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NEW BABY BROWURAG BECOMES HUGE – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 89 | Pungence

NEW BABY BROWURAG BECOMES HUGE – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 89 | Pungence

– No, he’s going for me! No, no! Okay, we’re going up
against two hammerheads. It’s floating above the water. Give me that! Yes. I’m gonna get ya. He’s trapped, we trapped him! Guys, this is it! Here we go! One more bite and I’m dead! Hey, what’s up guys? Welcome back to Feed and Grow Fish. So guys, there is still
more to this update that we haven’t done yet. Guys, today we’re doing something
we’ve never done before. We’re playing as this
browurag in the great map, and guys, we’re gonna be
playing as a browurag baby. I’ve never done this
before, and who knows, maybe we’ll make family,
the goal is to get huge. You know, we’re gonna start off as a baby, but the goal is to get huge. And guys, look at this ability. Guys, the browurag is pretty amazing. Look at this ability. The longer you prepare your next attack, the bigger damage it deals. Look guys, I am super
excited for today’s video. I hope you guys are, too. But before we get into it,
oh my goodness, last video! Guys, you blew me away. It is still going crazy. Last video, we played as the whale shark, and we started as a baby, and we, guys, we got so big we
swallowed the giant shark. And dude, the support was insane. So guys, everybody who
hit the like button, everyone who left an amazing comment, everyone who subscribed,
thank you so much. Guys, that was one of those videos where, when I saw the support,
it just made me feel something inside, and I
think the word is happy? Yeah guys, thank you so
much for all the support. But guys, last video you had 14,000 likes. That’s the most amount of
likes we’ve had in a long time. So guys, you’re gonna call me
crazy, but what do you think? Do you think we could
beat that in this video? What if we got 15,000 likes on this one? I know it’s crazy, but
guys, let’s just try it. And I think we got a lot of new people, so I want to say welcome
to everybody who’s new. And if you haven’t, you know, you can hit that subscribe button. You hit that subscribe button,
you’ll see all my new videos. You hit that bell next to it, you get a notification
every time I upload a video. Okay, here we go. Press space to hatch. Guys, this is our first time,
uh-oh, we got crabs coming in. This is our first time
playing as the browurag baby. Dude, those crabs aren’t
gonna eat me, are they? Why is my health at 12? Don’t, no, he’s going for me! No. No! No. Guys, we almost got destroyed by that crab right at the beginning. Okay, we’re very hungry. What was that all about? Okay, this is a bad idea. I’m bleeding, do you see
that blood coming out of me? Let’s just see what my damage is, 2.3? Do you think I could take him out? Okay, I’m charging up my bite. You can see my yellow meter going up. No! Okay, I missed. So let’s get the yellow meter up, and then let’s see what
kind of damage we do. Five damage. That’s pretty good, guys, I
bet we could take this guy out. Just a couple more bites. A couple more bites,
okay, that was only four. And the thing is, I bet
we’d do even more damage against other fish, because the crab has got like, yes, I got him! Yes! Guys, this is really good. ‘Cause the crab has armor, pretty much, ’cause he’s got that shell. Oh my goodness guys, this
is what I was worried about. Okay, so this is the way the game works. The bigger you are, let’s
take a look at this guy, by the way, but the bigger fish you are, the more food you gotta
get, oh my goodness! Guys, I love this thing! Oh my goodness, the babies in this game are so stinking cute. Look at this baby. Look at this browurag baby. Look at those teeth, look at those eyes, look at everything about him, I love him. I don’t even know if I
want to become an adult. Guys, this thing is amazing. Okay, our health is at 31. You know what, let’s eat some
more crabs, if I can find ’em. Where’d they go? Dude is there food over here? Someone just left food over here for me. I’ll take it. Dude, 10 damage, that’s really good. But yeah, so the bigger fish you are, the more food you gotta eat to level up. So guys, do you see,
we’re two out of seven. Once we get to level
seven, we’re gonna become an adult browurag, then
we can have babies, and we’re gonna get a huge damage boost. But we’re already doing
