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NEW FISH! I got them all!!

NEW FISH! I got them all!!

So you guys know over the past few weeks, I’ve been talking about a new Monster fish order that I’m putting in and a lot of these fish are gonna Go in the 2000 gallon aquarium here problem with this order though one. It’s the holiday season meaning It’s difficult to find cargo space on the planes right now – it’s Ridiculously cold out meaning that a lot of these wholesalers are not going to be able to guarantee a live arrival So one we can’t even find place on a plane to put these fish several boxes – I’m Probably gonna end up with a box of dead fish Which for obvious reasons we don’t want any harm coming to fish and second it would just be a waste of money So I’m going to have to push aside that order temporarily however something else Recently came up you guys know that I’ve been coming to one fish two fish my local fish store here at Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Oh now. We’re away from me. I’m actually in Truro, but you guys know every time I come here I Can’t help But check out the Asian, Arowana that he has in stock now you guys always tell me you should get another one or You should get all three these guys are really expensive And there’s a bit of a problem though multiple arowana in the same aquarium Asian Arowana in fact can pose a bit of a problem first and foremost if I only added one Asian Arowana to the aquarium like many of you have been requesting like hey, Joey you should get one of those air one I just had to in this 2,000 gallon tank chances. Are they’re probably just going to fight There’s a chance they won’t, but there’s a chance they will and with big fish That are really expensive. You kind of don’t want that happening But what if I added three to the aquarium meaning my existing one plus two well the odds of them fighting? Lessen what if I add four to the aquarium well the odds of that even lessen even more now I’m always going to have a couple of torn fins I’ll always have the odd missing scale because they will fight just like all big fish a lot of big fish will fight However kind of needs to be said that when you look at an Asian Arowana community aquarium two things are going on a lot of Asian, Arowana Packed into the tank And it’s typically a smaller aquarium this keeps them closer together and the number of arowana diffuses the I grunted the aggression with that said you typically see a picture-perfect moment where the tank looks beautiful But you don’t see everything building up to it or everything before it or after it you know all of the minor details that’s where I Come in and I bring you along for my hobby every step of the way my hobby at times feels like it’s under a microscope Which isn’t a bad thing? But the same goes people don’t like what they don’t understand so what I’m going to do is try an attempt at an Asian Arowana community in this tank we’re gonna have eventually four Asian, Arowana and five freshwater stingrays almost completely stalking this 2,000 gallon aquarium Will it work? Will there be bumps in the grip in the road along the ways where it would be minor fights will it get along perfectly? I don’t know, but nobody’s gonna be able to predict that and I’m excited to see what happens I feel pretty positive about it, and if you guys don’t know me by now If I have a fish, I’m gonna be able to rehouse it I have multiple big tanks here worst-case scenario. There’s no big tanks in the house I could probably build a really big one and toss some marijuana in there or whatever the case might be let’s just Let’s just get these aerial marijuana. Take it take advantage of this opportunity. We’ll go from there You know the interesting thing about these guys is I went live from this store a little while ago on Facebook and Jeff was like I’ll give anybody $500 off every fish any one of these fish plus free shipping can to the white and nobody took advantage of it guys I did my best to try to get somebody to get these out of my eyesight and out of my way before I bought them but This this is your fault, so let’s take a closer look at what we actually have available up top We have a mer Lian ultimate blood-red Asian, Arowana Doesn’t look that great under the blue lighting however you guys already know This is the type all ready having the 2000 one problem with this fish If we take a look at its I right here It has drop-by on its right side Watch them, turn notice that he doesn’t have it on the left side of him now Drop-by is an entirely common in Asian, Arowana, but it can happen the weird thing about it is nobody knows Why it happens in the first place you see it could happen to number of factors one being water quality another being diet? Maybe we’re feeding too many fatty foods and fat deposits Develop behind the eye and kind of push it out perhaps We have too many bottom dwellers, or we’re offering sinking food in the Asian Arowana has to look down Too much and so forth I mean there’s so many guesses you could take at this as to why it happens, but Asian Arowana typically never get drop by and that’s a huge benefit to having them silver Arowana extremely common black arowana it doesn’t happen so often, but it can Australian and giardiniera Juana’s it can happen with those But with Asian air one is typically less common so this concerns me to an extent I have two options one I could leave him alone in the 2000 and see how he’s going to act perhaps over time it corrects itself chances are it won’t so I’ll be forced to either leave it alone and forever have an Arowana that has that defect or Wait till he gained some size and can withstand an operation and I can correct it myself Ultimately though he’s a great-looking Asian, Arowana. I’d be happy to have him in my tank my favorite of the three is actually This Panda cross back Supreme Asian, Arowana now. I’ve had a panda Gold before which is very similar to this guy although when it comes to Asian, Arowana we can see the gold bearing on the side around the Around the scales here if we count from the bottom one two three four five six six level shine is basically. It’s back Panda Gold’s the one I had before only got Fourth and maybe a little bit of fifth level shine where this guy is going to have a completely cover his back Makes it a better looking, Arowana in my opinion, but it also increases the price substantially Ultimately though this is another great Asian, Arowana Fantastic looking doesn’t really have any defects So he’s gonna don’t go good in the mm. For sure especially under better lighting Then we have the Emerald snakeskin arowana below now this guy is