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NEW AQUARIUM SETUP: Step By Step Guide to Setup Your Fish Tank

NEW AQUARIUM SETUP: Step By Step Guide to Setup Your Fish Tank

(uplifting electronic music) (Dustin gags and coughs) – Yeah.
– Gotcha. I been waiting a long time
for this tank, you know. I tell you what. My husband he was such a great guy, and he just died suddenly. And this was his pride and joy right here, so I drag it everywhere I go. (uplifting electronic music) – [Dustin] I’m totally
liking the way this is going. – [Dee] Me, too. It looks good already.
– [Dustin] Everyone thinks. – [Dee] I’m so excited, I don’t know what to do with myself. – I keep. So I’m in the middle
of getting my hair cut. I want you guys to meet Dee. We just discussed, I’m
gonna set up her fish tank. – Look how cute that thing is. – Isn’t this thing cute? I got my own little set up. This the girl that makes the hair pretty for all of you all. Yeah, you’re never gonna
leave the house now. – I know. (uplifting electronic music) – She’s cut my hair longer
than I’ve been making videos, longer than I’ve had kids. (fingers knocking) (uplifting electronic music) Oh, yeah. (uplifting electronic music) What’s up, Dee? What’s Up? – What’s going on? – It’s about time Dee. – I know, let me tell you
about (voice drowned out). – Oh, all right. Cool. – Hey, I’m getting my fish tank today. – Dee’s ready for this. – [Dee] I’m ready. – [Dustin] That’s a nice tank Dee. – [Dee] All right then. (gentle instrumental music) – What’s up fish tank
people, Dustin’s Fish Tanks bringing to you with Dee’s tank. It’s not even D it’s Dee’s tank. – Right. – How’s everybody doing,
I hope you’re doing well. Super special video today. Before I had kids, remember you were around
when I was like having a baby when I told you
– Before you had a baby. – Before I had kids.
– Yeah, yeah. – [Dee] When you was just young and dumb. (Dee laughs)
– Yeah, now I’m old and dumb. So this is my girl Dee. Every time I go to a trade show, the Aquatic Experience, Aquashella Dallas, Aquashella Chicago, any
time I’m going out of town, I come and see her and I’m like, Dee, you gotta do it right. You can see the clips, like I got the same
haircut in every trade show I go and see Dee, she’s been
cutting my hair forever, she’s a trip, I love going to her, and she’s known me for like 10 years. And I mean, introduce yourself,
what do you got going on? Tell me about what’s
up with your fish tank. Tell me the story, Dee. – Well, I’m Dee-Dee White, I’ve had this tank since
for about 20 years. My daughter is 28, and I know we’ve had it
for at least over 20 years. So my husband loved to keep
fish in it all the time, but then he passed away, and
it hasn’t had fish in it since, and I kept telling Dustin I was like, you gotta help me get these
fish in this fish tank, ’cause my baby you know, he always wanted to have fish in it. So he finally was like, okay Dee, stop playing around. Let’s get these fish in here. We gonna do it on this
day, so we can get it done. So today is the day. I’m so excited. – I’m pumped, I told her I
was like, I can’t do much. – I know!
– I was like this is like, there’s one thing I can hook you up with it might be an all right fish tank so now the pressures on
me to make this look cool, but I’m super excited. I want to just lay out kinda the stages of how this video’s gonna go. It’s a standard Dustin, right! we’re gonna dirt the tank, cap it. Drain it, fill it. She’s got her light on here. Friends don’t let friends have
just a single fluorescent. I actually brought the
Dustin Standard Double. Now I was told it was a 55 gallon, so I brought a 48 inch light, but we’re gonna light it
up for you all right here. So the goal today is– – What size is that tank? – I think it’s probably a 36 inch long.
– Is it really? – Yeah I think it’s a
36-inch long, 30 gallon. So it’s probably 30 gallons. – All right.