10 damage, that’s great. Okay, maybe I can find some starfish. Okay, this is some free food. I see a tiger shark,
let’s steal this from him. And get out of here. Oh. I see great white sharks over there. We’re gonna be taking ’em out eventually. We just gotta get big first,
I’m still a little baby. Okay, guys, here’s something
I wanna talk about. I was thinking about it. You know, I was thinking, this game is very similar to life in a way. I know it sounds crazy, I
know it’s just a video game. But guys, I’m serious. This game is kind of like life in a way. You know, we’re starting
off as a little baby. We’re a little baby browurag,
and the goal is to get huge, the goal is to get really big. Like I said, I wanna take
out great white sharks, tiger sharks, maybe even the, who knows, maybe even the giant
whale or the mosasaurus. I don’t know if it’s gonna
happen today, but I’d like to. But it just seems impossible
with how small I am. And that’s exactly how it is in life if you want to accomplish anything. You know, let’s say you want
to get in shape or something. And this kind of hits
home for me, ’cause guys, a while ago I wasn’t in the best shape. But I wanted to get in
shape, and I was like, dude, where I wanna be, I’m so far away from where I wanna be, I don’t even know if it’s gonna be possible,
but I was like, you know what? I’m just gonna make little steps. I’m just gonna do it one step at a time. It’s the same thing with this,
like, we’re still a baby. I’m still so small. See, I eat this thing,
and nothing happens. I didn’t even level up or anything. But that’s how it can be
in life, like let’s say you want to be good at an
instrument or something or you wanna get better
grades in school or something. To get to that point, it seems
like it could take forever, like it’s never gonna
happen, but here’s the key. You just do it. You just take little steps,
over and over and over, and over time, then
you become a huge fish, or you get in shape,
or you become a master at an instrument, or you get
like all As or something. Guys, is this corny, is this cheesy? I don’t know. For me, I just like talking about life. You guys know this, if
you guys have been around my channel for a while, you know I like talking about life from time to time. And I don’t know why, but I
was just thinking about it. Guys, where are the crabs? I need crabs, not bibos. Bibos could probably take me out. But yeah, I was thinking about
it, I’m like, you know what? This game is so similar to
life in the fact that like, if you have a huge goal,
it seems so far off, it seems so impossible,
like, I’m still a baby. Guys, we’ve been recording for a while, and I’m still a little
baby, I’m only level four, I’m still tiny, and I want to get huge. But we just keep at it, and you know what, we might run into problems. Oh, look at these little babies. Oh, those are mahi mahi
babies, can I swallow this guy? I can’t. Oh. Okay. I got this. I got that little baby. Dude, the crab’s getting that baby. No! Okay, we got some crabs. I’m just keep eating the crabs. Okay, I know the longer I hold my bite, the more powerful we are,
but dude, against this guy, I think we can just keep
biting over and over. Guys, we’re about to do it. This is gonna happen. We got food here, we got food here. Where’s that other crab? Where did that other crab go? Okay, he’s like some kind
of ninja crab or something. Okay. Guys, we’re level five. Once we get to level seven,
we’re gonna be an adult, we’re gonna be huge, and
we’re gonna be unstoppable. Well, close to unstoppable. We’re just gonna be really big, and dude, I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re gonna be able to
take out some hammerheads. Maybe that’s what we’ll test it out. We’ll do some mahi mahi, some hammerheads, we’ll just test out our
new powers and abilities. Okay, is that a cuttlefish? Okay. There’s a hammerhead right there, I don’t think I’m ready for him yet. Dude, let’s just see if I
can find something smaller. I got my bite all charged up. Dude, look at this baby. Cherish it while we can. He does have a little gash out of him. I do feel bad for this
baby, he’s got some blood. Okay, we got our bite all charged up. Guys, what do we, oh, I
see a crab down there. Okay, this probably won’t
