep tissue work on the area; number two, stretching; number
three, there are actually nutritional foods and supplements that can cure plantar fasciitis;
and last but not least, strengthening the muscles of your feet.
So let me go through the four ways that you can cure your plantar fasciitis. Number one, deep tissue massage. You can hire
a massage therapist or the cheapest, most effective way to do it is either get a tennis
ball or a baseball at home, or my favorite is a rolling pin, and put this right under
your foot here like so. You can do this barefoot or with a sock on, and really just kind of
going deep over time, stretching out that tendon. What happens when you have plantar
fasciitis, that tendon and fascia becomes very, very tight and it starts to stretch
out, just like if you pulled a muscle on your low back or let’s say your neck. Getting deep
tissue massage breaks up the scar tissue, relaxes the muscles. So going back and forth
about two minutes at a time, really just kind of getting in that one little area like so.
That is the number one thing you can do to help cure your plantar fasciitis. And I would
do this twice, two to three times a day for about two to five minutes. Start off at two.
Work your way up to five minutes. The second thing you want to do to cure your
plantar fasciitis is do deep stretching. I would go and get a block, or a set of stairs
is the easiest way to do this. And really, again, find a set of stairs and really just
kind of stretch that area. Lean up against there, so doing deep stretching of that plantar
tendon. The third secret to curing plantar fasciitis,
and by the way this is very, very important, is getting certain nutrients in your body
that help relax tendons. Those nutrients are: number one, magnesium. Magnesium is essential,
doing about 500 mg a day. I would do 500 mg right before bed. That relaxes that muscle.
That’s the number one nutrient for healing plantar fasciitis. Also, along with magnesium,
doing vitamin B5. It’s called pantothenic acid. That’s been shown to help relax the
muscle and help heal the plantar tendon. Number three is fish oil. Getting more Omega-3s in
your diet can also help heal that area. So remember magnesium, remember vitamin B5 and
also doing, as we talked about, fish oil, and then vitamin C can also help with the
absorption of B5, another good thing to do. But make sure you’re following an anti-inflammatory
diet. Getting those supplements will help relax that plantar tendon. And last but not least, one of the main causes
of plantar fasciitis is actually not wearing the right type of shoes and having weak foot
muscles. Our bodies were meant to be moving barefoot. That’s our original design, walking
barefoot, where a lot of these shoes today cause us to compensate and only use certain
areas of our foot, and so actually most of our feet muscles get weak. So actually walking
around barefoot or switching over to barefoot shoes, these are the original Vibram shoes
that I have, these sort of barefoot shoes. They really actually strengthen your tendon.
Now what I wear today are these Merrells, which don’t have the five fingers but they
still have these Vibram bottom. So this is more of a barefoot shoe. Wearing barefoot
shoes will help strengthen your calf muscles. It’ll help strengthen one of those many, many
little muscles within your feet. It’s going to help raise your arch. So that’s actually
going to help strengthen your foot, long-term help improve your plantar fasciitis. And by the way, slow into this when you’re
wearing barefoot shoes. I recommend just starting off one hour, maybe even 30 minutes during
the day. Over time, kind of work your way up. A lot of people do barefoot running today.
You may even work into that a little bit. But just remember this. There are four cures
to fix your plantar fasciitis. Number one, as we’ve talked about, doing deep tissue rolling
on the area with either a tennis ball or a rolling pin. Number two, doing that stretching
for about a minute to three minutes, two to three times a day. Number three, nutrition.
Listen, your body needs certain vitamins and minerals to relax the muscle. Magnesium and
fish oil are very, very important as we talked about, and vitamin B5. And last but not least,
switch the shoes you’re wearing. Start getting out, walking barefoot, wearing barefoot-like
shoes. If you do those four things, you’re going to relieve that pain there in that tendon
that can get so tight, and you’re going to relieve plantar fasciitis. Hey, guys, if you like this video or you want
to learn more of my health tips like proper running form, how to burn fat, lose weight,
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100 comments on “Natural Ways to Treat Plantar Fasciitis | Dr. Josh Axe