– So that’s fine. We’ve got all kinds of legit
filters and everything like. – Good – I bought one thing and
that was a bag of gravel, and I’m glad I didn’t buy two. So I’ve got everything to roll with this. We’re gonna go through the process. Dee is miked up cause she’s
gonna ask some questions along the way. B`ut I’m excited to tear into this for you all so if you like this video make sure you leave a comment about how you feel about how
this tank goes along the way. Make sure you hit that subscribe button, and all that fun stuff. But yeah let’s get after it. So first things first,
this is in her main room. It’s like right when you walk in. I’ve already got the stuff set out here. I’m gonna dirt this tank. And Dee I’ve got a light that’s smaller. So we’ll get it switched out I didn’t bring that today. My whole, I don’t know, my whole thing is that
I use dirt in aquariums, so I literally have a big ole’
thing of dirt over here, and. Yes, so I’m gonna put–
– What kind of dirt is that? – All right so that is a
mix that I use, that I make. So what I do is I mix clay in with it, and I mix in stuff that
raises the Ph a little bit, so it adds a little bit of calcium to it. So what the goal is to have like a really ridiculous
amount of plants in here, which I don’t have with me today, ’cause you’re gonna come shopping. – Right – So that’s gonna be fun.
– Yeah. – But my goal today is kinda
to get the tank set up, and running and just started.
– Yeah. So what’s the rule, how long on no fish? – 30 days – She’s got it, she’s got it. (chuckles) Awesome, so 30 days no fish but this is the muddy part. Plants absorb four to 400 times more nutrients through their roots, so once I set this up with all the dirt, we don’t have to worry about
feeding the plants as much. So like I’m just gonna roll with the like, hey Dee’s a beginner. So we’re not gonna try
to do anything crazy. Now if you’re just a
beginner you’re starting out, you’re not gonna want to
dirt this as heavily as I am, but I know what I’m doing, and she’s following
instructions pretty good. So this is like wet ready to go. – I have towels if you need it. – [Dustin] Good to rock,
I’d get them handy. – Okay, good.
– So I’m gonna put this in here like this but you wanna use one inch of dirt as a general rule, and I’m gonna load this up. So the plants eat this Dee,
so this is like the food. – Now, okay
– If you think of it like that, so when the plants can eat we’re better off ’cause we
don’t have to worry about it, and then when the plants can
eat the plants can get big, then you can add more and more fish. So it’s kind of a balance of, okay let’s get this thing full of plants then when you add fish you
don’t have to worry about it. – Right
– So that’s the goal. – [Dee] It kinda looks like cow maneuver. – Yeah no, and this is just like I mean think of it like that, I mean that’s a big old,
– Yeah. – Big old mound, and I’m
gonna mound it up pretty good, and this is the like, this is the part that nobody wants to do, like nobody wants to do the work up front. Everyone’s like, oh,
I’m no, I’ma fertilize. Like no, you do the work up front, like yeah you’re gonna
get your hands dirty. – Yeah
– And everyone thinks that dirt and water. But when you do this right, and you cover it up right.
– Mm-hmm? – It’s so much less work. Now I make a little trench, Andrew I want you to
get a good shot of this. So I make a trench in the front here and the plants are gonna find it but I make a trench like that so you don’t wanna see
this dirt in the front. So I’m gonna do a little
bit of a trench right there, and then I’m gonna fill
that back in with gravel, so that way like the dirt’s in here, but you don’t wanna look at it. – Right.
– So I’m gonna push this down see how thick that is. That’s about as far as you wanna go, and I wanna make a note about this.. For Billy beginner you don’t
wanna use this much dirt, and you’re getting at that point where you could get what’s
called anaerobic conditions. Anaerobic means no oxygen. So you don’t wanna go
much thicker than that, everyone thinks well,
I’m gonna pimp this tank. I’m gonna get it all,
maybe five inches of dirt. Well you can get in trouble with that. So you wanna make sure that you– – [Dee] Only go how many inches? – Only go 2 inches of dirt. – Put your finger in there
– And the reason for that, and that’s about perfect.
