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NEW AQUARIUM SETUP: Part 2. Step By Step Guide to Setup Your Fish Tank ADDING Plants!

NEW AQUARIUM SETUP: Part 2. Step By Step Guide to Setup Your Fish Tank ADDING Plants!

(funky music) – Time to go pick up Dee and go shopping. Time to put some plants
in that woman’s tank. Let’s do this. – Hey! – [Dustin] Got you up early this morning! The tank all right? – Yeah, it’s good. – Flip it on here, boom. Oh okay, yeah, it’s definitely plant time. Gotta take a moment. – [Dee] Here we are! Awe, how cute! – [Dustin] Pow. – [Dee] All right. – [Dustin] Let’s go shopping! – [Dee] Let’s look and
see what we got going on. Okay, so I wanna little
bit of color in there. – [Dustin] This is a fine looking plant. – [Dee] Yeah, get that one. – [Dustin] We got the poofy right there. – [Dee] Now, it won’t grow
out of the fish tank, will it? – [Dustin] We’re gonna put
these along in front of that. – Wow. – What’s up, fish tank people? – Hey everybody!
– Dustin’s Fish Tanks, Dee’s Fish Tanks bringing it to you on a Sunday, baby. How’s everybody doing? I hope you’re doing well. In today’s video, we’re gonna bring you part two, Dee’s Tanks. Dee, I’m gonna get ‘woo
woo’ with people, right. – All right.
– I say all this, like, positive stuff, you ready for this? – Go ahead. – I woke up this morning. I said, if I could have
any job in the world, what would it be? I have the perfect job for me. I’m gonna hook up my friend Dee. My goal is to help people
through my service. I strive to be the best in the world at what I enjoy doing,
and look at the best in all situations. I will not worry about
things I cannot control. I work hard at these things and understand you can’t get what you want in life without paying the price and enduring the suffering to get it. Anyway, so I woke up. I was like, I’m gonna go
set up a tank for Dee. Dee, I love you to pieces, I’m so glad. – And I love you, too! – Everybody was loving this video! I was like, we got to
get this video rolling. – Yes! – [Dustin] Dee got to go shopping at Dustin’s Fish Tanks. Nobody gets to go do that. – I know, I feel so special. – You should feel special! So, we got her hooked up. Today is part two. We’re gonna set the stage for you. We’re gonna lay out all the plants. First things first, we
got the FX4 tubes cut, we got the shorter 36 inch standard double from yours truly. I’m gonna put Dee to
work in a second here, she’s gonna hold that siphon. We’re gonna siphon this sucker down. I’m not going to put any of
the siphoned water in my mouth. (spits and gags) Yeah, gotcha. – Ha! – We’re gonna drain it down, then we’re gonna plant it, then we’re gonna fill it up. So, here we go, let’s set it up, Dee. – Subscribe to him, yo! – I need you you over
there holding that tube. I’m gonna run into the bathroom. Just right there, stand right there. I’m gonna run to the bathroom
and then I’m gonna go (sucking sound) Lay out all the plants. Now, the reason I do this to drain it is because it’s easier to work on the tank with everything out. We’ve got a bunch of
fun species played out, laid out for you on a Sunday. Dee, you were telling
me your son makes beats. We should have him throw
some beats in this video. – [Dee] (laughs) – [Dustin] Boom, boom, gotta get it going. Filter’s unplugged, tube is cut. With Dee, what we’re gonna do, Dee and D are gonna do it like this. I’ve got one of my hot
selling hygrophilas. Dee, this plant is like
the biggest sponge plant. Everybody asks, ‘Do we take
the stuff out of there? Do we take it out of the sponge? Do we take it out of the rock?’ Yes, yes, yes my beloved customer, yes you take it out of this. Nice roots, and then I
like to do this, like, two or three stems, and what you wanna do is
you want to spread it out. This is, this plant is gonna
take over the whole show, and that’s fine because it’s a big fast nitrate absorbing plant, which means the bigger this plant gets, the more fish you can get. Also known as water wisteria, down in the back, and we’re gonna get it. The trick is to get it down,
way down into the dirt, so it’s actually gonna go past the point of like, where it would
look cool normally, because you wanna get way down in there as hard as it can go. So you wanna take this, and
you wanna take the plant down to the food. So, we’re gonna go all the way down here. So we’re gonna go all the way down, you see that? It goes all the way down there. That’s gonna do the plant more good than being way up above, because now it’s down where it needs to be, and then I’m gonna kick
some of that over there, and that’s how you plant
Hygrophila difformis. This thing like that, pow, and that’s gonna stand up and look nice. That’s done. – [Dee] We’re done? – [Dustin] We’re done with that. So now it’s low, and then
when you’re done with that, if you can grab me a paper towel, we’re gonna wipe the front. I’ve got Ludwigia repens, rippin’ it. Right here, boom. – [Dee] Echinodorus quadricostatus. – Like that, quadrico-quadricostatus? – I have no idea what I’m saying. – Quadricostatus is just
like a name of like a, it sounds important. – [Dee] Yeah, it does. – [Dustin] Quadricostatus, like (laughs) – [Dee] Yeah, uh huh. – [Dustin] This is the
quadricostatus, right here. So, it’s a narrower chain sword. This plant is way down
in there intentionally, because I want it to go down to the roots. So, even though you
can’t see the above part, the below part is going down into the nutrient-rich dirt substrate. So you’re like, ‘Well that’s
hardly doing anything.’ Well yeah, but then
