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New Era Aquarium Fish Food Review

New Era Aquarium Fish Food Review Many years of experience in ornamental aquaculture
has enabled New Era to develop a unique range of fish foods and dietary regimes which is
revolutionising the aquarium marketplace. New Era’s vision is to become the world’s
leading supplier of fish diets to professional aquariums, breeders and
the home aquarist based on levels of nutritional quality, that have never been achieved before. Our extensive international expertise in conservation,
breeding, nutrition, disease prevention and aquatic ecosystems gives us the deep understanding
to create an unparalleled range of feeds for marine, tropical and cold water
species. 1. This makes our flakes large, so they can
be used in big pieces for surface feeders or be crushed smaller and pushed into the
water column for mid and bottom feeders. 2. It makes our pellets soft and slow sinking.
The unique softness we obtain through our low temperature extrusion process makes for
much easier and speedier digestion. The pellets are compressed easily as they enter the buccal
cavity and break up to allow very fast absorption through the gut wall. 3. With highly digestible and bio-available
ingredients, New Era products create minimal waste resulting in significant improvements
in water quality and greatly reducing pressure on filtration. 4. All our diets promote good health, colour,
vigour and as a result support the immune system. 5. The results are being seen by thousands
of home aquarists in 30 countries around the world and in over 100 of the world’s most
important public aquariums. 6. Difficult and previously impossible animals
to feed on dry diets such as lionfish, garden eels, rays and sharks, have been converted
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  1. can not find New Era Plec Pellets anywhere here in the U.S.. and those that carry it would not ship to the U.S. ??!! My plecos love it so much !!

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