– Yeah. – And the reason for that,
is if you go too thick, oxygen won’t be able to get
down to the bottom of that. – [Dee] Right. – [Dustin] And then
that will cause like a, it’s hydrogen sulfide, it’ll smell like rotting eggs. Now this is 50 pound bag of
pool filter sand is 10 dollars. So this is like cheap stuff
for what we’re gonna do. – [Dee] And it’s called pool filter sand? – [Dustin] It’s called pool filter sand. – [Dee] It feels like beach sand. – [Dustin] Now just to
be clear here people, you don’t wanna use actual beach sand, ’cause that’s too fine. You go to beach you don’t
see a bunch of plants, because they can’t grow in it. So this is just gonna be
used as a cap above it, ’cause what I wanna do because it’s a, not quite as much depth. I’m gonna build this up
pretty high in the back so I’m gonna build it up
with the pool filter sand. The pool filter sand does
a nice job of keeping the dirt down, and then we’re gonna cap it with a better looking
gravel on top of this. I’m totally liking the way this is going. – Me too. – Everyone thinks–
– It looks good already. I’m so excited I don’t know
what to do with myself. – [Dustin] I keep, sorry. (gravel trickling) – [Dee] Oh, so you fill it in, huh? – [Dustin] Yeah that’s the goal. – [Dee] Aw, it has little baby seashells. – [Dustin] This is a cichlid. – [Dee] What’s it called? – [Dustin] Well this is a
mix that is for cichlids. It keeps a little bit higher
Ph, that won’t affect this. Don’t use all the gravel right away, ’cause you don’t know where
else you’re gonna need it, so use one bag of gravel. – So let me ask you a question
– Go ahead. – [Dee] So everything is
leaning from the front, (voice drowned) to the back.
– Right – Is there a reason for that? – Yeah that’ll give you more, I think that’s a good question. That’ll give you more visual depth. So it’ll make the tank seem bigger, ’cause your eye has to travel further. If it’s flat it wouldn’t look as big so this makes it like, it’s coming back.
– Yeah. So now Dusty has to dust off
the old aqua-scaping fusing. – [Dee] So you say you lay everything out? – I lay everything out. Now we have to figure out how to make it look pretty,
this is the hard part. (Dee chuckles) – I’ma get these go along from here. (Dustin vocalizes) – [Dee] Now I won’t ever have
to dump this tank out will I? – [Dustin] You won’t have to dump it, but you’re gonna have to do some work. Now we gotta bring the
scape forward and outwards. So we got to go pow. I like the negative space. I like the way it comes over
and connects the two pieces. Got to bring it up a
tiny bit on the one side. – Yeah, uh-huh, on that side.
– And then, – [Dee] I’d bring that up just a little bit.
– Just bring that up a little bit, and then we’re gonna go soft. – [Dee] It looks like some kind of lion, something out of “Lion King”. – [Dustin] That’s right. This side, I always build
everything left to right. – Mm-hmm.
– But! – [Dee] It’s just amazing how it’s coming to life, and it’s
actually starting to look like a beautiful fish tank, and you ain’t even got
all the way through it. I’m gonna cry. (laughs) I’m gonna cry when this is done.
– Yeah, it’s comin’. I feel my tears coming on now. – [Dustin] I like art, so
from a creative standpoint I like the way that the
flow is coming across. – [Dee] Mm-hmm. – [Dustin] But I want that big piece, it’s a little too overpowering. – Mm-hmm.