  1. I am a nurse and have suffered from plantar pain for a couple of years. The docs just say take anti-inflammatories and analgesics for the pain, but I know this was just masking the symptoms. Anyway, I got this  fastplantarfasciitiscure guide and a couple of days of following it my pain is completely gone. And I know its really gone cause Im not on any meds so if there was any pain left Id know it.  for more information , click here :

  2. I am a nurse and have suffered from plantar pain for a couple of years. The docs just say take anti-inflammatories and analgesics for the pain, but I know this was just masking the symptoms. Anyway, I got this guide ,  Well done on providing such a comprehensive, easy-to-follow plantar fasciitis treatment progam and a couple of days of following it my pain is completely gone. And I know its really gone cause Im not on any meds so if there was any pain left Id know it.  for more information , click here :

  3. Can you tell me what Merrils you have? Or a good type of athletic shoe. I have been suffering for over a year, have tried injections, PT, meds, steroids and now the dr wants to do a release surgery. I also have high arches.
    thank you, Mary

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  5. Awesome thank you so much for these great tips. I am really hurting from plantar pain so I will try all these great tips.

  6. I got this problem while playing bare foot
    I accidentally put my heel on a sharp stone and I am suffering from this heel pain from 1 and a half year .I am a runner and it makes my practice session as bad as hell during the start and after finishing practice.
    even the chronic pain suddenly increase in the inside partion of heel sometimes while sitting on a chair

  7. There are a few ideas for plantar foot treatments
    Make sure you rest your feet
    Try Wearing supportive footwear
    Try ice on your heel
    Take ibuprofen or another nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug to lessen pain and inflammation
    Wear night splints
    Try stretching and strengthening exercises.
    (I discovered these and the reasons they work from Rohon Foot Care site )

  8. Thanks for this video. Always nice to promote natural ways. I want however to leave a comment here about my recommendations: At the end of the day you need to find the root cause of this injury. Stretching and icing will fix it in two weeks.. but if after 6 months you still have problems.. it's not by continuing going to the doctor that you will fix your problem. The root cause could be wisdom teeth (having proper healthcare of your teeth helps bad health has repercussion in your body!), another thing could be vein thrombosis not helping with blood circulation or another thing could be lumps in the neck. I am just saying these could be potential root causes.. I had plantar fasciitis for a long time.. I worked on my calf for so long.. and the calf is amazing now.. like brand new.. so after that what's next?

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  13. I can confirm that most of the advice in this video works. I've been using a rolling pin for exercise for several years now and it really does help.

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  15. I’m taking your word for it, doc!! Butt what if I told u that my buddy’s Mom is an RN and told us to take magnesium everyday which I’ve been doing for a year and a half!? lmbo

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  18. Hey doc I think I got Plantar fasciitis while practicing basketball ball I have a game in 3 days do you think my foot could heal in 3 days

  19. How long does this usually take to heal? I've had this since head trauma 6 years ago. I am nearly 6 ft, slender, I have fallen arches so have weak feet. If i go around inside barefoot the pain is brought on sooner so would you still advise wearing barefoot shoes? Any advice would be much appreciated..

  20. Finally, a Doctor said what I've been saying all my life: I'm not really meant to wear shoes.. Thanks Doc. I like your style…

  21. Thanks for the suggestions. Earthing/grounding works. That's why barefoot walking worked. Ts coz of the earthing/grounding I believe. I didn't do any barefoot walking I just placed my foot in the sand one day. And in the afternoon after I did that I was able to jog after two years of not being able to run at all. I have thyroid problems which I attribute wholly the condition. But I will still follow the advice from this video. Thanks. And I hope I can help people looking for help regarding this condition. 🙂

  22. Thank you for mentioning diet as part of the cure. So many doctors either don't know this or ignore the importance of it. Excellent tips! Thank you!

  23. Walking barefoot? Not for everybody. Doc – you may want to explain more. I am not a doctor, but I have plenty of experience with Plantar F. The reason why I personally developed plantar f in the first place was because somebody told me about walking barefoot or using the shoes you recommended. It is not for everybody, and depending how bad the Plantar F is, it can make it worse. I want to – eventually get there, but if I start there, it will cause my Plantar F to get worse.

  24. Doesn't stretching the fascia cause small tearing? Why do many doctors say to flex and others say to point? Confusing….

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  26. Great video! Loved the vitamin info. I deep stretch and massage my feet daily on SoleHealers Plantar Fasciitis Massager and Stretcher. and I am now running again.