get us to level seven, but it’s probably gonna get us to, okay, we’re doing seven damage with a full bite against this guy, but dude, it’ll probably get us to level six. There we go. Guys, one more level, and we’re gonna be a full grown browurag, oh. I can swallow these little pink babies. I like that. Guys, it’s almost time. Oh, they’re laying eggs,
I just ate the egg. Okay. I just ate the egg. Guys, this crab is gonna do
it, it’s gonna do it for us. Eat this crab. Guys, we’re about to be an adult. I feel a little
bittersweet, because I love the baby so much, but we gotta be, oh! An adult. Guys, look at how big of a jump that is. Look at how big of a jump. And look at how much bigger we are. Look at how much different we look. Okay, we’re not as cute anymore. We’re definitely more scary looking. Okay, let’s see what
kind of damage we do now as this big old giant
browurag, look at those eyes. Okay. Guys. It’s time, it’s time. Let’s test our new abilities. What do we got over there? There’s a dead fish. There’s some mantis shrimp. Okay, what kind of damage
do we do with a full bite? 30? 30’s very good. Okay, what about just a regular bite against a mantis shrimp? Six. Okay, four? Okay, maybe the mantis shrimp
has some protection, too. Maybe he has like a shell or something. Okay, but guys, this is something I was a little worried about,
the fact that we’re so big, I think it’s gonna take
a lot, it’s gonna take a lot of food for us to level up. But here’s the thing, like I said before, you just keep going one step at a time, one little step at a time, and you stay consistent
and you hit your goals. That’s what we’re about to do. We’re about to hit our goals. My goal is to eat this zebra fish. And eventually get very big. We got him. Okay, let’s charge up a big attack. We’re going full power. We’re going full power in three, two, dude, the yellow meter, it
gets slower towards the end. That’s really weird. 31 damage, guys. This is good. Okay, I bet you anything we
could take out a hammerhead. If we can’t, that’s
actually gonna be very sad. After all the food I’ve eaten,
we’re still level seven. Okay, well any time we’re swimming, we need to be charging up our bite, ’cause it takes a long time. Okay, here’s a hammerhead. Okay, he’s eating the zebra. Maybe we’ll let him finish it off, and then I can eat both of them. What do you think about that? Okay, he finished it off,
and dude, I missed him. He’s actually pretty evasive. Okay, he just took out that, yes! 29 damage. Okay. He does have that bleed ability. Dude, he’s getting around me. Oh my goodness, he’s pretty agile. I got him though, I got him. Okay, so he took some health away from me. That was a little dangerous. Guys, I’m gonna admit,
that’s a little dangerous, I was a little nervous, but dude. Oh no. Okay, we got more hammerheads
trying to steal my food. Don’t steal my food, that’s my food. Okay, you know, this is what happens. This is what happens when you try to steal a browurag’s food. I eat ya, I eat ya. Okay, guys. Leveling up very, very slowly. This is probably gonna take a while. Okay, these hammerheads,
they know I’m coming for ’em. So they keep running away,
that’s a little bit of a problem. Let’s eat the zebra that the
other hammerhead took out. Eat his food. Oh my goodness guys, this is
gonna take a really long time. But the good news is, we
don’t have to worry too much about like, getting eaten or anything, ’cause we’re pretty strong. I’m pretty sure a great white shark could take me out, or
maybe even a tiger shark. Mosasaurus could definitely take me out, but outside of that stuff,
I think we’re pretty good. Okay guys, this is a little bit dangerous. We’re going up against two hammerheads. I went to like the hammerhead den, and they’re all attacking
me, so this is not good. This is a little bit dangerous. Dude, I’m down to half health! Okay, this is very dangerous. Guys, we might need to
get some reinforcements. You know what? Let’s make some browurag babies. Uh-oh. Dude, two hammerheads again? That makes three hammerheads. Okay, guys, this is really dangerous. We really need reinforcements. So I’m going back. We’re gonna make some browurag babies. Dude, these guys are going crazy. They are going very crazy. We’re level 14, we’re
slowly getting there. Okay, let’s see if I can
make it out of here alive. This is getting kind of tough. Okay, if I can sneak by here, there’s a tiger shark down there. I think the great whites
hang around here, too. Okay guys, just get me over here. This is where the