– So I’m gonna try to work in a couple of small pieces, or maybe tuck that behind,
that’s what I’ll do, I’ll tuck that behind, then I’ll use these
little guys in the front to kinda pop it, and then I’m gonna take these little guys and (vocalizes). (upbeat electronic music) – All right, so now we’re cool. So, now I’m connected. So this is coming across here and then now I’m going to kinda
like (imitates gun firing), and kinda get a little stuff going out of this little rock work here. (upbeat electronic music) – [Dee] It blows my mind
every time I look at it. It’s like putting a
jig-saw puzzle together. – Mm-hmm. (upbeat electronic music) Time to grab the hose. Time to fill her up. And then we’ve got enough room. I was gonna put a big
old Hang on Back Filter on the back here, but you deserve what’s
called, a Fluval FX4. The trick with filling up a dirty tank is you wanna make sure
you don’t have any leaks in your cap, or anything like that. Cap being the gravel on top of the dirt, because if you have that you’re gonna have an explosion, you’re
gonna have to redo it, which is why we leave the
extra bag of gravel around. Because if something happens, you got an extra thing of gravel, and you can just pop it down in there, so. This FX4 from my friends at Fluval, and it’s like, it’s the bomb. I mean it’s bigger than what you need, but whatever, like this is what we use, so these hose are too long. Next time I come by, I’m gonna cut ’em, but for now they’re gonna be good enough. (material snapping) Ow!
– I’m just amazed at how pretty it looks already, – All right.
– and you done nothing to it. – So now we got it.
– So I see the foggy part you’re talkin’ about,
how the waters comin’– – And that’s actually nothing for what we are.
– Okay. – Like that’s actually pretty good. We gotta make sure this is all sealed, ’cause I can’t tell you how many times I started a filter and it wasn’t quite on. So this is all locked up and good. Valves are open.
– So it’s like some gas out of a tank?
– It’s exactly like that. (Dustin inhaling) (water splurting)
(Dustin gagging) (water dripping)
Yeah! – Gotcha!
– It’s (Dustin’s grunts). Oh, I had stuff in it too, but I. (Dustin coughing) That defin–
– Want some water? – That definitely had
some stuff in it, oh. – You want some water?
– Yeah, I got water laying around here. (uplifting instrumental music) (water splashing) Some water in the FX4 now. (uplifting instrumental music) (water dripping) – [Dee] That water is clear. – Well, so now we’re pulling
this nasty water out. Dump this in the toilet, do it again. Get all the nasty water out the filter. Boom, all right! So now that’s rolling. And then we’re gonna just let her run. – I love my fish tank.
– Yeah? – I love the process. I love how you took your time, and you put each one of those
rocks, and made it your own. I love that the bottom of
it all blends in together. I love how you have that
creation of the wood in there. And the rocks look like
it’s such a natural thing, like it’s something out in, you know, some woods or something, something that’s close to like water. – Yeah?
– I mean, I absolutely love it. And we’re not even done with it. We’re just, yeah–
– You get to go shoppin’, Dee.
– I know. It’s so exciting.
– Dee thank you. Thank you.
– I love you so much. – Oh, this is a winner man. This is a total ride, I’ve
been talkin’ about doin’ it. – Oh my gosh.
– It was fun. – When you text me this
mornin’, I was just so excited. I mean, I was just like
boom, I can’t wait. – Let’s do it, do it.
– I’m excited. – Now we get to play with the plant Dee. Now we’re gonna bring nature in, and like (vocalizing).
– Okay! – It’s gonna be cool. – We’re done with step one. – Step one, make sure you subscribe! – Subscribe to him, y’all! Call him! Email him! – Blast him, like it,
– Blast him, – share it, yeah!
– Yeah! Like it, share it,
– Share it, share all of it. Take it all!
– DustinsFishtanks, y’all. – Do it all.
– Yeah! – Dee told yah. Take care, everybody. Bye!
– Have a good one. Oh my gosh, yeah.
– Yeah. – I didn’t wanna act a fool
on there, but I did do this. (water gurgling) So excited! Finally got it going. (water splashing)
My baby will be so proud. Just so happy, ’cause I mean he had these little fish in there
that he hovered over, and hovered over. He had a little bitty
old tiny turtle in there, that he’s had for like, I don’t know. He found it mowin’ or something, and dang-on turtle sitting
there, and sittin’ there. Then all the sudden we moved the tank, and the turtle died. Didn’t nobody wanna tell
him that the turtle died. So we tried to find another
turtle to put in there. (Dustin chuckles)
And we couldn’t. – [Dustin] No, there’s
no matching turtles.

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