once it hits the roots, it’s gonna go pow pow pow. I like to do plants in clumps of three. – [Dee] Uh huh. – [Dustin] Because it just
gives you a more natural look. Like, if you were in the
wild, you would see like, a whole area of stuff. – [Dee] Right. – [Dustin] I’m gonna speak
in layman’s terms to Dee, but there’s this guy, his name, and people
watching this video know him, his name is Takashi Amano. He was this, a little
Japanese legend of this, this is called aquascaping. – [Dee] Mm-hmm. – [Dustin] And he said, his quote is, ‘Creating nature is the ultimate luxury.’ – [Dee] Mm-hmm. – [Dustin] I like the sound of that. – [Dee] Me, too. – [Dustin] And he died,
and he was like the, drop me a comment, fish tank
people, about Takashi Amano and his influence on this wonderful hobby. And yes, you can purchase all of these on – [Dee] (laughs) That was your animation voice? – [Dustin] That’s right, that was my, like Sunday Sunday Sunday monster truck rally. (laughs) – [Dee] Yeah, yeah. So, what’s the timer for? – [Dustin] The timer just makes it so you don’t hafta turn
the lights on and off, it’ll just automatically kick on at like, a certain time. – [Dee] Ah, that’s cool. – [Dustin] Yeah, it’s pretty slick. This is called Pogostemon stellatus. This is like a big old bushy, like it’s gonna just, ‘blagh’. But we need that. Fast grower, and this is gonna be one you’re like, ‘That one’s taking over.’ – [Dee] So if it’s taking
over, what do I do, trim it down? – [Dustin] Trim it, just
like one of your customers coming in, just hack it down. – [Dee] That’s what I
did to my lucky bamboo on the other side. – [Dustin] Yeah. – [Dee] When I see brown stuff, I take my scissors and
trim it all the way around. – [Dustin] The plant likes that. It sends off the new
growth to the good spots and the bad goes away. Once you realize a plant is sending energy to bad spots that are like, bad leaves or whatever,
it’s wasting energy. So, you just trim, you wanna trim anything that looks bad, because the new growth that’s made for this
environment will be sent up. So, like some of those little things with some little, like bad spots on them, if you wanna get in there and trim and get your kind of flow on, trim that off because
that’ll help stimulate the new growth and stuff
that’s actually growing in this environment prepared for this, and you’re gonna say, he’s gonna say, ‘When can I get some fish?’ – [Dee] Yeah, I see
you gotta wait 30 days, – [Dustin] You say… – [Dee] And I said it like 15 times. – [Dustin] Oh yeah, they gotta hear it. And yeah, I mean you could add fish sooner but it’s just, let the bacteria work, and we’re about to fill it up. Dee, can you do me a favor and connect that big red hose? – [Dee] Mm-hmm, outside? – Outside, that would be the easiest way to fill it up. That would be helpful. It’s filling it up time, got the hose, the 50 foot hose, splashing it around, and it’s always easier to
do it with less water in which is why we did it that way. While we’re adding it,
we gotta add some of the de-chlor from our friends at Fritz. This is ACCR, it’s one
capful for every 10 gallons, this is a 30 gallon tank, but Lexington water’s
been stinking recently, so we’re gonna use four capfuls, pretend like it’s a 40 gallon. So, this is the good
stuff right here, man. There’s nothing on the floor right now, like, messy room, messy minds. Like, clean up your stuff. So, I got my stuff cleaned
up for the most part, and I feel better. – [Dee] You never make a mess. – I try not to make a mess. – [Dee] But not on my carpet. – Not on your carpet, no, this is somebody else’s house! What’re we trying to do? What does it need? Oh, I like the way that grass is going, like how we got a little
foreground action there. I actually have a little bit of rock I’m gonna sprinkle. – [Dee] Look how good my fish tank looks. I know, and I don’t even
have any fish in it! You know, I’m like okay, well, maybe I don’t wanna put fish. Yeah, I do though, yeah. (laughs) You got to eat your Wheaties everyday to be doing all the stuff you do. – This back here is
gonna get bushy and huge in the back. It just, I just shoved
it way down in there but it’s gonna come on out. – It looks so natural. – [Dustin] That’s the goal. – [Dee] I think it looks so good. – Cool, I’m glad you like it. – [Dee] And look how the
plants are standing up now. – Oh, yeah. – [Dee] They’re really, you know. – Wait until later tonight,
everybody’s like ‘whoo’. – [Dee] I know, settled
into their new home. – Uh huh. The quadricostatus is gonna go nuts. The copiel flame, there we go. – [Dee] It did it, too. – Boom, so that’s what’s going on folks. If you don’t mind, fish tank people. – Subscribe to him, y’all! – Would you leave me a comment? What do you want me to
do with these tanks? Should I come over here once a month and give you an update? What do you think about
the plant selection? Does anybody have any
questions about the dirt? We’d love the feedback on this. Hit the like, subscribe, share button. – [Dee] Let me know what
kind of fish that I need to put in there. – [Dustin] Oh, I didn’t
even think about the fish! – [Dee] Yes, you gotta let
me know what kind of fish I need to throw in there. – [Dustin] What kind of fish
should Dee put in there? I didn’t even think about the fish, that’s a foolish part on me. What do you think, I don’t
know? Came out all right. – [Dee] I love it. – [Dustin] You love it, cool. – [Dee] I mean, love love love it. – [Dustin] Tank on, everybody. (funky music)

53 comments on “NEW AQUARIUM SETUP: Part 2. Step By Step Guide to Setup Your Fish Tank ADDING Plants!

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