browurags usually hang out. Do we have any other browurags? Guys, oh. There’s a browurag baby. Can you be my baby? I don’t think so. Okay. Guys, where are the browurags? I don’t know if I can make
a family, this isn’t good. Guys, they’re usually around here. All I see is that one baby. This is actually really tough. Maybe we gotta wait for
that baby to grow up? Oh guys, we got a whale shark. Dude, we gotta eat a whale shark. This probably will give a lot of meat. Let’s see what my damage is. Oh, I lost my bite! Okay, 44 damage. That’s really good. Dude, he probably can’t swallow me, right? That’s the only thing he could do, ’cause he can’t bite hard enough. Oh my goodness, his baby’s attacking me. Guys, the whale shark
baby is attacking me! It’s not really doing
that much damage, though, so I think we’re good. Guys, this whale shark, he’s got a weird swimming pattern when he gets bitten, he like swings me around. Okay, this kind of takes a
while, he’s got a lot of health. Yeah, he’s like a tank, but dude. We got him, I think we got him. Okay, now that we got him,
let’s see how much food we get. Is this gonna be like
a Thanksgiving dinner? Please tell me. Please tell me he’s gonna
be like Thanksgiving dinner. Okay. Oh! I see a mosasaurus. Guys, we gotta be careful. Oh my goodness, that’s a lot of food. That is a lot of food. Are you serious, we’re level 16? Weren’t we at 14 before? Get down here! Dude, that food is floating up there. Okay guys, we need to
get like a running start. It’s floating above the water. Give me that, yes! That was actually really cool. Guys, that felt pretty good. Okay. Dude, we gotta get more whale sharks. That leveled me up twice! Let’s keep looking for ’em. Oh, we got some colossal crabs. Okay, they’re pretty small. Can I swallow him? I can’t swallow him whole,
that would’ve been fun. You know, I like
swallowing the crabs whole. But it doesn’t look
like it’s gonna happen. Okay, guys, we need to
find some whale sharks. They usually hang out around here. These are ghost sharks. We could get a ghost shark. Okay, that hurts a little bit. What’s a mosasaurus doing over here again? Is he following me or something? Okay. Okay. Crazy ghost sharks! Ghost sharks actually do
a little bit of damage. So we gotta be careful. Yeah, they’re a little dangerous. Wow. That actually gave a lot of food, too, for how small they are. That’s pretty cool, guys, we’re level 17. That’s my favorite number,
and you’d know that if you’ve been watching
my Dude Stop videos. Guys, if you haven’t seen
that Dude Stop series, I recommend it, it’s just a fun game. You know, you’re messing
with this narrator, you’re solving puzzles and stuff. I like puzzle solving games. I like where we’re like,
interacting with the narrator. It’s just a really, really fun game. So the first one we try to
do all the puzzles wrong, second time we try to do ’em right. And I think we had to do that, I think we had to do ’em
all right at some point. I personally prefer doing ’em wrong. But I think we had do ’em
all right at some point just to unlock the new levels. Okay, guys, this is actually
a little disappointing. I’m not seeing a lot of whale sharks. Here’s the baby. Here’s a whale shark baby. He’s really fast. Give me that baby. Give me that baby! Yes, I got him, I got him. Okay, maybe if I eat the baby,
then an adult will spawn in? I don’t know, guys. This is kind of disappointing! Oh, here’s the jackpot. Guys, that’s where they’re all hiding. Look at all those Octaviuses. Okay, this is where they’re
hiding, let’s do a full bite. 67, 67 damage makes me very happy. This make me happy. Guys, this is really good. Okay, was that a jellyfish? Guys, we’re getting to a point
where we could take out some, oh, he bit me, he bit me,
it was only two damage. We’re getting to a point where we could take out
some pretty big stuff. Are you kidding me? Dude. This guy just swam up and stole my food. Okay, the whale sharks,
I’ve been working on ’em for a little while, but
guys, we’re level 31. I’ve been working on these
guys for a little while, but that’s the only problem, you know? I take one out, and then
one of them out of nowhere just like, scoops all my food away. Okay, now that we’re level 40, guys, let’s see how we
do against a tiger shark. Actually, there’s a great
white shark right there. There’s two great white
sharks right there. Okay, this is a very dangerous area. So I’m thinking, dude,
