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Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More


Hello all friends, it’s a new day again. On the menu today is my husband’s dish. He wants to eat it and therefore he choose this dish. Come and see what we will be having for dinner. The first dish is neem (sadao) salad with pork No escargot today because we did not buy it. The second dish is spiny eel he already marinade them with young green tamarind dip. They have green tamarind this month. This flat is almost $7 because they sell by weight. I ate some already and there’s a lot of it left. Garlic and chilies to pound with green tamarind. I’m just preparing the ingredients for him. I have neem flower which is frozen here in the USA. They do not have fresh ones. But it’s flash freeze while it was fresh so you can’t really tell. I do not eat neem salad.
I don’t know how. It’s too bitter for me. I’m just preparing for him
and he will put it all together shortly. I have Cambodian mint one cucumber and tomato. We were lucky to find a green one
as they usually sell the red ones. I have to grow my own to get them nice and green. This is tamarind. Pork, which I will boil to have it ready for him. That’s our two dishes for this evening. This is true Cambodian food. Here’s water that I’ve boiled to cook the pork. Now that it’s boiling I am going to add some salt. Place the pork in the pot. It’s above the water, I will turn it over later. If you want to cook it faster,
split it in half to make it a thinner piece. But since I am not in a hurry, I will leave it alone. I am now going to take the green tamarind and wash it. Then split it to remove the seeds. Let me pull one more. This one looks old. I’ll take this one. See? Another serving left. For us, this tray give serve us three times. This is the second time. Now I am going to start splitting these green tamarind and remove the seeds, if there’s any. There’s some seeds. These green tamarind is very sour! The other day my husband used them
and I did not think it would be that sour I eat them once in awhile
I almost forgot what it taste like. It’s more sour than young green mango. Bad one. Hmm, this is a bad one. It’s all black. It’s expensive too and now there’s a bad one. All done, this is how much I got. As I was removing the seeds, I was salivating. Once the pork is cook, remove
and slice it into small pieces. Now starting to make the tamarind sauce for the salad. It’s very easy. First put the fish sauce and the tamarind then press into it so the tamarind melts
and mixed all together. Next add sugar and chilies to your liking. You have to mix it well so that the flavors mingle. Then give it a taste and adjust to your liking. Cutting the cucumbers is also very easy. Just peel it a little,
then slice and cut it into small pieces. It’s the same cut you make when eating Banh Xeo salad. As for the tomato, it’s the same. Slice it thinly. The neem flower like I mentioned, is frozen so to freshen it up, just blanche it in boiling water. Next remove the flower and leaves to make the salad. It’s now time to make the salad. Just throw the sliced pork
as well as the prepared tamarind sauce earlier then really mix it in to combine the flavors. That’s it. It can be plated. Now frying the spiny eel. Lots of energy to really break that down. One is pounding and one is filming
so the camera is not as shaky. Chilies, green tamarind, sugar and salt (garlic too). That’s all. Who else looking at this and drooling? The person making and the person filming is salivating. Salt. Our dishes are done. This is green tamarind dip with fried spiny eel. Neem salad with pork and stir fry lemongrass paste with duck,
given to us from a family friend. Mmm… good! Yummy green tamarind dip. Sour. But it’s a yummy sour. It’s really yummy everyone. Spiny eel is marinated with just salt,
no special seasoning. Oun Naly go play with grandpa. Are you done eating? – Yeah.
– OK. It’s very delicious everyone.! They only have green tamarind once a year. Some states does not even have it. It’s hard to find in some states. This is February 14th, day of love. Now it’s February 15th. The last spiny eel for the wife. Just dipping the herbs into the dip is yummy. It’s because the husband pound the green tamarind. The husband work or art. Because he has a heavy hand so it’s more finer. Crispy fry the spiny eel and you can eat the bones too. No need to take the plane (to Cambodia).
Just take the car, 5 mins drive. This is duck butt. Duck butt is tastier than chicken butt. Faster eating dry food with your hands. I like the duck head and legs. Head and legs I really like it. But there’s no meat. Yeah, but gnaw it. Gnaw it and drink, gnaw and drink. The wife likes the thighs. It has a lot of meat. This is what’s left everyone. Also this much left of the salad. Spiny eel, green tamarind dip, neem salad.
That is all what’s left. Don’t waste it, it’s only once a year. Good.


  1. YumSadao look easy and all this time I'm craving and think it's hard to make lol. Thanks and tamarind bok. I'm hungry its hard to find at my local Asian market, I'll check this weekend. You guys sure clean out the plate though lol.. happy couple happy eating.

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