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Never Wanted To Find This Magnet Fishing…(Could have Killed Someone)

Never Wanted To Find This Magnet Fishing…(Could have Killed Someone)

Big Dave just hooked on something big right here and he’s pulling it up. That’s the same guy. He’s following us There’s not a little magnificient guys. Welcome back to another episode. We are at new location check this place out. Hopefully it’s pretty promising So make sure you stick around see if we find anything Well if I got Hey, that guy’s look like I got chained to some sorts shine Like I’m pulling it real slow Oh Check that out. Oh, it’s definitely something Hey, that guy’s my big day. Just hooked on something big right here, and he’s pulling it up Whenever this is guys it’s big All’s another one of those things we’re gonna get so much hate we throw that back in like last time This was metal pole – oh My god All right guys, look at that some people over there. They got their dogs and they’re jumping in the water That’s how unsafe those things are dude It’s conservation. I Think so So that there’s been a little magnet fishing Yeah, there’s one right next to the dock right there Did you want that spiky thing out of the water that’s I Hate to see somebody jump on it Yeah We pretty much cleaned that place out All right, guys, we’re leaving right now That was the city Moberly It seems like they don’t really want us over here doing this and you all saw we got that spike thing in the water And he told us not to pull it out. So we’re gonna head out and go somewhere else You’re at a new bridge We were told about this place people said there’s a lot of stuff get thrown off of here washing machines dryers all that good stuff Did bring the 1,500 pound pool magnet, we will throw in. Hopefully we find something Over here, okay plenty fear of calming a hater guys fishing No, we just bought throughout two times already just Be careful, yeah All right, thank you All right guys, that’s the same guy he’s following us Definitely something on there. Oh, yeah. Yeah that Oh, Hole or something take a look at that. Not too bad. Oh Yeah, I got something Do that guys old chain Alright guys, take a look what we found real quick. We’re gonna find a whole lot As you could tell that city worker from last time showed back up again Anyways did find its old chain Found this pipe and a couple of nails, you know a whole lot and This this we got something out of the water. Well, thank you for watching I really appreciate it and see you on next episode and make sure you hit that subscribe button. Thank you

100 comments on “Never Wanted To Find This Magnet Fishing…(Could have Killed Someone)

  1. That guy was an asshole and should be fired. His comment was bullshit and it sounds to me like he's worried about something you might find that might incriminate him.

  2. "nobody is supposed to get in the water anyways" send that guy ur hospital for being impaled on rebar . who ever did that should be jailed period .

  3. why do people care so much if you are collecting stuff from out of the water?  as long as youre not trespassing you should be allowed.  anyone who stops you from doing this is just in love with the little amount of  power they have, and want to use it whenever they feel they can.

  4. First, I agree this hobby removes trash from the environment and removes possible hazards. That said, it appears they are "fishing" from an area that falls under the responsibility of town/state. They are responsible for preventing liability. At that moment he was removing the obvious liability.

  5. So just to let you know that about 30-40 years ago they put them in the water under docs to help create an eco system, for the smaller fish.

  6. Did you seriously drag that thing over to the dock and stand it up right then leave it? It was nowhere near the danger it is now because of you. If someone gets hurt it is on you now.

  7. Could you even imagine if somebody drove into the water and that was sitting upright what hazard I'm so glad you guys do this

  8. "Please put the torturing device back to the spot where people love to jump into the water. Thanks a lot!"

  9. Those "Spike things" are called Artificial Fish Habitat! They are placed there which is a "no diving no swimming area" for a fish attractant. Removal of them could be construed as theft of property. If placed there by City, State or Federal Authorities you could find yourself cited.

    Love the fact you are trying to clean up the waters, but there is also things placed there for a reason and you need to understand the difference and the laws regarding salvage or removing objects on bodies of water. As to why the City worker was following you there are numerous reason. I worked for a Recreation dept and we had guys who would do exactly what you are to raise cable for steeling the Metals (Lead and copper) and then sell it for scrap. It was a major issue, even had one group that stole benches off a park for the metal.

    Best advice is stay off public piers and docking unless you have consulted the Authorities to if they have things in the water that were placed there for a reason and so you know of possible dangers such as electrical or gas lines. They might be thrilled to have you there doing this to help, but i can promise they will be pissed if you ruin things they have their for a reason.

  10. Whoever put that in there should be found and fined for littering. Not only that, it could seriously injure or kill someone.

  11. Wonder if there was something in the water back there that he didn't want you to find??? I've maybe read too many murder mysteries:)

  12. You people make me laugh… the “spikey thing” is put there to help provide a fish habitat and cover for spawning bass. Kinda like a artificial reef.

  13. what city is this that Allows and know's "ALLOWS" these killing devices are in there waters . really i would like to call them and record my conversation with this city who is trying to decrease there population using crude killing devices . there is no other reason for these killing devices to be placed in the water period!. some one need to stand accountable for these things . and then jailed with a psychiatric evaluation .