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  28. I am suffering from some sort of pain in the back of my leg. Lower part of thigh but upper part of calf. I walk with a limp now bcuz I can't put weight on it. I try to stretch, it helps a bit, but I hv to stand up slowly. It may be the plantaris. Suggestions?

  29. Belive or not the sport shoes is the main coz of plantar fasciitis. Just find the right shoes to be exactly your size and don't be very soft under heel. Massages your feet and just rest and take care of your food.

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  31. I've suffered with this for over a year. I am adding the vitamine suppliments. I didn't realize that my cramping calf was related to the pain in my feet. This is the most complete list of ways that i've found.

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  33. Hey thanks for your video.  take per day.   I think I heard you say 500 mg of magnesium daily but how many milligrams of fish oil should you take every day?

  34. What do you think about those types that some People use in feet? Thank you. And what about heel spur? Is there a ny cure? Bit not surgery please. Thank you doctor

  35. Another helpful thing for plantar fasciitis, at least it helped me: essential oils massaged into the arch and heel of the foot, Layered in the order, 1. Valor 2. Wintergreen. 3. RC I did this morning and evening for 4 weeks. It was a tremendous help.

  36. Hi, I got diagnosed with Planta Fascia tear today and have been pushed between physio & Podiatrist as well as being told 'no weight bearing' to 'weight bearing' I don't know what to do. Any suggestion?

  37. Hi Dr,Josh? Can’t quite understand how to take magnesium, is it 1 in the morning and 1 before going to brd?Thanks

  38. Excellent video. I think I am going to do and cure myself all the four what he  said as natural ways. Of course my Dr advised the rolling ice water bottle too. Thanks

  39. Thankyou dr axe i suffered the same problems you talking about, i always do the three things ,but i know i have magnesium deficiency cuse this problem ..thank allot

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  41. I found Dr Sholes insert liner helped alleviate pain and it went away naturally
    after 1 year. Had it in one foot and then the other.

  42. A couple of weeks ago, I had a tough time walking. These days, jogging a distance of 5 kilometers has been possible. I will certainly suggest plantar fasciitis solution “Kamdοdο Mula” (Google it) to all my jogging buddies, try it yourself!..

  43. My dr told me to NEVER walk barefoot, not even at night to go to the bathroom. Did the frozen bottle, golf ball, rolling pin, massage, sports massage, yellow round pads, ultra sound heat thing, injections, soak in ice water up to my knee, SURGERY, nothing helped. I was a tennis pro and after 2 years of pain I finally quit, gained 60lbs, and gave up on life.

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  50. What helped me a lot was walking on a fairly hot surface. For me it was walking slowly barefoot on hot ashfault

  51. thank you so much doc for this information im glad I watched your video. I’m suffering this for more than 4 months and it’s really painful every time I walk 😢😢😢 just like I’m a limp huhuhu many people tend to ask and sometimes laugh at me. this would be a great help for me 😀 thank you thank you 🙏

  52. It`s been five years ever since I encountered plantar fasciitis soreness and I wasn’t able to cure it by using different medicines. After finding this “Kamdοdο Mula” (Google it) plantar fasciitis treatment guideline. It required only less than a week to ease the discomfort entirely. I achieved the excellent results three months ago and I’m so thankful that I no longer experience the pain brought on by the problem..

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  55. Which magnesium? There are a few different ones. I was going for B12, Mag.Malate (1200 mg a day) and B6… what do you think?

  56. I have been doing the roll/ice bottle and ball 5 times a day and about 5 minutes, but an still suffering this pain for 6 months now. I also take magnesium and fish oil. And wear custom fit orthotics. But my pain is still chronic????

    All doctor's said avoid barefoot!
    I used to walk in barefoot most of the day and every day, especially indoors! Now due to the chronic heel pain, I don't last more than 20 seconds 🙁

  57. The only way I fixed my Plantar Fasciitis (tried everything was so desperate) was to release my hamstring muscle.. deep tissue massage.. worked on my friends too.. seems to be an issue with women in their 50’s..

  58. Hmmm my foot doctor told me just the opposite. I’ve always walked barefoot for years and he said I need inserts to support the arch. 🤔

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