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New Details Emerge On 21-Year-Old Killed By Shark In Bahamas | TODAY

New Details Emerge On 21-Year-Old Killed By Shark In Bahamas | TODAY

50 comments on “New Details Emerge On 21-Year-Old Killed By Shark In Bahamas | TODAY

  1. Hands down best info in the video: How they added the selfie death fact!! Smh @ people and their cell phones. &Yes I'm currently using my cell phone, But that doesnt mean I like it😆!!

  2. I’m sure the poor girl was “respecting” the sharks. It was the sharks who “disrespected” her! What a dumb advice!

  3. You need to put those statistics into perspective. EVERYONE takes selfies these days. NOT EVERYONE swims in the ocean regularly. The fact that shark attack deaths are even comparable to selfie deaths is a big problem. They're not as rare as you think.

  4. 1 in 11.5 million odds. Swim, don't swim, but be prepared for much more likely situations for your death. The average carpool mom talking on the phone driving her SUV tank is more dangerous. Anyone who doesn't want to swim in the ocean, please don't, because it's only for those of us who enjoy it. Catch your death doing something else, like driving to work.

  5. She might be menstruating sharks smelled blood and killed her. Shocking! 3 sharks attacked her. Please don't go to near sharks territory or having period.

  6. The ocean belongs to the sea creatures, not humans. Sorry, but that’s the truth! You can always go to the community pool, they are everywhere. There are also water parks you can go to. I understand people love being in the ocean, but there are too many deaths because of it. Better safe then sorry I’d say!

  7. This is an L, in 3 weeks I'm going on a cruise and we are doing a snorkeling excursion that includes the same island that this girl was killed snorkeling off of.

  8. why won't people go to the beaches in their own countries instead? what's in the bahamas that's so cool for people to go and die there smh. Another helicopter crashed on the way there too…

  9. Welp! Don’t think I’ll go swimming again in the ocean for about 10 years or longer now!

  10. Sharks don't eat people …. "just a case of mistaken identity", sharks just "being curious" and a "sample bite" is what experts will say. BS is what I say.

  11. Prayers to the family rip but if they continue to snorkel or swim with sharks in the water is just plain crazy risking your life its just not worth it so sad

  12. So terrible! I don’t care to go far anymore in the ocean, I think I will continue to enjoy the swimming pools in my area, love the Water Park w/my family @Six Flags… the experts say man has to respect the fact that these oceans are their habitat, there have just been too many shark attacks lately, not coincidental either! Sharks are predatory & unpredictable creatures! My heart goes out to these young woman’s family too, tragic loss!

  13. With these multiple 🦈 attacks and the flesh eating bacteria killing people!!Geez!It be safer to go to the water park,MAYBE!!!

  14. The rules are the same for us humans as other animals, your on the menu, if you go into a predators environment , and the predator thinks you are small enough to fit in its mouth and be swallowed and slow enough to be caught easily, odds are it will try and eat you ,

  15. There are to many sharks in the bahamas since the law has bin put on I'm from the bahamas and the last 2 years the increase in sharks is out of control um not saying we need to wipe every one out but we definitely need to start disposing of quite a few in the shallows

  16. I STILL wanna know WHY they focused on Jordan when her mom was feet away???? Can one of you EINSTEINS answer that??

  17. If Donald Trump wasn't president, this would never have happened, it's so sad that in 2019, sharks are still acting like animals, we need to make it mandatory that all sharks are required by law to undergo at least 40 hours of sensitivity training before they're allowed back in the water. Sad.

  18. This is crazy you can tell from the water that it was shark infested 🤦‍♀️I wish it was no such thing as sharks. 😢

  19. How is it possible that we have the technology to make atomic bombs, but no technology to prevent shark attacks? Ridiculous.

  20. I feel bad about the loss of the girl and the other attacks but people forget these are wild animals. It’s like being shocked about a tiger attacking you if your playing soccer in their fields! People need to be aware of their surroundings and educate themselves about what they are getting into.

  21. Been attacked by a small reef shark once, spearfishing of East coast of Australia. Even the small ones can be deadly if they get hold of you…..razor sharp teeth. I never dive alone and always carry a medical kit on my boat, just in case. The tour operator should have known better IMO.

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