  14. wait …did he say "i'd hate to be them" referring to People becoming impaled on rebar after you asking if he wanted it out of the water …HOLY FUCK man that person is SICK mentally sick . you guys probably have saved a life or two by exposing these human killing devices. good for you guys.

  15. Just an observation…if somebody is tossing something, that's what they do, toss it. Maybe not thrown hard, but at least an underhand toss. I'd try using a PVC pole to drop from so I could lower from 10' or more out and then pull back. Just sayin…

  16. The "city worker" had no authority to tell you anything. He appeared to be trying to exercise a little power over you. Telling you to be careful, when you weren't doing anything dangerous, is just his way of getting the last word in, like cops do when they find you're doing nothing illegal and have to let you go.

  17. That looks like it was made to kill people who jump off the pier…. that's freaking crazy

  18. Those buckets people throw in are not for fish. They’re a deterrent to keep people from fishing around the docks. If you keep getting snagged on these things and lose your lures, would you keep fishing there or come back to fish there? No? When I find them I cut the wooden boards off of them and take them with me and dispose of them. It is highly illegal to put this crap in the water and a Hazard to Navigation. If or when the water level gets low you can damage your prop in them and if people jump into the water over them they can be impaled and DIE !! So they are illegal as hell and anyone who finds them should call the cops. I do and have at least ten times already.


  20. Go and lodge an incident with the local government authority about a hazard in the water and a danger to public safety

    They may contact you and you can get paid to extract it from the water

  21. That dude's a dick and he's probably the one who put those buckets with the rods in there. Somebody jumps in will get killed.

    I'll say it again he's a freaking dick!

    You should post where you found those buckets so people know

  22. Thats an artificial structure for fish but its supposed to be standing on those legs. Im guessing there is a bunch of em and actually you guys made them dangerus by flipping em over magnet fishing. You should probably go and stand em upright.

  23. The guy following you guys might have ditched a murder weapon of his own and is afraid it will be found

  24. I’ve seen these traps before, actually my fathers friend broke his neck on one. They’re used as deterrents to keep people from jumping off of bridges and cliffs. Still can’t understand the use of one in a lake though.

    Edit: I was horribly wrong. These are called “fish attractors” and are designed to allow fish to hide from predators. They are VERY dangerous and should not be in the water.

  25. That city worker should not be a city worker its on YouTube use it as your advantage to take that bastard to court for a safety hazard in water and forms rust and contaminates it

  26. With all the crap that's in the water from flooding the fish don't need any help PLENTY of trash like ..trees,cars,bike's houses..stuff like that…lol

  27. I'd go back there and find the gun that is registered to that city foolsnooper. How can they leave that re-bar structure in the water?

  28. A kid in my area jumped off of an abandoned overpass, was impaled by one of these rebar structures, he died and as you would guess the local government didnt remove them from the local jump spot.

  29. Seems like the "City worker" was the stupid [email protected]#hole that put the rebar buckets in the lake to begin with. He said nobodies supposed to be swimming anyway!!!? WTF? you handled it better than me bro because it would definitely been a much bigger issue with me he was just creeping on yall trying to make you uncomfortable so you would leave. He probably dumps all his victims and kiddie porn in the lake… after the second time he stopped and approached me I probably would have went hands on this piece of shit. I understand the concept of under water structures to encourage breeding habitat for wildlife but buckets full of rebar should be some sort of negligence or domestic terrorism.
    please feel free to send me more info of location of waterways and city he worked for.

  30. I would say the city put them in there, being he knew exactly where they were. This thing is they most likely were put in as fish habitats that have lost all the materials that would have been weaved around the spikes. That seems to be a fishing pier not a swimming pier, so yes tampering with them, even though they are no longer doing what they were meant to do and need to be replaced, you could get huge fines from Fish and Game for tampering with them.

  31. Okay if a child ends up jumping in there and spiking him or herself, then that city worker is ultimately responsible for that. He even says if someone jumps in than it's they're fault, as opposed to identifying the danger and having it safely removed from The equation.

  32. Oh yeah ..youre the guys who are screwing up man made habitat for crappie etc…stop fishing next to docks and screwing up what could have been well established with fish..

  33. Yep law abiding sucks it's nice you think better of the environment than he does and people and especially dogs Tom Sawyer you are dog fan and now I'm your fan…the old hotel is… PSYCH Jk ⚓🐀

  34. Did you report it or go back twith the po po to get it out?

    if that was me and some random told me to put it back, id ask why, is it yours? and if he said no, id say fuck yourself i can do what i want, and continue pulling it out

  35. Those spike things you find are actually for fish. If I remember correctly it helps with breeding I think? But those Spike things that are put in the water or put in there by Fish and Game and it is supposed to technically help the fish environment LOL? I honestly don't see how something like that would help but that's what they say. They do it here in New Jersey as well some of them look like giant sea urgent's.

  36. The one from Muscular Magnetics is the best deal I've found anywhere. I would try that one.

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