guys, with a full bite, okay, that’s one bite,
that’s over 200 damage. Okay, I should be able to
take out a great white, right? Maybe? Guys, this is a very bad idea. We have 900 health. Okay, let’s do a full bite. We’re gonna charge it up all the way. Guys, we’re going up
against a great white. I wasn’t planning on this. I was wanting to try out the tiger sharks. But let’s go up against this great white. He doesn’t even see me coming. Dude, he’s running away. He knows I’m stronger. Get back here, you
crazy great white shark. I’m gonna get ya. I’m gonna get ya. Okay, he’s trapped, he’s
trapped, we trapped him! Yes. 253. Oh man, 104. Guys, he didn’t even
get one bite off on me. That’s really good. That was great. Okay, so we can take out
great white sharks now. Okay, let’s test out our damage at full power against this whale shark. Dude, did that say over 600? Okay, guys, we’re level 70. You know what, let’s
get a little dangerous. I think we’ve accomplished
our mission of getting huge. Look at how big I am. We’re a monster. Okay, this whole time I’ve totally avoided the whole like, ice area. Guys, this ice area gets really
dangerous, we got whales. But the most important thing
is, we got that giant whale. And if we’re close to
him at all, he’ll attack. Okay, guys, we got an orca. Let’s take out, uh-oh, I disappeared. Let’s take out this killer whale. One bite, and I swallowed his baby. Guys, one bite? That’s very good. Was that a baby? I think this is a full grown killer whale. Guys, that’s really good. Okay, I think we can do this. I think we can take out
that big, giant whale. Maybe? Okay, there’s only one way to find out, and we need to charge
up our bite all the way. Where is he? I haven’t even seen him yet. Thing is, he can sneak up out of nowhere. We should probably, oh! There he is, we should
probably check behind us. Guys, we’re level 71. I don’t know if I’m ready to die. Okay, let’s just do it. We have 2,000 health, I got a full bite ready to go, he just disappeared. He’s back. Guys, this is it! Here we go. He does 193 damage. That’s a decent amount. But that’s nothing compared to me! Dude, I think we’re getting him. I think we’re getting him! Okay, a couple more bites. Guys, this guy has a lot of health. And my bite speed is actually really slow. So he does 193, and I’m doing
like 100 with each bite. Guys, he’s still not dead yet! He’s still not dead. Oh my goodness, I think we just got him. Oh no, he just spawned
in right next to us. Get away. Get away. Guys, is he going for me? I don’t know if he’s going for me. I don’t know if we could do that again. Okay. Did that level me up? Oh my goodness, that was dangerous. Dude, there’s still a lot of food here. He’s going for me. Dude, I don’t know if
we could do this again. Okay, he’s not getting as
many bites in as last time. Guys, we gotta do this, we
gotta do this, take him out! Take him out. I see a bunch of food
over there and I want it. This is really close,
four more bites and I, no, two more bites and I’m dead! No, no, no, one more bite and I’m dead! No. Please! You gotta be kidding me. That’s me. That’s me, the giant browurag. Okay, remember what I was saying about accomplishing your goals? This isn’t part of it. Don’t think this is part of
accomplishing your goals. Hey, just remember, we got huge. We got to like, level
73 or 74 or something. All that matters is that we got huge. Guys, we went from a baby
to this, this big monster. I think that’s an
accomplishment in itself. Guys, I gotta say, I
loved playing as a baby. Dude, we’re about to turn
into a bunch of meat. We gotta see this, as
soon as I hit the surface, there’s gonna be meat flying everywhere. That’s a lot of meat. Is anyone gonna eat this? Anybody? Giant whale? Okay, no one’s gonna eat it. Okay, well guys, if you
didn’t see last video, we played as a whale
shark and we swallowed that giant whale, we
swallowed that thing whole. But guys, I really hope
you enjoyed today’s video. If you did, as always, feel free to hit that thumbs up button, and subscribe if you haven’t already. And I will see you guys in
the next Feed and Grow Fish. Now is the moment of truth. Let’s see if this thing
is gonna explode, oh! Oh my goodness, it’s a Pungence gun! Oh! It turns everyone into Pungence! No! No he got me! I’m popping, oh, I’m trying to get out! Crazy red shark. Dude, he’s going in!

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