going to look pretty dull in comparison to the other two But this one is the most special of the three why this is the this is an in script Asst This Arowana was only described in 2012. It’s a new species of Asian, Arowana Absolutely stunning as an adult see what’s gonna happen is you can’t really see it right now But it’s called its common name as a snake skin so it’s gonna get all kinds of scribble marks and Designs all throughout its Gill plate as well as its side scales as well Which we can’t see right now because he’s just a juvenile still But as he grows is going to look absolutely amazing I’ve never seen one in person besides here, so I’m excited to see what he’s gonna look like only defect We have here as we’ve looked at his tail, and he’s missing half of it. It looks 2p. Growing back successfully but if it doesn’t again We can trim that off easily. I’ve shown you guys how I do that before the only operation I’d be concerned with is The red correcting that drop by it can be done I am capable of it, but I’d like to see em be a little bit bigger in order to withstand you know being knocked unconscious for a short while and withstanding the medications and whatnot as opposed to being some small butt We’ll see what happens now just a little disclaimer here I am buying these and paying for these But I am getting a really good deal reason being is quite simple Jeff is going to start distributing Asian, Arowana Canada wide and offer free shipping Which is amazing? I’ll leave a link to his website in the description below so any of those people in Canada not in the United States unfortunately Asian Arowana are illegal in the United States, but if you are in Canada, and you are looking for an Asian Arowana you want to get free shipping Which is like 120 hundred $40 usually check out his website see what he can get in for you, so Here’s the plan I’m going to I’ve picked up three buckets or Rubbermaid totes to transport the fish home in I’m going to drain enough tank water into each one Maybe fill it about a third of the way And then net a fish into each bucket now these buckets are Going to hold the fish in they’re not gonna be able to purchase through the bank It’s going to maintain temperature longer as well as it’s blacked out, so it’s not gonna make the pan Use a relatively large sized net I don’t have a bag big enough to Net them or let them swim into the bag that is tends to be a lot easier and less stressful on the fish but this big net Should work two things I need to be concerned about one is when netting Asian Arowana a lot of times you can break their tails off it will grow back, but it’s almost like a gecko shutting their tail Second thing is these guys are jumpers. They don’t want to be caught and they don’t want to be put in containers So you have to be careful McDonald now, it’s about keeping him in here. This is really difficult work One thing to get them in the neck So he’s gonna be okay in there just enough water to cover his body It’s a short ride home well about an hour to get home, but there’s gonna be in a heated vehicle So he’s gonna be fine in there now two more times now Let’s get the one down-low Since there’s very little room to work around in there I find that I’m gonna have to scoop them Bend the net in like this so they can’t get out leaving a little pouch To get him out So far it’s working. Well. I’m probably gonna damage their net So that one was successful he’s fine This So he’s not as happy as the others. I’m gonna give him a little bit more water But he’s okay. He’s gonna be fine So that makes three now the reason why there’s only a little bit of water, and there’s simple reason It’s so they can’t jump or it’s more difficult for them to jump Which is going to come in handy on the travels home? So they’re ready to go well. Let’s get them home Okay, we are home. I want to add the Asian, Arowana into the Aquarius But we can’t do so right away the first thing we need to do is acclimate each Arowana to the temperature of the aquarium and because they are in Totes a lot to take some water out a cup at a time Adding it into the tank this could take a half hour so until I match the temperatures of both aquariums Then we can add them directly into The mm, but wait a minute you can’t just take a fish from one source and add it into your established aquarium You need to quarantine them put them in a hospital take and monitor them for several weeks That’s the benefit over these Asian Arowana is they were housed in individual aquariums on standalone filtration no cross-contamination And they’ve been like that for months Basically the quarantine process for me is already over so I can feel safe with adding them directly to the tank So this is gonna. Take me about a half hour. It’s already 5:30 at night I haven’t uploaded this video today today is Thursday you guys are gonna see this in a matter of minutes I’m gonna have to cut the video off here. I’m gonna edit it. I’ll upload what it is We’re gonna make this into a two part Bonuses I’m going to upload adding the fish to the mm And seeing how they act in tomorrow’s video So you guys will get a bonus upload which was them isn’t really a bonus because I did miss Tuesday’s video And I wanted to say something very specific is The only time I take a break from holidays or from Videos is when I’m sick to the point where I simply can’t make a video Or I was getting married I missed a video on there, or it’s the holidays Historically I used to take a week or two off from making videos completely during the Christmas holidays And this season is not going to be any different although I am making three videos a week when pretty obviously I was only making one video week So I’m working three times harder and making these videos and the likelihood of missing one is certainly going to be high with that said You’re getting a video today. You’re gonna get one tomorrow, and you’re gonna get a very special one on Christmas Eve Which is this coming Sunday? I’m really excited about that I think I’ll post a teaser photo of exactly what I’m doing on Sunday on my Instagram account I think I’ll post it tomorrow or Saturday, so if you’re not following me on Instagram make sure you do all right I gotta eat, I gotta add clementé these fish Of course I gotta edit video It’s a busy day guys And I hope that you guys are also trying to find balance during the holiday season like I’m trying to with my hobby My channel as well as my family. If not it’s not too late to go spend time with your family Just do your water changes and forget everything. Hope you enjoyed today’s video, but you guys join me tomorrow We’re gonna add the fish to the tank

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  7. Joey: usually we transfer arowana using a bigger plastic bag and not the fish net as it has a higher chance of damaging or injure them…🤗🤗🤗

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  10. Just came across your videos.Absolutely loved it. nice to see that you'll be embarking on a new arowana comm tank. Congrats! Anyway, my take on the drop eye is 1.too much fatty food (mealworms and superworms esp) 2.reflection/movements below the tank(usually happens to more skittish arowanas). Tips for Identifying aros which are at higher risk of developing drop eyes are skittish arowanas. Applies to asians only though. How to cure them without going through surgery? House em in a fiberglass tank. Or have all sides of your glass covered up completely.(most of the time, it works)*the hint is that, you'll never find an asian aro with drop-eye in a mud or outdoor pond. Downside is, if the aro is timid and skittish, its eye will drop again once you place it back in a proper tank. (through my experience)

    Well, regarding the "snakeskin" aro which you've purchased, that piece should be another variety of green arowana originating from 'nami lake' here in malaysia. You can google it. We call it nami green.hope you've got the authentic one ,as the adult snakeskin are superb looking arowanas.

  11. Your green arowana is called Nami Green, originated from Kedah State of Malaysia. You have hit the jackpot. It costs more than the red and gold arowana here in Malaysia. It has the 'batik' pattern on its gills and scales. Nice catch Joey!

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  21. Kindly use clear plastic bags to transport your Aros and not use nets, they could dropped scales because of that

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